Aug 2, 2016

Airline food - Philippine vacation

Traveling alone to Philippines i felt happy and sad.

I was very happy knowing that i would spend time with my family for a couple of weeks. I was looking forward to it even if i did not even decided yet. I had a hard time deciding if i would go home or not. As my husband said, "this would maybe your going home alone for a long time". I never been home alone and never traveled alone (except my first business flight to Sweden for the first time). I decided to going home sunday afternoon and my flight was monday afternoon. OMG it was panic :).

I and hubby always traveled together and traveling alone to Philippines made me think many times if i could do it by myself. It's not that i could not do it myself but i am and always depended with my husband.

But i decided to go out from my comfort zone and traveled to Philippines alone. I was very happy spending time with my family but i wished that my husband were with me.

Anyway, here are some of my meal on the plane. The first two pictures were served on my way to Philippines and the last one was going back. I'm not really an avid fan of the plane food but i should be thankful. 

Jun 18, 2016

Rhodos Greece food

In some of my previous post, i posted our Poland vacation foods.

This time around i am posting our Rhodos Greece dessert/foods. We were in Greece for a two weeks vacation last year. We had a package vacation (tickets, hotel and foods) but even if we had a package vacation, we still went out to some restaurants and ate their famous gyros. All i can say about that gyros is "YUMMY".

Happy weekend everyone.

Jun 14, 2016

Filipino bread

Who don't want to eat filipino bread?

These picture were taken during my school research in Philippines last November. Yes you read it right. I did researched my final exam/thesis in Philippine preschool. My thesis was about play and learning in preschool, a comparison study between Philippine and Swedish preschool.

Apart the reseacrhed i did, of course i ate almost every food i missed in Philippines. On my list was to eat Philippine bread. Oh i love them all.

I really wish i can learn to bake pandesal. I had tried few times but i fail few times. 

Jun 9, 2016

Swedish foods/ delicacies

Since i am done with my preschool course, it's time for me to stop working at the cafe where i was working for more than 4 years.

I was working in one of the cafe just nearby my school and it ended just last january 2016. The reason behind was that, i had enough school works in front of me that i did not even had enough time for my husband. Nevertheless i am preschool teacher so i could easily find a job in some preschools.

Well anyway, here are some of my favorite foods at work.

flowers from my bosses
swedish meat balls with sauce and mashed potatoes with salted cucumber and cherries
beef and mashed potatoes with cherries
cooked potatoes and schnitzel with garlic sauce and lemon
my typical lunch, fried rice, chicken baked in the oven, sallad/vegetables and  bearnaise sauce
baked potatoes, fried fish and  spinach sauce
my colleague bake pizzas and this one was my favorite
My breakfast... typical swedish "lussekatt"very popular every christmas season
Snack time... Semla is popular every summer

May 21, 2016

Poland foods

Last year (August) I and my husband traveled to another city in Europe. We love to travel and one of our dreamed destinations were in Warszawa, Poland.

OMG! I could say. The city was so beautiful and the buildings and historical places were so amazing. We stayed in the middle city hotel where every place were walkling distance (almost). We love the peacefulness and friendly people even if we had a hard time communicating. There were few who could speak well English but some had a hard time especially when we were in some of their mini shops.

Another OMG were their foods. We sat and ate in a tourist restaurants/streets were the foods so yummy and it was always in a huge served. The pictures under were just some of our ordered foods. In our one week there, the foods were part of our travel plan.

Post some beautiful captured in Warszawa soonin my other blog.