May 2, 2011

Blue Monday #2: Blue birthday card

Smiling Sally
Blue is my favorite color and I was wondering and looking if someone have this meme. Finally I found Sally of Smiling Sally who’s the owner of this Blue Monday meme.

I did post last week my first entry but unfortunately I was little bit late. Here is my second entry.This was my surprised post from my sister Marlyn. She sent it through post. I was really surprised because I wasn’t expecting any gift. She sent if from Cyprus (where she is working) and it took three days until I received it. I did receive this on my birth date. Thanks sis

Anyway I would love to post more blue pictures that I took myself, from my camera and etc. Happy Blue Monday folks.


SmilingSally said...

We all ❤ blue! Thanks for sharing your blues.

Happy 1st Blue Monday, Jenny.

LV said...

Glad you came back for today's Blue Monday. You keep your camera handy as you never know when something blue will show up. That is what I do. Everything I post is not mine.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Just beautiful!

Blue Hyacinth, hope you can come and see. Thanks!

SHY said...

Wew sweet nmn ng sissy mo Jen ako d mn lang nakatanggap ng ganyan galing sa mga sis ko kasi super busy din un sila baka if gawa sila punitin lng ng mga pamangkin ko hehe..

tejan said...

hehheh..good you found finally your blue fave... still can't find the orange..hhehe!

visiting from coverage..linking you up! check it out!