Oct 31, 2011

Blue Monday: Blue package

Smiling Sally
One day I got surprise when I got a notice that I have some package that need to be picked up on the post office. I wasn't order something nor expected from anyone. When I found out that my husband was the one who ordered the package I didn't bother to open it until he came home from work...

To my surprised what's inside the blue package are for me. It's clothes that my husband ordered from internet. The blue package is perfect for Blue Monday plus some clothes inside are perfect too.

Here was my surprise packing and the inside stuff. Happy Blue Monday everyone.


Jim said...

True Blue.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

kimmy said...

nice blue you got there!

SmilingSally said...

Lucky you! I love that shade of blue.

Happy Blue Monday to you, Jenny!

Cafe au lait said...

Cute stuff!

My Blue Monday.

Kim, USA said...

yay beautiful shirts!

My Blue