Jul 19, 2012

My scorpio tattoo

I maybe did the biggest mistake but I'm loving (as of now) my tattoo.

I always had shyness on me when I wanted to wear shorts before. Not because that I have these ugly legs but it was because I have two ugly marks on my left leg. When I was still in Philippines, I never thought of having tattoo because of course of lots of things to be considered particularly of finding works.

When I moved here in Sweden, I thought of having tattoo but I haven't decided it until this summer. I started searching what would be the best tattoo and finally I found what I wanted.

Since I born November, Scorpio zodiac sign was the best choice I thought. I would love to have a tattoo which means something on me that's why, Scorpio is perfect one.

Here is my Scorpio tattoo done a week ago. isn't it cute?

Jul 11, 2012


I maybe too young to be a fun of Elton John but God, I really like him especially his songs. There were lots of groups of religious people who against his marriage before but whatever it was, he got married. For me, Elton John is just like a simple person who wants to happy and make people happy.

If I could have a chance to get elton john tickets to one of his concerts, I would gladly want to watch him performing live. Oh what could be and experience. I want also to have cher tickets and rush tickets concerts. I love them also and i like their way of songs.

Well, I maybe just a fun who didn't have a chance to meet my idol personally but who knows. :)


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