Mar 31, 2010

eyes infection

I had a small white near my eyeball and I just keep on ignoring it. My friend Shy told me many times to have a check up to make sure what it was.

Since it was not really painful, I just ignored it until last few days. Sunday was really pain and I almost couldn't resist it. I told directly to my husband that I would like to have check up on my eyes the sooner the better.

So Monday I went to optician to had check. The small white inside my eyes was an infection or some virus that I got when I touched my eyes not knowing if my hands are clean.

As of now, I have a medicine good for one week. I must drop the medicine into my eyes for 3 times a day.

It's not too much work to put the medicine but its pain. I hope it will gone soon.

Mar 30, 2010

what do you want?

When we went to Frankfurt for 3 days relaxation, we took the cheapest airplane. It's not because we could save money but also that airline company was the easiest to go with and nearest airport from where we’re living in.Having a cheap flight, of course there was no free food on board. It was not really needed to have snack on the board because it was only an hour and 30 minutes but still we bought some snacks.

I ordered cappuccino and big pack MM chocolates. Gossshhh as usual eating so much from our way there and back...(I'm gaining weight now).

Here is the one side of the airplane menu. Anything you want from those on the list? hehehe

Mar 29, 2010


My first nephew Marc (Marwin) graduated his primary school last Thursday. I'm little bit disappointed when I found out that he didn’t have honors. I mean since his first year of schooling, he always had first or second honor but his last year of primary, he didn't have any. Before he had always best in Math, English and some curricular activities but as I said, he didn’t have any this time.

(Gina & Marc before graduation ceremony)

But anyhow, he finished his primary with good records and hoping that he will continue having well grades when his on high school.

Congratulations Kuya marc. You did it well even if you didn’t have any medals. Personally, I’m very proud of you same as the rest of our family. You know that daddy and mommy are always proud of you.

I love you and see you soon. Enjoy your next journey. Enjoy having crushes and love one?

saw blades for him

My brother in law was working in their company for almost 10 years. But due to globalizing crises, their company was one of those company who was trying to cost cutting. The company didn't want to close so what they did was deducting their workers. They didn't want to do it but that was the only choice they had or else they would close their company.

Since my brother in law was one of those who were working there for just almost 10 years, he was one of those who lost the job. At first it was not really fair to him because in fairness he was a good worker. But after a while he accepted about being a jobless.

Just few months ago, he started to build his own curving company and so far so good. He has already lots of orders and as of now at least he has few workers. The problem now is he doesn’t have yet enough budgets for different saw blades.

So I and my husband are planning to give him one his need. The
circular saw blades where he always uses for his different style of orders. I know he will be very happy and thankful if we will give him.

We hope that his starting company will grow and he can have more orders.
Good luck...

Mar 28, 2010

Happy birthday Zheecky

Last two days ago, was the birthday of my second nephew Zheeck Leryelle. He was turning 4 years old. He is a cute little shy boy but very creative in so many things.

Zheecky as we call him is my brother Elezer's son. The only son (as of now)... I'm one of Zheecky's godmother and of course I’m his tita too.

Happy birthday Zheecky. Tita Ninang (me) is wishing you as always good health, be good boy as you are and be as smart as your father. I love you and hoping to see you again soon.