Aug 23, 2013

dried fish

How about dried fish? Why not? I love dried fish... These pictures were taken during my Philippine vacation and this was in my province.

Jul 24, 2013

yellow mangos

Yellow mangos is "i Think" the most delicious fruits i ever tasted in my last vacation.

I miss it already and i maybe not get tired of eating mango in my whole Life. :)

Jul 18, 2013

Restaurant-quality Coffee

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Robinson supermarket fresh vegetables.

Jul 3, 2013

Province timne

I had really a good time in our province. It has been more than 2 years since my last visit there.

Since my husband left in Manila, i did Everything i planned while i was in my province.

I ate Everything i was planning to eat, visited my friends and bonded with my family.

One thing that i love being in the province despite the fresh air, are the proince Foods. Here are bananaque and scrambled egg. It was not really maybe a good combination but this was one of our snack time.

Have a good day everyone...

Jun 1, 2013


This was my lunch the other day. It was of course plain hot rice, fried milk fish with vegetables, one banana and fresh orange juice as my drinks.

My lunch was the best part of my day. Yummy

May 20, 2013

food trip

I did celebrate my six years here in Sweden by having dinner in one of our favorite restaurant here in Sweden. The food is mixed with Swedish and Mexican which I really like.

Here are some of the food pictures I took during our dinner. 

Danish site

I been looking for good quality Danish cigarettes that we could give to our Danish friend. He is celebrating his birthday real soon and thankfully I found this e cigaret where I could choose the best cigarettes for our friend.

Feb 6, 2013


Here's my own version of shrimp with oyster sauce. And my specialty, pancit for my husband. I cooked it last week before my husband flew to Barcelona.

Does it looks yummy?