Sep 30, 2011

to be or not to be?

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I've mentioned here many times about what I want to finished (course) here in Sweden. I thought I was sure enough that I want to be a pre-school teacher but just lately, I changed my mind. I don't know why this changes came into my mind.

I consulted my husband about it and he even told me that he was about to suggest me about it. I know it would be more responsibilities and it would be more difficult.

I think, I want to become a primary school teacher. As of the moment, all my subjects from Philippines and everything I took here in Sweden are all qualified. It's just that if ever, it would take half more year to finish it. Meaning total years to become primary school teacher is 4 years and pre-school teacher is 3½. it's not so much difference, right?

What do you thinks guys? I need some opinion about this matter. Some advice please?

Sep 26, 2011

Blue Monday: Perfect Blue

Smiling Sally
The blue swan, my navy blue t-shirt and the guy with blue t-shirt is perfect for Blue Monday this week. This was taken when I and two of my girlfriends (with their angels) went to Liseberg..

Internet Security

Now a day, everything can be done through internet. It's the best way to do some transactions or even communication to anybody.

But there are lots of things also that can cause negativity to our lives. It's not because we're not careful but I could say we cannot avoid some things that very common to some internet users. We could might be the victim or we could be the loser. It's just how we handle the different situations.

Therefore we must really careful of everything we put in the internet. Security-as-a-service can help us on how to protect ourselves from those who are taking advantage of our innocents. They could be the solutions of our doubt about internet.

Not only they could give us security on our internet but they could also help us about our software. Our software is very sensitive so having software as a service would help us protect our computer.

The web 2.0 security is the best web security we could ever have. This is highly recommended and something that can trust on. So if I were you, I don't think twice of trusting these stuff for the protections of my site in the internet and for my computer's sake too.

Sep 23, 2011

chocolates in a big can

It’s been 2 years since we were in Hongkong and until now I still couldn’t resist the beauty of the l city even if it was crowed. Crowded was not a problem for us at all because HK people are very friendly and hospitable.

We did take a walk and of course took pictures. Here are some of those pictures: Happy weekend.

Happy weekend guys.

Sep 19, 2011

Blue Monday: swimming pool

I took this pictures when I was with my sister Gina looking for a new condominium but unfortunately, she didn’t buy in that area due to some reasons. Far from malls, schools and difficult for the transportation. Now she’s about to move inn into her new buy house somewhere in Cavite.

The blue swimming pool is perfect for Blue Monday.

Smiling Sally

Sep 17, 2011

SS: it's not his taste

First and foremost, I would like to ask an apology for not posting Sweet Saturday last week. As you know guys, I’m in school so I really need to focus my studying especially I really needing this subject to come in to university.

Anyway this week topic is something/food that my hubby didn’t like. Having husband from different culture and country makes us wives adventurous. Personally, I hate when I cook Filipino food and my husband would have just take a look and not even taste it.hmmmp annoying right?

One time, it was one of important occasion of our relationship so I cook his favorite Filipino food which is chicken curry (my style). I cooked it heartedly and put even some twist hoping that he would say “dear its yummy” but instead he said, it would be more masarap if you just cook the simple curry that you used to cook. L

Being sensitive, I just quiet and went to one corner and cry (like a crying… He asked and apology about it but for me damaged is done…hahaha Stubborn me!!!

Since then when he wants Filipino foods, I’d rather cook what I used to cook. No more additional twist or more spices for him not to say something that would make me cries.

But when he cooks Swedish foods, I never say something that would hurt him. Unfair right? heheh

Happy Sweet Saturday couple.

once in a life time

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Sep 15, 2011

10D give away

As you know guys, my friend Shy gave birth to a cute and very adorable little girl six month ago. Time goes by very fast… and to the connection of that moment, the proud mommy Shy is hosting a small give away for her daughter six month’s birthday.

The winner of this give away will receive an amount of 10D. The rule is very easy. Visit Diaper Days to know more about this.

Hope I win!!! Cross fingers!!!hahaha

P:S: advance happy six month birthday Camilla. Tita Jenny love you

I and Camilla:)

Sep 14, 2011

my gift, Iphone 4

My generous husband gave me his advance wedding anniversary gift.

One day my husband asked me if I like Iphone4. Of course without any doubt, I answered YES! I wasn’t aware that he was looking through internet about Iphone4. Until the day before our 11 month wedding anniversary, he said that we should wake up early the next day because we would go somewhere.

Unfortunately we woke up lunch time so I decided to cook our lunch. While cooking he was checking our car and put full tank gasoline. We drove in nearly island here and after some hours driving around the city, he said we would visit his parents. To my surprised, he drove to an electronic store and bought my Iphone4. (He already reserved it through internet. We just pick it up.) He already pays it too through internet…

After picking my new Iphone4, we drove and visited his parents.

Here are some of my pictures that day. I’m really thankful of my gift. An advance gift but still I’m looking to receive another gift on our one year wedding anniversary on October 9. hehehe

the store where my husband bought my Iphone4
visited my parents in-laws

Sep 12, 2011

Blue Monday: Blue toys

Little teddy bear and elephant I won in amusement park. This was when I and my girl friends went there. I won some other small toys too but I gave to our little girl Laikka. I keep these two for my Blue Monday and for just display at our home.

Happy Monday…
teddy bear and elephant

Sarah and all her winning stuff...
Smiling Sally

Sep 6, 2011


I and hubby are just bonding these past few days.

Last weekend Saturday, I, hubby and my in-laws drove to Germany. It was our bonding moment since they like to just drive around.

Sunday hubby did surprise me something (sorry can’t reveal it yet). After his surprise we drove and visited his parent’s tom.

Have a good day people.

my husband's parents
bridge connecting Denmark and Germany

Sep 5, 2011

Blue Monday: Bouquet

It was Janeth’s birthday last August 31 and we did have party with her on 1st of September.

Janeth’s got many gifts. This very beautiful bouquet of flowers of course from her loving husband. I’d love to share it to Blue Monday.

Good day

Smiling Sally