Apr 29, 2011

Sweet Saturday: Stenaline moment

Wow early Sweet Saturday this time… How was your vacation Jona (the owner of this meme)?

Anyway here’s my Sweet Saturday entry for this week. This was taken on our first trip to Kiel Germany on Feb. 2009. This was on the top of Stenaline ship while waiting to go on board/going back to Sweden.

Have a sweet saturday couple.

email campaigns

World is expanding and becoming more high technology. Almost everything could be possible to do using different kinds of technology.

One way of communicating with our love ones is through internet. Did you know that there are billions of messages send in just a minutes. Messages through text or emails. That’s why some companies are trying to do their best to protect their followers, costumers from being hack or spam their some important emails.

Personally, I got some problems about this kind of hacking or receiving hundreds of spam emails. I had very much problem on how I could protect my sites, blogs and emails on those spamming messages.

Then I suddenly found out this create email campaigns that could help me on what to do on my problems. This emails compaigns is very easy. All you need to do is create you email campaigns with filling their forms of some of your personal details, choose and email your chosen design to them. Then lastly choose your package amount for you to have their complete service.

They’ll be the one to manage your tracking and code of your emails. They will help you the best they can and give you their full services.

Apr 28, 2011

ma'am Hayde day

Happy birthday!!!

Today is the birthday of my beloved high school teacher who’s I learned so much. I‘ve known her as Ms. Hayde Villagomez. Our section was her first ever advisory class since she started teaching. She appointed me as dance leader in one of our high school days activities. She convinced me to pursue my studies than to get married early. She tough me on how to be girly and act like a girl than to forever be boyish.

She’s very much helpful. Dedicated on everything she does. She’s very calm but can be dangerous if she gets angry. She’s a good friend and teacher.

Thank you is not enough to thank my loving teacher. But in anyhow I knew I have something in her heart.

Happy, happy birthday my dearest teacher Mrs. Hayde Villagomez Portal. I’m wishing you all the best and may all your wishes come true. Enjoy your day ma’am and I really hope we could meet up again soon. I miss you so much my dear teacher.

Apr 27, 2011

CC: When He Doesn't Like What I cooked

Rodliz’s Nest

Cooking is one thing that i like to do. I love cooking and I love to eat too.

Couple's Corner topic for this week is When He doesn’t like What I cooked. This topic could make me feel sad in a way...huhuhuh

Anyway, as I said, I love to cook and cooking is my fashion. Of course I did my best to cook my Filipino dish here in Sweden. Filipino menu is I always on my husband’s table and I always want him to choose among those from my menus then I’ll cook for him.

Just few weeks ago, he wanted to eat my chicken Afritada. To my excitement, I did cook directly without asking him when he wanted me to cook or eat it. When the chicken is cooked, I served to him. He was surprised when I serve him because he thought that he would tell me first before I cook.

But he thankfully eats it. I got very disappointed because he said; dear it’s not that“masarap”. I want more sticky sauce and more spicy. He was saying in a smiling face. I got hurt and cried after hearing what he said. I didn’t talk to him until he said sorry and the chicken Afritada was delicious.

But damage is done.

My husband sometimes chooses to lie when it comes to my foods than to tell me that he doesn’t like it. He doesn’t want me to get disappointed/hurt. He’d better say it’s delicious even if not, than making me feel sad, hurt or disappointed.

We love eating so I must learn how to cook their Swedish foods. It looks easy to cook and yummy.

Apr 21, 2011

CC: How do i annoy him?

Couples Corner once again. It seems that we couples knows our partners even if we don’t meet them personaly.hehehe

Anyway this week topic is “How Do I Annoy Him”. Annoying my husband isn’t difficult for me because in just a simple Filipina behavior he gets annoy.

Rodliz’s Nest

Basically, annoying my husband sometimes makes me smile especially when he’s acting like a baby or acting weird.hahaha. Simple annoying thing that he gets annoy is when I just answered yes or I will do it later. This is often happened especially when I don’t want to talk to him.

Answering by only YES would get him annoyed because he wanted me to answer completely. I’m clever sometimes and don’t want to follow what he wants. Pinching his nose is the most annoying thing for him. He doesn’t like it and never wanted to like it. But I like it and keep on doing it. hahaha

There are lots of things that I can make my husband annoy but of course I just do it for fun “sometimes”. I love it and make me smile in a way…

Annoying our partners is sometimes not good because it might end up fighting or misunderstanding. But I know us “wifey” love to see them annoyed.

Happy CC fellows.

I got him!!!

Apr 19, 2011

Baby Camilla

Last Thursday, I and Janeth visited our new mommy friend Shy and her little cute girl Camilla. We were there to meet personally her little girl. Of course out of our curiosity about everything of our friend Shy.

I had lots of questions and Shy answered everything with all her experiences and changes being a new mom. Her baby turns one month yesterday. Baby Camilla is really a good combination of Filipina beauty and Swedish German blood. The baby is really cute and adorable.

Shy, looking forward to meet you again and your baby. As Janeth said, we would be visiting her crib next time. Just tell me when you are ready to go out with baby Camilla.

Thanks for the food and for the company last week. Happy one month baby Camilla.

Apr 18, 2011

Black Chic #1

I like meme’s because this could show on what kind of person we are. What are our favorites, our addictions, our fashion and etc.I am joining this black chic meme. Black shows lots of meaning. For some, they said it’s for sadden, darken or bad luck but for me black sometimes show luxury and elegant.

As my first entry, I would like to share this picture of one of our laptops that already giving away. My youngest sister Annie have this now.

Apr 15, 2011

pink friday #1

I’ve been seeing this meme for a quite long time but I didn’t really mind it because I thought this is just all about pink. I mean babies, kids with pink color dresses, accessories and etc. But my friends Shy and Tejan explained to me everything about this.

I love pink and blue color. (Isn’t obvious the color of my blog) hehehe. Anyway here is my first entry of this PINK FRIDAY meme.

This is my first niece Aquinnah's give away on her baptismal.

CC: Dear, are we lost?

Dear are we lost? This is the topic for Couple’s Corner this week. I was little confused about the date of this CC but it doesn’t matter. As long as Liz (the owner of this CC) posted hers then we’ll follow.

Rodliz’s Nest

I remember this happened once when we’re driving to my sister in laws summer house. My husband really good in finding a way or direction but that time we came from opposite part. We were from Germany and supposedly just drop by to my in laws place and have some coffee before driving home. My husband knows the way from Gothenburg but not from Germany.

So when we thought that we’re near, my husband called his sister and said where we should turn (right or left) and continue talking on the phone for a while. She said on the first big road left. But unfortunately we passed through already on that big road left. He was blaming me and I get irritated because if he could just put down the phone and look for the way, then we couldn’t be lost.

We we’re just too close when he called his sister but because of what happened it took another hour to find the way to the summer house.

We both quiet and didn’t talk until he recognize that we’re there. We didn’t tell his sister our lost because she might laugh at us.hahaha

That was the first time we got lost. Driving a car is also like driving our lives. Sometimes we lost in our way, but we know that we could go back to the right way and continue our destinations.

Drive your car safely and drive your life in a right way. Good morning everyone.

These picture above where taken while finding our way. It was raining, windy and dark day.

serious driver