Sep 26, 2010

welcome to Sweden

It has been few years since the last time I met my sister Marlyn. We are chatting or talking through internet though it's not really the same as talking in person.

So next week, she'll be coming here in Sweden to visit me for few days and be with me on my special day. I'm excited and at the same time wishing that she can stay longer but unfortunately she will just stay here for few days and must go back to Cyprus to work again. She’s working in Cyprus for three years already and I don’t know yet where she will go after her work contract expired.

As of now, I’m already preparing everything she will need for her few days here. And of course I’m writing down what we will do or cook or whatever...hehehe

I cannot wait to see her and I know we will enjoy and take advantage our every little time together.

Welcome to Sweden sis and hope you will enjoy here. See you soon...

Sep 20, 2010

giving up?

I've been studying here in Sweden for two years but this school term is the most difficult and complicated one. I'm not even full student this time because I know that my 3 subjects would kill me.

As of now I am studying SAS B which is for Swedish language, then I have my Swedish social study which is all about Swedish society, all over Europe and all over the world and of course the one that I hate most but I must study is the Mathematic.

Sometimes, I felt like giving up due to difficulties but I thought also that giving up would result me for nothing. Studying is of course the best way to get a good job. As my husband said "try your best"...

As of now, I’ve done some exams already and one of them was not passing but the rest was very good. "PLANT MUCH STUDIES THAT MAY GATHER MUCH HARVEST" is what I always think. Huh it's not easy but i'm trying...

Sep 16, 2010

happy birthday

Today is the day of our cute and new mommy sister Gina. Another number added to her age but she don't really mind it.

Gina is next to me. A small tribute about her. She was born like just a 1 liter bottle of coke, was always sick and had lots of different kind of sickness when she was a kid. She's the smallest among all of our siblings. But throughout all her difficulties, she survives and stays strong until now.

When she got pregnant of her little girl Aquinnah, seems all mama's difficulties when she was pregnant with Gina was Gina's also experiencing. Gina was almost bed rest all her pregnancy time but thanks God the baby was born healthy and strong.

Gina got her first trophy last Nov. 10 when Aquinnah's born. And she's very proud of everything she've been through even though it was hard times and good times.

To our dear sister, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I better not to write your age so that it's just secret...hahaha... Just stay strong (as you always do) despite of all the trials and hard times you have. And as I said, just smile, chin up and face your life as proud as you are...

I know that you're happy because of the happiness that your little girl brings into your daily life. But still I’m wishing you more happiness and good health as always... I love you even I don’t often tell you. Take care always...

Sep 10, 2010

been to church

I've been living here in Sweden for more than 3 years now but I never been to any Catholic Church. I really felt guilty because there's one Catholic Church nearby our house but I haven’t a chance to just drop by and pray.

The church that I’ve been today is one of the well known churches here in our City. Almost all catholic friends that I’ve known, knows that church. So since today I don’t have schools and had nothing to do, I went to the church. It was no mass scheduled today so I just prayed and lighted some candles.

I felt so at peace when I was inside the very quiet church. I seem like really talking to God and Mama Mary. I felt so happy when I went out from the church. I was even silently singing while walking to the bus station.

I will not promise but I will try to go to church at least once a week.
It's good thing to do.

Sep 9, 2010

just looking around

One thing that I did when I was in Philippines was looking for some on sale condominium. I'm not planning to buy but it was just fun to look around on different style in different areas around metro Manila.

My sister Gina was planning to buy but at the last minute she backed up. The area was totally perfect when it comes to malls, schools, anything... But it was too social as she thought of it.

But even if she didn't buy that condo that we've been to, at least she bought two doors apartment in a very reasonable price... It was good choice for her...

Here are some of the pictures I took to one of condo. Isn't it lovely view?

looking for a date?

I've known someone who is looking for a lifetime partner and she even asked me some help on how to find someone who will love her and accept her for being herself.

I met her many times and she became my friend. She told me about her experiences about her past boyfriends. I don’t really understand why some guys just aftering the girl thing than loving the girl dearly. My friend was starting to hate boys and her interest of getting married someday.

I couldn't just stay quiet and listened to her so what I did was helping her in my simple way. We both sat down in front of the computer and tried surfing some dating sites on the internet. At first it was difficult knowing that there’s lots of dating site on internet.

We're about to gave up and suddenly an interesting dating site was flashed on our computer screen. And we were very happy because this site is
asian dating site where lots of members are asian.

As of now, my friend has already serious online date from this asian site and seems the guy is very much serious about getting to know my friend.

They're planning to meet soon as possible for them to know well in person. I hope this will be my friend's time to shine about her love life.