Jun 29, 2009

Still in vacation

Hello guys... How's everybody here? Hoping that everybody is doing well and in safe life.

I would like to ask and apology for not replying all your messages guys. I promise and i will try to reply all your messages and comments that you left to my blog as soon as i can.

It's been awhile since my last post. When i was in my hometown, got no internet connection there and ofcourse been busy entertaining all the relatives, friends and all our visitors.

Just yesterday night, we're back here in Manila. We will stay here until the day that we will go back to Hongkong for another 3 days stay there and then back to Sweden. We are enjoying our remaining days here in Manila and hope everything will be fine until our vacation will be finish.

So far so good and the weather here is very hot. Sometimes raining but not so often.

I really hope i can visit my blog as often as i can since i'm back here Manila. See you guys again soon... Take care everybody.

Jun 20, 2009

Lovely Philippines

Just yesterday me and my husband arrived here in my lovely country, Philippines around 11 in the morning. It's nice to be back and of course directly i ate Filipino food (sinigang fish and adobo). Our flight from Hongkong was not really a boring one. It was only 2 hours so it was seems to be from Manila to my province. Of course pictures is part of vacations but unfortunately i cannot put my pictures now. Some other time if i can use my own laptop. I'm just in a Internet cafe now.

On Monday will be our flight to my province. We will stay there for a week. It will be my fathers 4th year death anniversary. Before on the said date my husband want a little party for my relatives and friends from my hometown. It will just be a small party. It will be fun and exciting because i can meet some of my relatives and friends which i don't meet for a long time.

See you all again guys soon. I hope everybody have a good time.

Jun 18, 2009

our day in Hongkong

We went to Hongkong Island today. It was 5 minutes through ferry. It was a very nice place because i found surprisingly things and people that i was not expecting that i could met. There was a small mall that almost all the stores and things that could found in the store was all Philippine products. Ofcourse the sellers and buyers are filipinos. I really miss filipino food and i almost buy foods but then i changed my mind. I can eat filipino food as soon as i'm in Philippines (tomorrow). Here are some of my pictures and as usual my very good photographer took it (my dear husband).

This was on our way to Ferry station. Infront of Hongkong theater and Peninsula Hotel.

The gate entrance to take the ferry. Little bit windy, as you can see...
While waiting the ferry ...and the other one is, HERE WE GO.....

On the ferry... Having fun taking pictures as many as we could...hehehehe

Hongkong is a progressive country. They have lots of expensive shops and at the same time, plenty small cheap stores. They have very tall buildings and they still constructing some buidlings to add what the have now.

Tomorrow morning will be our flight to Manila, Philippines. So expect me that i will write ofcourse about my county Philippines. See you guys again soon... Enjoy my pictures, as usual.

Our flights to HK

It's just few days since i don't post. Gossshhh i miss blogging but i am here now. Not back as normal as before but i am trying my best just to visit everyday. We are in Hongkong now enjoying our vacations. So far so good even though it's very hot here. I used to have cold weather so thats why i feel hot here for just 27 degrees.

Here are some of my pictures that my hubby took.

Landveter Airport (Göteborg Sweden). Waiting our flight to Paris.
Paris airport train on our way to our next gate number. That train has no driver..hahahaWhile waiting for our flight to Hk. (5 hours stop over). It was so boring so i just played cards from my laptop. Look at my back and side..They're all knock down..hahahaJust arrived at HK international Airport. While waiting our bags...Do i look like i'm very tired? Yes i am so time to sleep...hehehe. Goodnight everyone. Must sleep well so that i can have strenght for our adventure tomorrow.Enjoy my pictures guys and have fun... Good night

Jun 15, 2009

am i crazy

Goshhhh i don't know anymore what i feel right now...hahaha... Due to our very soon vacation, i can't sleep at night. There are plenty things that comes in my mind and i hope all these things will happen. Like for example what will i do when i come there, or what will be my activities together with my family and etc.

Am i crazy? Maybe yes maybe not but i don't care...all i know is i'm looking forward for our vacations. I hope everything will be fine and happy.

See you all guys as soon as i can. I will try to visit my blog as often and everyday as i can.

Happy summer and take care everybody.

Jun 14, 2009

Are you angry?

I got an award and i don't know whats the meaning of the words. Due to my very good friend David Funk, who had written to his post that the meaning of that word, is like that ..... so i understand.

But one of my follower and loyal visitors whom
he said that he speak fluently that language, corrected the meaning of that word into another word. For me that i don't know any words of that language, i just recorrected the word and changed into the words that my follower's said.

Then a friend of mine left a comments and said that he knew also that language but seems he forgot already. I don't know if he is angry or what he mean. I just wonder because he used to leave comments or leave messages to my cd box but he didn't do it for 2 days already.

You know yourself who i mean of this message. If you don't want to leave a comments or message here you know where you can. Happy sunday

Final shopping

Me and my husband did our final pasalubong (gift) shopping today. We are very excited for our vacation and me myself cannot almost sleep at night thinking for our flights....hahaha. Am i stupid?

And tomorrow i will pack all our baggages. I like packing and preparing the things that we must and need to bring...hehehe. I feel excited and fun to do it...

I really hope that i can still visit my blog everyday... Happy weekend everybody.

Jun 13, 2009

Independence Day

The national flag of the Philippines is a horizontal bicolor with equal bands of blue and red, and with a white equilateral triangle based at the hoist side; in the center of the triangle is a golden yellow sun with eight primary rays, each containing three individual rays; and at each corner of the triangle is a five-pointed golden yellow star. The flag is displayed with the blue field on top in times of peace, and with the red field on top in times of war.Yesterday was the 111 year of Philippine Independence Day. The day was well celebrated from Rizal Park Manila (Luneta). It was almost 20,000 people who came and celebrated the occations.

The day was started early in the morning from applying works. There was plenty or many job offers from different department or countries. And at night was the concert. It was last 3 hours concerts with different singers from drifferent countries. The concerts was started with a dance number and Smokey and Iza opened the program. The final song was sung by the Philippine International singer sensation, Charice.

The Philippine Independence Day ended peacefully and proudly. I am proud to be a filipino. Mabuhay tayong mga pinoy.

J'AdoreTon Blog

My friend David Funk (as usual) gave me this Award. This is the J'Adore Tien Blog Award which means I Love Yours Blog in French. Thank you so much Dave.

A friend and a follower of mine corrected the word TIEN into TON. HE speaks fluently french. Thanks Lazy king. I don't know any french words so i don't also if that is right or wrong word...hehehe

I will pass this to everybody who want this award. No need to mention your name guys. Grab it and post anytime you want. Happy weekend everybody.

Jun 12, 2009

Visited me again

Yesterday my friends Shy and Janet decided to visit me today. They've been here today and as usual we have chatted and laughed anything or everything under the sun. I cooked chicken curry and chicken adobo for our lunch. I hope they like the food that i prepared for them.

After our lunch,we drunk coffe and ofcourse still chatting. I tried to make curly Janets hair. She will attend a party of her 30+50 = 80 years old friends tomorrow, hahaha. peace to them.
We end our day with good smile and had very fun with each others company. I took pictures for our remembrance, ofcourse.

See you guys next month.

Jun 11, 2009

saving money

Nowadays, saving money is best for our lives and for our future. It is very important to save money because of the economi situation now.

As myself, i'm not working yet but i save some of my money that my husband has given me. It's my own way of saving.

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police products

If we have a problem or any suspicious people surround our area, we directly call the police to ask some helps. The police that can help us in times we need them.

Police is not an easy work or job. They must have strong and must have self confidence. Aside from being have self confidence they must have also good quality things that they can use for their daily works. They can find and buy good products they need from Blackhawk Holsters.
This is a site where they will give you the great joy of helping and give you the best service you ever wanted.

L.A. Police Gear, Inc., offering also fast shipping, low prices, and outstanding service. If ever you have questions or other things that you might want to know they have also customer service that will help you.

Happy shopping.

Jun 10, 2009

car problem?

Me and my husband like to just drive and travel to anywhere using our car. I like it and for me it's more fun to just drive the car. If our car is in good condition, we can go to anywhere.

But just few days ago, we had problem. We couldn't start our car and for me that i don't know about cars, i wondered what happened. Then i surf the net about our car problem and finally i found the Turbocharger and Turbo Professionals site. I don't only found the solutions of our car problem but at the same time i found also different car parts. Whatever car model and brand you have. They have also learning center, shipping, auto parts and more.

As of now, we know already where or which site we can go to if we have car problem. SO guys do you want a perfect part and service for your car, then visit
Turbocharger and Turbo Professionals now.

Drive safely and happy trip.

Sweden against Malta

As you could remember guys i posted here last june 6 that Sweden football team lose the game against Denmark. It was Sweden National Day but the football team loses the game. As i said, it was not yet their turn to win and better luck next time.Tonight they will play again against Malta. To those who don't know yet where Malta is, i will write a little informatoon about this country. Malta is the country comprises with five islands. Malta is the largest. Gozo, Comino and the uninhabited islets of Kemmunett and Filfla lying some 58 miles (93km) south of Sicily, 180 miles (290km) north Libya and about 180 miles (290km) east of Tunisia. At the eastern end of the constricted portion of Mediterranean Sea separating Italy from the African coast.It will be another exciting game later tonight. I hope Sweden win, ofcourse, hehehe.

To Sweden team, good luck again guys.

The Best Follower Award

I got this Best Blogger Award from my friend Shy. Thank you so much for this award. It's been a long time since the last award that you gave me.There is no certain rule of this award. Just pass it to those who you think is deserving to have this award. Or to those who want to grab it, can always welcome to grab it.

Now i'm passing this to my friends, Laine, Chuchie, Maus, Blessedmom, Lyly Arbee, G.O.D., Rad, Blackberry, Firish and my very good friend Toni. To Janet and David, i don't need to pass this to you guys 'coz Shy mentioned already your name.

Jun 9, 2009

Put meaning to my name

Sometimes it's very fun to make or have some meaning in our name. This is what i did to mine. I put meaning to my 5 letters nickname.
My nickname is: Jenny

------ is for Joyous

E ---- is for Enlightened

N ---- is for Nice

N ---- is for Normal

Y ----- is for Young (am i?)

Do you think guys it's fit to my personality?

Jun 8, 2009

got it again

This is my second time to received this Favorite blog award. The first time was David Funk and now my very pretty friend Laine of Laine's Abode gave me this award. It's funny because when i posted this award i even mentioned Laine's name but she didn't notice it. hehehe. But anyway, Laine thank you so much for giving me the award. I do appreciate it same as well as for always visiting to my site.Same as always, i will pass this to all who want it. Grab it guys.

Jun 7, 2009

My nephew Marc

I was chatted with my pregnant sister in Philippines today. She told me that she was very angry yesterday because of what Marc did.

My sister allowed Marc to go out with his friends in our neighborhood. Marc and his friends was playing outside the house and unexpectedly rain came. Without the knowledge of Marc that my sister looking at him, he played in the rain together with his friends. He forgot to remember that before he went out, my sister told him not to play in the rain because he will get sick very fast.

My sister gave him penalty. He cannot go out and play with his friends for 1 week. He will just stay at home and play his playing toys and computer. As of now, he's just watching his favorite cartoons show. It was not good to my pregnant sister to got angry. She felt it until she could not sleep last night. It's not good for her baby.

Marcky as i call my nephew is 11 years old. He was our first and only nephew for 9 years. We have another newphew now, son of my brother. He is too much spoiled from all of us but atleast he is very smart.

Marc, don't let titta ne get angry and feel bad. Its not good for her baby. Just be good boy and try to listen to her, ok? Mommy and all of us love you very much. See you soon.

Jun 6, 2009

Sweden lose today

Today is Sweden national day. As we can saw when we was out today, almost all busses, some cars and houses have their swedish flag. But we don't have...hehehe

But unfortunately even if it was swedish day today but then their Sweden football team lose the game against Denmark. The games finished just a few minutes ago. Sweden got 0 and Denmark got 1 point.

Kim Källström did the penalty but he missed it. It was many times who they almost got points but it was not their turn. The picture below was Zlatan Ibrahimović
who tried himself to make goal.To Sweden team, better luck next time guys. Ni har kämpat väldigt bra och vi vet att ni är duktiga. Idag var det inte eran dag.

Sweden team will play again on wednesday against Malta team. Lycka till!!!

Any suggestions guys?

Part of our vacation to my country (Philippines) is the pasalubong (gift). Today me and my husband went to a candy store and bought chocolates as one of our pasalubong. I have chosen different kinds of chocolates, candies and other more. But my very favorite chocolates are Marabou and we bought many with deffirent flavors.hehehe It is exciting to have vacation or holiday. Ofcourse it will cost money but then it's fun. Shopping time and must think what will be the gift that could bring or chocolates would be enough?

I was in Philippines last dec. so it's not really long time since then. I've been in Sweden for 2 year now but i traveled to Philippines often in a year. So i don't know what kind of gift i could give this time to my family. Or myself and presence will be enough?

Any suggestions guys?

Jun 5, 2009

My favorite bread

Before my husband came home today, he called me from work and asked me if i want something from the store. He used to ask me if i want something from the store because it's on his way home.

Today i told him that i don't need anything and we don't need anything at home also. SO he said, ok then i would be home in 10 minutes.
I was surprised when he got home because he have my favorite bread.
I was not expecting that he bought it because i don't ask and there's no occasion. I asked him why he bought my favorite bread and he said, i just want. No need occasion or permission from me when he wants to buy it for me. How sweet right?

The name of the bread is lyxwienerbröd (Luxury danish bread). Does it look delicious? yummy...

Another award

I got another award today and as usual from my very good and very friendly friend, David Funk. Dave i don't know if thank you is enough for you. I mean thanks word is not enough for a very nice person like you.

Since there isn't more words than thank you, then i will say it again THANK YOU...hehehe.
Anyone can grab this Best Blog award. Enjoy blogging.

page rank status

I changed my templates for few days now and since then i don't put it yet back all my blog icons. Yesterday i tried to check my PR and i was surprised because it goes back to PR2. I wonder why because i was pr3 already before i changed my templates.

And just today, i checked again and i'm glad because i'm back to pr3. I don't know if how long i can have it because as my friend told me that maybe my pr will be gone in 3 months. Is that true? It was happened to her so maybe it will happen also to mine.

Whatever rank i have, as long as i am happy and satisfied of my way of blogging, it dosn't really matter. I will enjoy blogging even if i don't have rank.

A Lovely Blog Award

I got this very lovely blog award from my very lovely blog friend Junelle of Nellypie's Chatterbox. This is my first time to recieved an award from her.

Junelle thank you so much for giving me this wonderful and lovely award. I do appreciate it very much.
The rules are:

1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.

No objections to this one but it sounds funny that acceptance of the award is a must.

2) Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

I'm passing this award to my lovely friends namely: Janet, Shy, Hopeful, Bryan, Laine, chubskulit, Maus, Maxi, Ask Ms Recipe, Chuchie, Weng, Nura, Firish, A Blessed Life, and ofcourse David "Dave" Funk.

Jun 4, 2009

Blogger Buddy Award

I got this award from my very pretty and good frien Laine Abode. David Funk gave me this award also and i posted it last april 30. To Laine, thank you so much pretty mama for giving me this award and i want to thank you again Dave for all the awards.Now i'm passing this award to all the friends that i have in my bloggers list. I don't need to mention you all one by one. Happy blogging

New template

As you could remember guys i posted here in my blog last June 02 about what i felt in a guy who hurtly commented my template. The under foto was my previous template.Due of what he said, i thought that he better mind of his own bussiness but then i think it all the time. So i asked my friend Shy (who is expert of blogging) if how could i change my templates. It was not easy for me so Shy did it for me. She did it well and i helped her also by arranging my layouts icons.

So here's my new templates now and as usual blue and pink which is my very favorite colors. To Shy thank you so much friendship for helping me always about blogging. Thank you as well as for helping me about my other things which still related to blogging. You know what i mean, right? Vi hörst kompis och sköt om dig.

Jun 3, 2009

secure your home

As i said to my last post, we will have our vacation so it means no one is home.

I know our home is safe but then i'm still worried everytime we're not home. For me to make sure that our home is secure i have Home Security System all over our house and before leaving the house i make sure that every system is working well.

It will be very good if you have also an access to ADT Security System . This is the system where you can report or call if there is suspicious people sorround the area or other things that need help. This system is a communication system to police, fire officials and nightmen.

Have a safe and secure environment.

i'm excited

It's only 2 more weeks and it's our vacation time. Me and my husband discussing things already about where and what hotel we will stay in HK. He was surfing different hotel there but he cannot decide yet. He want to reserve the hotel before we come there.

It will be no problem in Manila because we know already where we will stay. We used to stay same hotel in Manila as before. We like the place and some staffs who are very nice, friendly and helpfull to us.

We will go also to my hometown but we will not stay in a hotel there. We will stay in our house where mama, my brother and his wife living there. It's a big house with 3 big rooms so it will be comfortable to anybody.

Our flight will be from Landveter (Göteborg) to Paris and to HK. Only 5 hours stop over in Paris then Hk where we will stay for 3 days before flying to Manila. And we will just stay 3 days in Manila then fly again to my hometown.

It will be exciting for me because it will be my first time to Paris (airport) and HK. How about you guys, what are your plans this summer?

Jun 2, 2009

Fit and healthy body

Now a days, everything or anything is posible to find and know through internet.

Me and my husband decided to run few minutes everyday. We always take a walk everyday but then it seems it's not enough so we will try running. Ofcourse if we will run we must have tips and guides so i surfed the net and i found on this site
Running buying guide the tips and guides that i was wanted to know.

Running is very good but then we will not know if we run fast or slow or if we maintain our physicall fitness. For us to know if we reach our daily goal i found pedometers from Pedometers buying guide. Pedometer is small usefull tool or machine where you will find out how long and far you've been running. This is just a small tool and it's not too expensive. Pedometer is comfortable that can put around the wist, arm or even to your shoe. It's will up to you where you will put it.

Fitting and healty body is very important to ourselves so if you want to know what are the sport and energy products that will fit on you go to Sport Nutrition buying guide for you to know what are the perfect foods and drinks for you.

Stay healthy and fit guys. Have a sport and fit day.

Its not my award

As you could remember guys, i posted here in my blog a TWISTER FROM JANET. As i said Shy and me answered the twister but it was Shy who told me that the answer was NOTHING.

So Shy is deserving to have this award, not me!To Janet, thank you so much for this award even if it was not me who got the idea. Vi hörst någon gång. Kram och puss till Laikka.

Feel very bad.

I just woke up and since i don't have school anymore, i went directly to my laptop and check my blog. When i saw my MESSAGE HERE box, i saw many messages so i click one by one and answers them. Then suddenly i notice this name Dave Lucas. I know very well and i understand that it's not christmas anymore. This is his message to me "Christmas is over! Time for you to get a new masthead for your blog! ;)"

I felt bad because why he cares my background? I don't care if Christmas or whatever background i have because for me christmas is everyday. I like my background and i will not change it because of what Dave Lucas said.
To those who don't like my background, just don't say something. It will just hurt me.

It's mine and i will do what i want to my blog.
Sorry if i write like that. I just cannot stop myself.

Jun 1, 2009

Cute little girl NInna

One of my friend from my first school term gave birth to a baby boy last year but unfortunately the baby died before he got out. The cord was tied up to his neck 6 times so he could not survive it.

My friend was almost cannot come over it. She was very sad and seems couldn't continue her life anymore. We helped her over her situation and tried to comfort her. We adviced her that she can still have lots of babies in future because she's still young.

After 6 months she got pregnant again and she was very nervous when she knew she was on her way again. As usual and as a friend who love her, we adviced her not to worry because the doctors will help her and just pray. Just 2 months ago she gave birth to a cute and very beautiful little girl. Her name is Ninna which means flower.
Today we visited her together with our other friends. The baby is so cute and cannot stop ourselves to just look and play with her all the time we was there.

Our friend cooked lunch for us. Her specialty food from her land Iraq. Food name was DOLMA. It was very delicious and we ate as usual very plenty. We was very full and could not even take dessert, hahaha.

Negin, Vicky, me and Pari is very good friends since the first time we met in our first school term. Even if Negin and Pari couldn't speak english but still we became friends. As of now, we don't need to speak english because we can speak swedish already.

To Pari and her cute litte Ninna, thank you so much for welcoming us and for the food. See you again next time. To Negin and Vicky, see you too again guys.