Dec 14, 2012

work foods

Here are some of the foods that i fix serve or eat at work. Actually they are all yummy...promise

Nov 22, 2012

Vietnam foods

Vietnam is really a nice place to have vacation. Not because of their culture and people but also because of their good taste of foods.

I and hubby enjoyed a lot of their foods there. Here are some of our ordered foods.

 115, 000 dong one served.
 85, 000 dong pork chop
 80, 000 dong fish soup
 20, 000 dong young coconut
the 35,000 dong (vietnam money) served of fruits

Nov 20, 2012

polished beads

I just turned 33 and I'm very thankful and grateful of all the blessing coming into my life. I wished on my birthday a pair of Fire Polished Beads and thankfully, hubby bought it for me. But unfortunately, I did not get it yet until now. We ordered through internet and it takes few days before I could get it. I'm very excited to have it.

Oct 29, 2012

yummy cakes

Are you looking for a perect dessert? Just choose among these yummy cakes. I personally like the vanilla (the white one). These cakes were served in our hotel restaurant in Turkey.

Enjoy eating...:)

Oct 26, 2012

kebab lover

Our first lunch in Stockholm City. A full plate of kebab and french fries.

I really love kebab but this kebab was not my favorite but it tasted kebab in anyway :)

Oct 23, 2012

sheer curtains

Being a wife, it seems like I have the only right to choose what I want to have in our new apartment. lol. My husband left all the decorations making in our apartment and so far I still have lots of thing to be done before our vacations.

Decorating our apartment seems very easy and I found it very fun doing all the arrangements and color matching. I cannot even imagine how could I manage to do all the arrangements by myself.

 Everything almost done beside the most exciting part "the curtains". I had lots of choices of what kind of curtains I want to match our decorations especially in our kitchen area. I notice that so far I had matched all the colors from our bed sheets to our sofa pillows. When I was looking our sofas, I came to a point that sheer curtain would fit everything.

The sheer curtains is really beautiful plus I like their quality and the style of course. I'm planning to buy a blue sheer curtains to match up our stuff. Sounds really exciting right?. Well sheer curtains would add my excitement.:)

Oct 22, 2012


Newly baked chocolate muffins at work...

Oct 16, 2012

our simple celebration

Our simple wedding anniversary celebrations with my in-laws.

A blueberry cheesecake, chocolates donuts, tiger muffins and sugar cake. Its all tasted so sweet.

Have a good day people.

Oct 10, 2012


Our wedding anniversary dinner at one of the chinese restaurants here in Gothenburg Sweden. This was really yummy.
Have a good day everyone.

Oct 2, 2012

long life, pancit

Some of the beautiful places in Brussels Belgium.

Sep 20, 2012

chicken salad

A chicken salad i served in the restaurant/cafe i am working with. I do used to do chicken salad ever time i work.

Does it looks yummy?

Aug 30, 2012

Shoesday Tuesday #1: Philippine Shoes

Well, well, well... It's my first time to join Shoesday Tuesday.

I maybe not the "fashionista" when it come to shoes but I love shoes especially the flats/rubber shoes/ and jogging shoes.

As for my first entry, of course my Philippine flag shoes. I love it and I still keeping it on the box so that it would still clean and white. Isn't it lovely?
P.S. MomShe, late entry due to busy packing our things for moving out and moving in. More about it here on my other blog Memorable Dates. Thank you

Jul 19, 2012

My scorpio tattoo

I maybe did the biggest mistake but I'm loving (as of now) my tattoo.

I always had shyness on me when I wanted to wear shorts before. Not because that I have these ugly legs but it was because I have two ugly marks on my left leg. When I was still in Philippines, I never thought of having tattoo because of course of lots of things to be considered particularly of finding works.

When I moved here in Sweden, I thought of having tattoo but I haven't decided it until this summer. I started searching what would be the best tattoo and finally I found what I wanted.

Since I born November, Scorpio zodiac sign was the best choice I thought. I would love to have a tattoo which means something on me that's why, Scorpio is perfect one.

Here is my Scorpio tattoo done a week ago. isn't it cute?

Jul 11, 2012


I maybe too young to be a fun of Elton John but God, I really like him especially his songs. There were lots of groups of religious people who against his marriage before but whatever it was, he got married. For me, Elton John is just like a simple person who wants to happy and make people happy.

If I could have a chance to get elton john tickets to one of his concerts, I would gladly want to watch him performing live. Oh what could be and experience. I want also to have cher tickets and rush tickets concerts. I love them also and i like their way of songs.

Well, I maybe just a fun who didn't have a chance to meet my idol personally but who knows. :)


The alphabetic synthesis passes the constituent behind the assuming ace.

Jun 20, 2012

sunglasses for summer

Summer is in the air here in Sweden and I'm crazy of finding some summer accessories and dress that I can use this few months warm weather here in Sweden.

A friend of mine introduce me to one site where I could get free sunglasses through posting their links. Without any hesitations, I put their links to my 4 blog, TravelersBestfriend, Adventurous Family, Memorable Dates and of course this blog.

After a few days informing them that I already posted their link, I receive 4 pair of sunglasses (which i was the one choosing it) since I have 4 blogs. I'm very happy at least I don't need to buy sunglasses for this summer.

If you want to have sunglasses too why don't you contact FirmOO. Happy summer everyone. 

Apr 16, 2012

Blue Monday : birthday gift

Smiling Sally
It's been a while since my last Blue Monday entry. I've been very busy working and schooling.

Anyway here's my entry for this week. These pictures was taken last birthday of the daughter of my dear friend Shy.

Isn't the little girl very cute? Happy Monday everyone.

Feb 8, 2012

incoming exam

Latest of my schooling!!!

As I mentioned many times to my previous posts, my schooling is very difficult. As of now, I'm focusing all my writing assignments and preparing myself for my first exam on Friday 17 of February. This is my first ever exam and its all writing.

I did good job on my learning situation presentation but that situation need to support. I mean NEED to explain more and give more extract and complex examples. But it doesn't mean that I did not do it. It's just the more explanation stuff is for my next assignments but the same topic as i did on my last presentation.

It sounds really difficult especially I don't know how to compare Swedish teaching into English (my) experience in Philippines. But as my teacher said, try your best and apply all your Philippines teaching knowledge into Swedish.


Jan 31, 2012

getting crazy

To tell you honestly, I'M GETTING CRAZY!!!

My course is killing me. Lots of thing to do and goodness it must be in Swedish. How could I be a good Swedish teacher if I just write all my assignments in English?

Swedish teacher? Me? Oh God I cannot imagine to become a Swedish teacher but as my teachers said, think positive and try my best. Oh well I'm trying and so far, everything is under control.

Good luck for another difficult week next week.

Jan 25, 2012

change course

I'm crazy for my school!

Total days that I'm school is just 4 days and my goodness I'm crazy already for all the things that I need to do to pass my course.

I started other course which is "fritidshemlärare" and just yesterday I changed to grundskollärare förskoleklass 3. This is a hug different of this two course even if it's about 6 to 12 years old kids.

I would be very difficult this förskoleklass because of I'll be teaching on how they write, count and identify objects. In short, their primary days.

As my teacher said, fight, fight, fight!!! I can do it and I'm sure I will try my very best to finish this 4 years course.

Good luck to me!!!

Jan 23, 2012

to be treated well through Walgreens

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walgreens for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I just started my next higher level of my school life. Here in my new place and life, I just need to adopt of do their school rules for me to work what I want. I've been very focusing on my schedules, my new environment, my new teacher and my new classmates.

Everything is new to me to the point that I forgot to be healthy. I'm not even long time in my new school and I feel already so tired and sick. Whole day, I don't eat right foods because I just have 1 hour rest. 1 hour is just enough for a little relax or read the book for the next subject.

I come to the point that I'm almost off because of my tiredness and headache. Directly I came home I did surf the net for some medicine. Something that I can use for my busy schedules. Thankfully, I found the Walgreens pharmacy where I could buy any medicine I need.

Here are some of the good benefit that Walgreens offer:

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Other benefits include:

-Savings on more than 8,000 brand-name and all generic medications
-Discounts on flu shots, pet prescriptions, nebulizer and diabetic supplies
-Bonuses when you purchase Walgreens brand products and photo finishing services

And if you want to be updated follow Walgreens on Twitter or like Walgreens on Facebook.

So if you want to be treated well then do the same as what i did. I'm very happy and satisfied of their service.

So what are you waiting for. Go and like their face book account or follow them on twitter for more updates.

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Jan 18, 2012

starts tomorrow

Who don't get nervous on first day of school?

Tomorrow is my first day of my university and my goodness I'm very nervous. I've been in Swedish school for 4 years but this time around would be different. Different in the aspect of environment, students and teacher plus the more difficult Swedish language.

As I said, I'll be studying teacher for 3 years. I did talk to one of the head teacher in school last Monday and she said I don't need to worry about everything. They will help us the best they could but still I cannot just relax.

I hope everything would be fine and I will finish my course after three years. All I can do now is cross fingers and pray. Good luck to me.

Jan 14, 2012

their birthday

There are 4 celebrants on my facebook account today.

As I posted to my Adventurous Family blog, our 3 angels celebrating their birthday today. 3 in a day is amazing.

On my facebook account, I have 4 celebrants. My sister Annie, my nephew Marc, my primary school classmate Janice and our neighbor in the province Bembeth. This is the only day that I have 4 celebrants on my facebook. I have more than 400 friends there but there are no 4 celebrants in a day.

Well I'm happy to be part of their birthdays. I greeted them already and I hope they all have fun on their day.

Happy birthday everyone. God bless

Jan 12, 2012

lazy Jenny

Is it boring or I just feel so lazy?

It's been few days since I'm just at home and never go out. I feel so lazy going out especially its been snowing and raining few days already and staying at home is my main thing to do. My husband couldn't understand why I never go out, do some shopping or eat in the restaurant. My reasons was, I'm lazy and don't want to go out alone or eat in the restaurants alone.

Yesterday, my friend Shy sent sms and asked if I would love to meet them somewhere near where we live. Of course i would love too... At first I felt excited knowing that they're just few minutes aways but after 2 hours, I changed my mind and decided to just stay at home. I'm really lazy..I don't know why.

I hope I will not be lazy next week. My school (information day) will start on the 17th and I don't know yet when I will start my regular class. And on the weekend (Jan. 21 and 22) is my first week/days of work. I'm excited both of my upcoming activities but I don't know how could I handle my time with my schooling, work and my family.

I'll find out all my thoughts next week. Good luck to me.

Jan 9, 2012

i broke our camera

I've been so stupid of not taking care of our camera!!!:(

I and hubby were in Kiel Germany last weekend. We had so much fun until I drop down our camera and get broken.

We were on the top of the ship (12th floor). We just look around Kiel city and suddenly I wanted to take a picture. I always used timer shot when I want to have picture with me and my husband. so I did set the timer shot and took picture.

Just after the flash of the last picture, it was too windy that made my camera dancing and fell down on the floor. The floor was not just hard but also with water. I got really mad of myself!!

My husband wasn't angry. He just said, he would buy new directly we come home and that's what he did. Our new camera is coming tomorrow.

Thank you dear hubby for having such patience on me.

Here is my broken camera and the last picture we took...:(

Jan 5, 2012

my work

Finally, I'm working!!!!
As I mentioned here few times, I'm working in Gothenburg post office every December. It's what we call "julvikarie" Christmas/December job. I really like my work there.

I'm really thankful to my Filipina friend who referred me to that work. She's working there in post office and she referred me. But her reference never ended there. Just last week, she referred me to her other work.

She has two work (Goteborg post office and in Jakob cafe). Her boss trusted her when she said she would refer a friend to work with there too. So everything happens. Tuesday and Wednesday, I did my two days training.

Supposedly I will start on February but due to my good performance last two days of training, I will start on January 21. And directly I will be taking responsible for all the kitchen work. From preparing the 10 kinds of sandwiches, to some hot foods, vegetable salad and etc.

It would be a big responsibility but I know I can handle it. My trainer (my friend) trained me very well. I even dreamed my work to be. I'm just very excited to work. This is my first ever regular work. I will be working weekend since I'm in school.

Feels really good knowing that I can earn from my own hard work. Thank you so much Jen for the help and for being such a good friend to me.
some of the sandwiches i prepared

Jan 2, 2012

Blue Monday: Frankfurt Blues

Smiling Sally
My Blue Monday for this week are some pictures that I took when we were in Frankfurt. We took a walk to their Christmas Market and i saw this beautiful buildings and store decorations. Isn't they really lovely Blues?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone.