Mar 29, 2009

was not a good day

It was not really a good day for me yesterday. Me and my husband got little misunderstanding. I was too stubborn and too much pride so that's why it was not got well for a few hours. I sent a text to my friend Shy and asked her if it's ok to call her but she don't reply me. I don't remembered that she was in her friends wedding. But when she called me after an hour, i don't noticed my mobile. I just left my mobile i the bedroom and i was in the living room and it was silent.

I am too much sensitive so even just a small joke or little things that could hurt me, i cry directly. I cannot stop it. My husband told me that i am too much That's why if I'm hurting, i should talk to someone who i can just talk to...hehehe.
Since Shy don't answered directly my text, i called Zeena instead. She is a very good friend of mine and at least we always speak English... We talked about our homeworks and what time we will meet tomorrow. After that called to Zeena, i was ok already...strange right?

Before the evening came, me and my husband was ok. Even we're not ok for few hours at least we should try to fix things before we sleep. And when we woke this morning, everything was fine and we're happy as usual. Happy weekend everybody...

Mar 28, 2009

weekend activitiy?

It's weekend again? wow days goes very fast. Just to think that it's weekend again and it's another week again on Monday. Goshhhh...

We will go out soon and go to McDonald. It's not good but we will eat our breakfast there. But we eat fruit (pear) before we will go out.

As usual activity, we will take a walk and maybe go to some stores later. I want to cook some Filipino food tomorrow. I want to buy some Filipino ingredients so maybe we will go to Asian store later, if we are not lazy.

The weather here in Sweden is unexplainable... Still very cold and it was snowing yesterday even if it's now spring here. Isn't that strange? LOL... But of course i like cold and snow.

How about you guys? What will be your weekend's plan? Any exciting and fun to do with? In anyhow just take care and enjoy your weekend everybody. Have a happy and relaxing weekend.

Mar 26, 2009

My loving Family

Being far from my family is very difficult. When times that i want someone to talk to or someone who i can easily share everything, who i can go and talk with? I don't have relatives or even friends from my country (Philippines) here in Sweden. Ofcourse i have my husband and my only close filipina friend Shy but it's not the same as my family or friends way back in Philippines.

When i have problems or i don't feel bad, i don't have someone to ask advices or someone that comfort me. Ofcourse i have my husband but it's not the same as a sisters or brothers.I talk to my family almost everyday through ym but as usual not the same in person.
Like these past fews days, my mother have problems about our land. How could i comfort my mama and say that everything will be fine? Yesterday my mother texted me and told me not to worry because she can handle it and she will fight our rights for our own land (farm). If my father still alive, atleast he can help mama. They thought that my father was the smartest in our province because it was very easy to him to find solution in any kind of problems.
How i wish i can be with my mother this very moment, but not only this moment also if happy times. But this is my life now. I have my own family too. All i can do is to pray and support my family in Philippines. I will face my own family here in Sweden with my loving husband. I'm happy to be with my husband here in Sweden and i cannot ask for more from him.

Sweet tag

Brigaderio is a popular Brazilian chocolate candy.

Once again, my good friend David Funk tagged me this very sweet tag. Unfortunately i don't know who i will pass to.. I definitely have sweet friends but they don't have blog.

In anyway, i will exclusively pass this tag to Shy who is a very good and sweet friend to me.

Mar 25, 2009

I don't know....

Swedish people are usually celebrate food day. They have this bun (bulle) day, grill day, beer day, and other more food day and today is waffle day. My husband told me that at his work smelled waffle everywhere...LOL.

When i came home today, i was very hungry and i really missed filipino food so i had decided to cook "PANSIT BIHON". I had my bihon noddles already that i bought from Asian store last week together with Shy. I don't have all the vegetables and all the ingredients but in anyway it was delicious. Before i remember that i should take pictures it was finished already... gossshhhh i ate all...hehehehe

I had only half day school today so i had time to look and try to find something for a gift. My husbands birthday is coming soon and still i am confuse and don't know what will i give to him. He like computer things or something that connect to electricity but i don't want to buy those. I look one thing today and it seems very fit to his personality but it's not electric matter. I will not mention it here now because maybe he will find out what's my surprise to him. I haven't decided yet if i will buy it or i will find something else... I don't know... Do you have any suggestions guys?

Mar 24, 2009

Nokia Tag

I received this tag from my very nice friend David Funk who is always there willing to help about blogging. He's my blog friend who don't forget to send message and ask how i am.

The basic premise is this – answers should all be “at the current moment.” Let's do this!

1. Where is your cellphone - on my bed side table, charging

2. Your hair - Not too long, black and curly

3. Your father - Rest in peace (last june 2006)

4. Your favorite thing to do - singing and dancing (alone)

5. Your dream last night - all my teeth fell down.

6. Your favorite drink - orange juice
and water

7. Your dream goal - I already got my other goal ( as a Computer programmer) and one more goal is to be a teacher in few years from now.

8. The room you are in - Living room

9. Your fear - Losing another love of my life

10. Where do you want to be in 6 years - Still here in Sweden with my husband and hopefully with kids.

11. Muffins - Lemon muffins (made in Sweden)..hmmp yummy

12. One of your wish list items - to have my dream house here in Sweden with my family.

13. Where you grew up - Makati City, Philippines

14. The last thing you did - Record my singing voice

15. What you're wearing now - Jogging pants, t-shirt and sweater

16. Your TV - Sony, Marks and Philips

17. Your pet - I don't like any pet...

18. Your computer - acer and fujitsu laptop

19. Your life - happy, satisfied and hoping

20. Your mood - jolly and happy always

21. Missing someone - My late father

22. Our car - silver ford fiesta

23. Favorite mall - MOA (mall of asia) Philippines

24. Your last summer - we had vacation in Palawan Island.

25. Your favorite color - blue and pink

26. When was the last time you laughed -
few minutes ago when my husband make a joke

27. When was the last time you cried - I don't really remember. I am sensitive so even just a simple bad joke for me, i cry directly.

28. Last person who emailed you - My brother in law who's currently working in China.

29. Your favorite food - I'm not choosy kind of person so i eat everything as long as it's not poison and it's not broken food.

30. A place you would rather be right now - In bed reading my favorite Shidney Sheldon book.

I am passing this tag to some of my blog friends. Shy, Tita Beng, Janiz, Dunya Maya, Vanilla icecream and The Mommy Journey. To all who want to grab this tag, you are all welcome. Enjoy and have fun by grabbing and tagging into your page.

Mar 23, 2009

I just wonder

I registered to blogvertise last March 14 and i was approved the same date but i just wondered why i still don't have ad from them. I mean i still don't get any task or offer from them. Or maybe i get already but i don't know that it was it. The email add that i am using for this blogvertise was by blog email add and at the same time, it's my email add for almost everything. I used to get plenty nonsense email or commercial so i just delete or spam directly. Gossshh maybe i spam some of my task...

As to those who knew, I'm not expert of this blogging and I'm not blogging for a long time. I'm just blogging for 3 months so i need help and i asked plenty questions to some of my nice friends here in blog site. As of now i will ask again, anybody there can tell me how could i recognize if it is task or offer? Gossshhh shame of

Mar 22, 2009

Another award

I got this AWARD from my nice friend Neverwinter. Thank you for always visiting my blog and counting me as you friend. Thank you also for your compliments that you've had writen in your blog under this award.

I will give this Award to someone who's very nice and friendly to me... Here are the rules for this meaningfull award:

The aims of this award:

  • As a dedication for those who love blogging activity and love to encourage friendships through blogging.

  • To seek the reasons why we all love blogging!

  • Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it

  • Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award.

  • Answer the award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging.

  • Tag and distribute the award to as many people as you like.

  • Don’t forget to notify the award receivers and put their links in your post.

These are the people who i want to have this award:

  • S-h-y - my filipina friend here in Göteborg which i use to talk and be with in our school time. She is younger than me but she can talk to me like at my age.
  • Toni - she is my friend from USA. I don't meet her personally but it seems we are very good friend. She's the one who first commented on my blog post. She helped me about blogging and she always sent me messages. Thanks Toni.
  • David Funk - My blog friend who don't forget to send message to me. A friend who is willing to help me about blogging.
  • Weng - she's filipina who live also in Sweden but i don't meet her yet personally. She is very nice and she keep on commenting my post. Thanks Weng. Hope we can meet personally.
  • Neverwinter - ofcourse this name who always leave a message in my message box. I don't know if he's man or girl. What matter most is he/she is a good friend. A friend who don't forget to know whats the latest and a friend who appreciate everything i've done. Thank you so much for everything my friend NEVERWINTER.

This award doesn't mean that only those who i wrote up can have this. Anyone can grab and have this as award to those who think deserving to have this. Grab and enjoy...

Mar 21, 2009

our usual bonding...

Me and my husband did our usual bonding today. We took a walk and of course the ending was in the store and found some fruits and food. We've been to a store where we called it Världen Affär (world store). My husband trying to find this food from Iraq but unfortunately he don't find it. Instead we bought some fresh fruits and cans fruit. It was cheap and look very sweet pear and apple so we bought some of it. And we bought also banana, pomelo, orange, some muffins and some other kind of foods.

We like to eat chips or popcorn while we are reading before we sleep at night but it's not good to always eat those food. Instead of eating popcorn or potato chips, we have decided to eat fruits at least we can get vitamins and its good for the body to eat fruits.

Healthy food is just one way to have a healthy body. Am i right guys?

Mar 20, 2009

Best award!!!

My Friend S-H-Y exclusively awarded me this award. I was really surprised and flattered for she have choosen only me for this award. Ofcourse anybody can grab it but still the way she did to me was very much appreciated. Thanks Sar, as i call her.

Here are the rules:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

I´m passing this award to my very nices friends Toni Dorothy and of course SHY but she did this already. Anybody who want this award can grab it and don't forget to leave some comments. Thank you

Mar 19, 2009

words for me....

We supposedly whole day in school today but unfortunately our morning teacher is sick. Our afternoon teacher took over and did her lesson to us so that we don't need to stay whole day in school, instead only until 12.00. And we don't have school tomorrow also. Gosssshhhh atleast we can take a rest... Does it sound good?

We had a small activity today. Before we started our practicum (Feb. 16), we got tasks or assigments to do related to our practicum. One of that was to collect 20 words which we cannot understand before. We should put meaning and example on that word. We have that 20 words but today we just got two words from that 20 words and shared and explained whats the meaning of that word to our classmates. I choose risig (scrubby) and listig (cunning).

It was very good activity for us who is studying swedish because we had plenty words which we don't understand before. I can talk and understand swedish but still there's many words that still i don't know when and where will i use it. Words that still strange for me..LOL... Poor of me.

Anyone here wants to know basic swedish??? Just in case you will travel here in Sweden someday... Just a preparation or just for fun.......hehehe

Mar 18, 2009

Outing day...

Yesterday we've been to Angered Centrum for our health outing. We had a kind of seminar for health and later on we've been to an open gym (where anybody can look or see while doing exercise) and after our open gym we've been to sport gym where we did ball exercise and lastly we took a walk to forest.

Before we took our walk to forest, we ate our lunch under the shining sun but then still very cold. We had a little picnic with my classmates and we had fun even if we we're freezing. Here's one of our picture during our lunch.

It was really fun day for me because i learned something how to maintain healthy body, i had also some free exercise (gym) and we took a walk which is very good for the body. I used to dance on my free time but it's really good if i have enough knowledge on how to have a healthy body and mind.

Here's some of our pictures yesterday. Enjoy and just leave a comments whatever it will be. Thanks....

Mar 17, 2009

I met them again...

Yesterday, I started my school again after my 4 weeks practicum. I missed my friends, classmates and teachers but then i met them yesterday. Not all but atleast i met some of my closest friend in school. It was seem as we started a new termin of our schools because we forgot some of our classmates name. LOL... But anyhow we still knew where we sat. We talked about our 4 weeks of practic and we did some activities (drawing and grouping). It was just a half day of lesson. I mean after lunch we had another subject which is "computer". It was broing for me in the computer room because it was just a basic word works. I'm not putting myself on high profession but it was very easy for me. I finished computer programmer so it's all very easy for me but still i did our task or activities.

Even if it was boring afternoon for me but still i was excited of our outing (utflykt) today.
I took some picture of me yesterday when i came home. Here's one of those pictures i took. Does you know guys that i'm very much camera addict??? LOL....

Mar 15, 2009

Chicken Ala King!

I don't know why but i felt very lazy to take a walk today. It is our weekly activities to take a walk every saturday or sunday but i felt very tired these two days. grrrr... Even if i'm very lazy still i tried to clean our house today. I was busy these past few weeks so i don't had time to clean. As i woke up this morning i don't know why i keep on sneezing then i realized, gossshhhhhh our home is very dusty now. LOL... Jenny must clean...

While i was cleaning my husband decided to cook something for our lunch and for our food for tomorrow. We used to bring homemade food for our lunch than to buy from the restaurant. He had decided to cook "chicken ala king" (my husband style). Even if i was cleaning still i helped him and for me to know also how to cook this food.
I remembered in Philippines. Me and my husband used to ate in Greenwich. I was not really interested of this food because for me it looks not dilicous but my husband ordered chicken ala king everytime we ate there. Today i told to myself that the next time we will eat in Greenwich i will surely order CAK.

Ofcourse for me it's very dilicous but i don't know your taste guys. Take a look and imagine how it taste... What do you think guys? Does it looks dilicous?

Mar 13, 2009

Last day of practicum

Atlast, i finished my practicum today.

I started my day at 4.40am. I should be in my practicum place before 6.00am. I just thought that it was just a normal morning. I came there to start my last day. Around 6.15 came one kid and the father told me that his daughter keep on telling them that it should be my last day. And then another kid came, and more and more... All parents told me that their kids keep on telling them that it should be my last day. How sweet kids. I thought i'm just nothing to them but i'm wrong. I'm heartedly thankfull to all their parents who have patients of listined the kids.

The kids here in Sweden eat godis only every saturday (lordagsgodis). But today we had friday morning snack (9.30am) and kids can eat godis and ice cream. They thought that someone's celebrating birthday because they ate ice cream but then they remembered that it was my last day and they all look very sad and they even cried. huhmmmmmp how sweet they are to me.

After snack, they all just wanted to be with me. Sat beside me, talked to me and they even wanted to me to sing which i like it. We ate our lunch as usual time and after lunch i let the 2 small kids sleeped and the rest played in the other rooms. I should go home kl.13.00 but i left from my practic around 13.30 because the kids don't wanted me to leave...

I got a gift from the staffs. I got a pair of earings, thanks card and an angel. From the kids, i got a small elephant from Kenza, a very beautiful paper drawing from Ashley and Alicia (twin) and another drawings from those other kids. Ofcourse i got a huge and unforgetable hugs and kisses from all the kids and from the staff also.

I'm really thankfull to all the kids and staffs there in Wadköpping forskolan for such a very nice and helpfull to me in all their way. I will surely miss them and i really hope i can visit them soon (as i promised). TACK SÅ JÄTTEMYCKET alihop!!! Jag är helt säkert att jag ska saknar er. Vi ses då på annan gång. Sköt om er.

Mar 11, 2009

My day...

How could i wish i have the same schedule as i had today for tomorrow and my last day of practic (friday)... I started my practic around 10.30am to 6.00pm ( i came home earlier). So even if i started litte bit late today still i woke up early morning and fix little. I washed my hair even if still cold outside. My husband always told me not to wash my hear before i go out if still cold or else i will freeze or get sick but as stubborn as i am i still did it...hsssss secret...

It was just a normal day of practic. The kids asked me time to time when i will finish my days with them. They don't want that i will stop working with them, lol...what a kids?... But i promised them that i will surely visit (hälsa på) them one day.

I got headache today because the kids don't really listen sometimes. They justs wanted to do what they wanted even if it's dangerous. They climed into a big stone today which they're not allowed and they took advantage of me because they thought that i'm very nice to them and i would allow them but unfortunately i don't and i shouted and got angry little. I acted too much actually but i must or else they will not respect me.

Even if the kids is too much work, but still i will surely miss them. I still have two days with them. I miss my school, my friends, and my teachers but this is my life. Hope someday i can use to this situation.

Mar 10, 2009

Purse or bags tag!!!

I got this tag from Weng.Thank you Weng for this exciting and fun tag.

Here's the rules:

1. Post a picture of whatever bag you are carrying as of late. No, you can't go into your closet and pull out your favorite purse! We want to know what you carried today or the last time you left the house.

Actually i always have different bags. Not everyday but often. It depends on what i will wear. It's not totally same color but atleast i can have color combination. I had this bag today because i used black pants, jacket and boots so it was black.

2. List how much it cost. And this is not to judge. This is for entertainment purposes only. So spill it. And if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, we’d love to hear it.

I bought this bag before i go here in Sweden so it's almost 2 years. This is not really an expensive branded bag but it was little bit expensive when i bought it. This is LEONARDO was sale when i bought it with an amount of 1,300 pesos. (Philippine money).

These are the things inside my bag. It's my daily things. My favorite book (Sidney Sheldon book. I like to read),my umbrella in case of rain, wallet, eyeglasses because im little bit blind, my bench perfume, hand cream (lotion), my 3 cellphones and more litle things.

3. Tag some chicks. And link back to this post so people know why the heck you’re showing everyone your bag.

Dorothy , Mira , Chelle, Toni, Enelya

Mar 9, 2009

What a good day

What a good day for me today! I'm very happy today because of two reasons. When i woke up this morning, my husband greated me 35 months of our LOVE with a tight hug and sweet kiss. How sweet and nice to woke up with all those things, right? My husband left to go to work before 6.00am.

I checked my cellphone direclty after my husband's left because i felt something excited. I had 4 messages from Philippines. Two messages was from my friend and 1 from my sister inlaw but it was my sister's text was make me felt excited and felt little jelous. She had pregnancy test today and she found out that she's pregnant for her first baby. We texted a little bit and she told me that she is nervous. Ofcourse she will be, it's her first baby. I get jelous to her.She is my sister next to me. She's younger than me but she got pregnant first than me. poor Jenny but it's ok. Who knows i can have mine also soon...hehehe. Her baby will be my third nephews.

To my sister, just take extra care now and think that it's not only you now. Think of the little angel in your womb and the God's gift to you and Edwin. Try to avoid stress and try to have peace of mind. If you will need something you know that i'm here for you even i'm millions miles away from you. I'm very happy for you. May God guide and bless us all always...

Mar 8, 2009

Still not feeling good.

Goshhhh i'm still sick. I hate this because i feel so bad and seems very tired. And to think also, i must be ok for me to go to my practicum tomorrow. It will be my last week with them. I took tablets and other medicines but it won't help. I took a long hot bath also but still the same. Grrrrr what will i do? I dont want to stay home this time. I want to go to my practic place. Anyone can advice me what to do?

Mar 7, 2009

Life's full of surprises.

Plenty people died everyday but it seems that we don't really notice it if not a popular persons or someone we know and love. As we know Francis *Kiko* Magalona is only 44 years old but he died because of some sickness that they all thought that he would survive. I cannot help but crying when i saw all those people who love and admired FM. To those who still cannot accept that he is now in his final bed to RIP, is very difficult to them. How about more what's the feeling of the family himself who is grieving and thinking that it's just a nightmare to them. The wife and the eight kids that he left and ofcourse his friends.

I can relate how they feel now. This was what we felt when my father died. It seems it was just a bad joke and was a nightmare but when we saw our father on the coffin laid down peacefully, we all knew that it was all truth. I thought that's the end of my life also but i realized that we must be strong for our mother and at the same time for ourselves. Even if he's not with us anymore we know that he's looking and still taking care of us on his own way. We still grieving but life must go on. We really miss our father but we're sure he is on our Father's hand now.

Life is full of surprises. Enjoy life while still alive. Do good things and live with full of positive thinking. Do everything you want before it's too late. God knows when and how we will die.

Mar 6, 2009

i'm not feeling well...boring

It was not really a good day for me today. Yesterday, i felt little bad. It seems i'm very tired and like having a fever. When i woke up this morning, i had fever and feel very bad but still i go to my practicum. I thought it would be gone because i took 2 tablets. But it won't. At lunch time, i had decided to go home because i can't stay more longer. I felt dizzy and seems to fell down. I supposedly go home kl. 14.30 but i have decided to go home kl.13.00. I just sleeped and laid down when i came home.

It's not fun when i'm feeling bad especially if weekend because we use to take a walk or go somewhere as our weekend activities but unfortunately i'm sick. I really hope it will gone tomorrow because we're planning to go to Asian store to buy ingredients for my MENUDO.

I hope everybody is doing fine and wishing all to have a good and wonderful weekend.


Thanks to a blogger friend Mira of Random Thoughts: A Simple Meme for this interesting tag. As simple as it is, it also took me a while to think about something that starts with the same letter ;-).

The Rules:
Copy the questions below. Simply use the first letter of your name/nickname as your answer for each questions. You can't use any answer twice and don't use your own name for questions and answers 4. After you're done, tag 10 people.

1. What is your name? Gin
2. A four letter word: Gine
3. A boy's name : Gabriel
4. A girl's name : Gabriella
5. An occupation : Going to school
6. A color : Gold
7. Something you wear : Gold accesories
8. A type of food : Gratängpotatis med fisk
9. Something found in the bathroom : Gold curtains and gold soap
10. A place : Göteborg (Gothenburg)
11. A reason for being late : Got missed the bus/tram
12. Something you shout : Goshhhh!
13. A movie title : Golden Lion
14. Something you drink : Grape Frappuccino
15. A musical group : Guns 'N Roses
16. A street name : Goldengatan
17. A type of car : G Eagle car (flying car)
18. A song title : Got to believe in magic
19. A verb : Go on in on in on...


Mar 3, 2009

My teacher visited me

I knew from last week that my teacher would visit me today in my practicum place. I was excited and can't wait to see her personaly. Around 10.30 am came her with a smile and she was happy to see me directly. It was raining but she told me that " it doesn't matter if it's raining as long as i see you happy and have smile in your face directly you see me everything is perfect".

I introduced her to my colleague (working mate) and ofcourse to my hand leader (handledare in swedish). She talked and asked me some questions and she was glad that i talked to her in a very good swedish grammar. And later then, she asked my hand leader how am i in my practicum place. My hand leader answered as proud as she is. She said that Jennie is a future good working mate to whoever she will work to. She have a good initiative and always happy and active all the time. She is the best student i ever have. It's good to hear that word. Thanks to my hand leader Sussanne.

I miss my school, my teachers, and my friends so i was very happy atleast i saw today one of my teachers. I still have 1½ week in my practicum place (8days to be exact). I'm sure as soon as i'm finish my OJT (practic), i will miss all of them especially the sweet and lovable kids.

Thats life, there's come inn and there's come out. There is starting and there will be ending also. Life is a roller coaster.