Oct 29, 2012

yummy cakes

Are you looking for a perect dessert? Just choose among these yummy cakes. I personally like the vanilla (the white one). These cakes were served in our hotel restaurant in Turkey.

Enjoy eating...:)

Oct 26, 2012

kebab lover

Our first lunch in Stockholm City. A full plate of kebab and french fries.

I really love kebab but this kebab was not my favorite but it tasted kebab in anyway :)

Oct 23, 2012

sheer curtains

Being a wife, it seems like I have the only right to choose what I want to have in our new apartment. lol. My husband left all the decorations making in our apartment and so far I still have lots of thing to be done before our vacations.

Decorating our apartment seems very easy and I found it very fun doing all the arrangements and color matching. I cannot even imagine how could I manage to do all the arrangements by myself.

 Everything almost done beside the most exciting part "the curtains". I had lots of choices of what kind of curtains I want to match our decorations especially in our kitchen area. I notice that so far I had matched all the colors from our bed sheets to our sofa pillows. When I was looking our sofas, I came to a point that sheer curtain would fit everything.

The sheer curtains is really beautiful plus I like their quality and the style of course. I'm planning to buy a blue sheer curtains to match up our stuff. Sounds really exciting right?. Well sheer curtains would add my excitement.:)

Oct 22, 2012


Newly baked chocolate muffins at work...

Oct 16, 2012

our simple celebration

Our simple wedding anniversary celebrations with my in-laws.

A blueberry cheesecake, chocolates donuts, tiger muffins and sugar cake. Its all tasted so sweet.

Have a good day people.

Oct 10, 2012


Our wedding anniversary dinner at one of the chinese restaurants here in Gothenburg Sweden. This was really yummy.
Have a good day everyone.

Oct 2, 2012

long life, pancit

Some of the beautiful places in Brussels Belgium.