Aug 31, 2009

hottest award

Here in blog world, you can find unexpected true friend. And one of those friends i have is Mommy Mayonnaise or should i call her Risma.

Anyway i am very honored and flattered because among her (Risma) friends, she included me on this particular HOTTEST FEMALE BLOGGER AWARD. When i first saw this award, i felt excited because it's fun including a little game.

So here's the start of this cute award game:

1. Give this award to other female blogger you know complete with the reason why.
2. Do not forget to give a link back to the person who gave you this award
3. Try to googling this phrase:
“[your name] needs”
4. Choose the top ten of the results and post it on your article
5. Find out the results..As you can notice guys, there's a lot our there having a name Jenny. I don't know what will i use but maybe it's better to have my Jenny. Sounds ok?

And these are my results:
1. Jenny need to study hard for me to finish my schooling as fast as i can and can teach directly

2. Jenny needs 360 points for me to have "whole time" in my school but i am more than 360 now. I have 396.

3. Jenny needs to talk more Swedish for me to exercise my Swedish language..

4. Jenny need to work so that i can help my husband who's alone supporting our needs.

5. Jenny need to exercise because i felt little bit chubby now.huh!

6. Jenny needs milk for her coffee. I can't take pure coffee. I must have at least half cup of milk then the rest is coffee.

7. Jenny need to prepare herself if ever she become a mommy someday.

8. Jenny need to prepare food for dinner.

9. Jenny need to sleep before 10pm.

10. Jenny need and need more than she's needing for...hehe

Huh!!! a lot of needs but it's fun. Try it guys and you will find out what are the things that you're needing for.

Below are the girls that i knew they have a lot of needs too, same as me... Girls, start to think now.

tejan, shy, dhemz, maxi, elizabeth, chuchie, fe, laine, and firish

Enjoy and have fun. Happy blogging

happy birthday

Today is the 35 birthday of my very good friend Janet or tejan of INSIGHTS. She is celebrating it with her family and some other friends. As she said she have a big family so she must prepare many spring rolls (stackars du). Her family adore and love her rolls so she must prepare it.To you our dear friend, you know that God gave you what you want and you're thankful for all of that.Just keep smiling, always happy and good person as you are and don't forget that you can count on me and Shy if you will need us. (NO money matter, hahaha)... I wish you all the best and another baby "soon".

Happy birthday and hope you have a good one.

future star

My friend has a baby boy who is now 4 years old. He's very cute and love to do things that make his mommy and daddy laugh. One day when they was in the mall, suddenly their baby was crying. Crying as is seems something pain or bad to him but just when he knows that his parents was panicking and worrying to much about him, he begun to laughed at loud as he could.

Directly when they came home, they thought about what was happening when they we're out and the father suggested to enroll their baby in an Acting For Kids where he could share his talents. They thought that it will be fun to share his talent to others so they do.

Before they went to the acting workshop, they called first and asked what will be the requirements for this particular acting thing, then someone told them to have the
Baby Photo Contest first before they can go to acting. And when the baby will be on the acting environment, he must follows all the child actor laws for him to grow more as an actor.

Before they could remember, their baby is doing well in his acting carrier and been very good in every scene the've done. He's always been the best in every "take" or action they did.

Aug 30, 2009

camera site

We have 2 pieces digital camera but i want another one. It's not because i don't like our cameras now but i want a big camera. We use to travel different places and for me bigger camera is more better quality of pictures.

We are planning to travel to Hawaii this year and i want to use the bigger camera. But since bigger camera meaning it will be heavier also so my husband told me that it's better to just barrow or rent in some stores in Hawaii. He knew himself that there is a store in Hawaii where we can just rent the camera.

He helped me searched the site of the store and at last we found this Honolulu Camera Store that will be the perfect store for us to rent the camera that i want. Also in this store, they have many different cameras for us to choose what we want to have.

I am excited to barrow cameras from them and take many pictures as i can.

Aug 29, 2009


My sister in law invited me and my husband to have drinks on their house. We went there but we ate our dinner first before going there.While they was drinking, we was watching also the Spanish football game. Real Madrid team against Diportivo La Corona team. From Real Madrid team I'm idolising one of their player. He's name is Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite or also known as "kaka". He played very well and he's surely one of the best player.The game end up with the scores of 3 for Real Madrid and 2 for opponent team. Congratulations.


It's just a supposedly normal day to me and my husband. We woke up 10.00am due to we went to bed late last night. He went to bed 23.00 and me was 1.00am.
We ate our lunch in an pasta buffet restaurant in the City. After our lunch we just supposedly take a walk but as usual we end up in a store. And not only as store but it was an appliances store and was little bit expensive. After almost half an hour inside the store, my husband bought a new CD player.

This player is almost the same as we have now (as you can see in the picture) but the different is, it's mp3 player. We was looking this player on the Internet for a quite long time and really wanted to buy it. So here it is now, he bought it and we have it now at home.

Here is our new MP3 CD player.


As of now, everything must have insurance. It's not because of you don't believe or trust the quality of your things but it is because you will need insurance if ever there something not good happen to your things.

For instance, my auntie just bought new van. She really like and wanted to drive and go wherever she wanted but then she didn't do it yet because she don't have insurance for her van. Even if she wanted to go anywhere but she said she will wait until her car have insurance.

She asked my sister if she knew any company and their site where she can get the good services and good insurance policy. Since my sister didn't have time to surf the net, she asked me if i could help my auntie. Of course i can since i like to surf any possible things that i can help to those who are in need.

After few minutes of surfing the net, i found the van insurance that all my auntie's needs and wants are there. I sent her the site address and some information about it. Just few minutes after i sent to her, she sent me back a thankful message for this site. She confirmed to me that it helps her a lot and understand every single detailed of her van insurance.

Happy trip and drive safely.

Aug 28, 2009


Today my friends Shy and tejan been here in my crib unexpectedly. We didn't plan it or talked about it.

When i was fixing my blog around 10.00 am, Shy paged me and said that she wanted to come here so that we can study together on our mathematics. I said yes direclty becuase i knew that it would be best for both of us to study. We paged tejan and asked if she could come also. She said yes but she wouldn't stay long time becuase she must work. When tejan left, and and shy continued our conversations while eating the banana cake from tejan.

We ate rice, bitte lemon and fried chicken for our lunch. As usual talked and laughed that seems nothing for the next minutes...hehehe. We are always like that if we 3 are together...

To my friends, thanks for today. Tejan thanks for the banana cake and shy thanks for helping me and for everything.

want to earn money?

Life is full of adventures and trials. Life is nothing without different task that we must do to survive for our daily life. Different activities in different situations. Our lives is full of needed things that we must have and most of it is the money. We ask sometimes in ourselves, what happened to our lives if we don't have money to support our daily life?

Here in blog sphere world, it's not only for us to share our thoughts, activities in life, our adventure and so on but also to earn money but how to make money on blogging? When i started on blogging i was really wondered why some earning money through their blog. Of course i wanted to earn money as well some others did.

For me, blogging for money is a big opportunity. Of course i am enjoying blogging and at the same time i am earning. It's sound very exciting and interesting, right? I'm earning almost everyday and I'm happy of it.

So if you want to earn more money on your blogging, then be a member of revenue sharing where you can earn money and at the same time your blog will get more traffic and visitors.

Have a lot of money and enjoy blogging.

Strengthen friendship

Wow, wow as in wow... I'm very glad to received this award from my very good friend and loyal visitor Willyo Alsyah P. Pratam. Thank you so much sir, yes sir...

As Willyo said, share this award to all fellow bloggers who are active and participate in this blog, the goal is to unite the bloggers.

Award above implies :

Green: symbolizes the new buddies
Yellow: represents the guys who are always active
Blue: symbolized with PR blogger buddies high
Platform Red: symbolizes that we are all equal, junior or senior is summarized in one place, with the same blood red, and we are brothers.

Prerequisite retrieval AWARD:

1. Create a post as above
2. Include a link Giver Award.
3. For colleagues who have not followed this site or not exchange links, please follow or exchange links with me.
4. Copy-paste the image above or DOWNLOAD

I'm passing this awards to the names belows and their blog names.

1. Shy -
journey for life
2. tejan -
3. David Funk -
Basic Bloganomics
4. Zvonko -
alfafriend, making money
5. Fe -
Fe's journey of life
6. Jennie -
Life 'round me n you
7. Jenny -
me and my shadow
8. Herby -
Herbie's world
9. Sunny -
10. Amy -
amiable amy
11. Firish -
12. Rizma -
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13. dhemz -
My life perception & Inspiration
14. Beth -
All about Elizabeth
15 Lizzie -
16. Maxi -
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17. Jodi -
values, reviews, Business

To all of these friends listed above, accept this award and spread the strengthen friendship to all your colleagues or friends who are not listed above.

Thanks and enjoy blogging

Aug 27, 2009

almost got crazy

Due to my stupidness, i lost my blue template, layout, background or whatever you call it on my blog last night. I almost got crazy and couldn't sleep well thinking about my blog.

When i woke up this morning, i rushed into my laptop and tried to fix and put new layout. And at least i did it after a few hours of surfing the one that i like.

As you can notice now, i have my new background. It's one of the best choice i ever surfed and i like it because it's simple and elegant.

Sorry to all who left messages and comments on me yesterday. And please to those who was on my friends list, please visit me and tell me to add you again guys. I lost all my friends :(...

Aug 26, 2009

at last

Äntligen (at last) i got a letter today from VUX (vuxen utbildning) informing that i can have my Swedish subject now. They even sent me our school plan. hehehe

It's funny because just today, i talked to my teacher asking if still i could go to her class even if i didn't have yet the result of my applications. Thanks to her who said, ok Jenny you can but you can't take exam until you have the result of your applications.

But i am happy now and thankful at least i can have my Swedish subject (most important subject), together with my mathematics and my English.

Aug 25, 2009

do you want some?

Maybe i can call myself as "maarte" as i am. I don't know if someone will agree or not but in some ways i am very much maarte. When it comes to my nails, i am too much concern especially if more than two days already that i didn't clean.

Every other day i usually clean my nails. Not all the time that i have nail colors but I'd like to change my nail colors twice or trice a week. Hmmmp sounds too much right?hehehe. I know that some girls hates to have nails colors or lazy to clean their nails but not me. Love it

The last time we was in Philippines (almost 2 months ago), i bought plenty as in many different nails colors. For me to have different colors every week. So for last week, i had red, dark red and pink. Since this week just started, i had brown the other day and yesterday i changed in into colorless with white at the end of my nails. Actually there's a name on that but i don't know.

So here are the things that i use to clean up m y nails and of course my nail colors. Anyone out there want to have some?hehehe

Aug 24, 2009

much studies and harvests

I have 2 subjects today in school but due to my irregular schedule, i stayed there the whole school time. My English was 9 to 12 (every Monday) and my mathematics was 13.30 to 15.30.

We just started our normal class today in our English so since it was just started, our teacher spoke Swedish instead English. But she promised to be all English the next meeting. I was little bit shy because almost all of my classmates are Swedish and just me and my other filipina friend who are foreigners. But still we managed ourselves to be confident until the end of our class today. And i managed to wrote our first writing test. It was so easy actually.hehehe

13.30 was our mathematics and gossshhh i have headache because of it. I started to get the Swedish mathematics technique and seems easier now that i couldn't imagine. I hope i can manage to pass these two major subjects of mine for be to become a teacher (förskollöare) "someday".

My school word: Plant much studies that i may gather much harvests.

make money

Me and my husband usually buy some things on Ebay. Not exact number but maybe at least 10 times already that we bought thing from them and we got all of those things. I enjoyed surfing and looking somethings from their site and i found myself exciting every time i buy things from them.

I'm not aware that i can Make Money online with eBay. I thought that Ebay is just to buy things but it's not. While surfing Ebay site, you can buy cheap things and at the same time can earn money.

So what are we waiting for? Log on to Ebay website and sign up for the Auction Success Kit to earn money from it.

political views

Me and my husband sometimes talked about politics and we accepted the fact that we couldn't accept and agree about our political views. He has his own views about his politic party and i have mine as well.

Since i really wanted to share about my political views i surfed the net and i found some site where i can express my own views and they tackle or debate about it. I found this key political issues where they make debate of any political views and give their own opinion too.

My husband is happy to know about this site where he can do the same thing as what i do.

sassy me?

Wow I'm very honored and flattered that my sassy friend jetnah included me on her 100% sassy blogger award. Thank you so much kompis for this but I'm not sure if I'm entitle to have this award.hahahaI am passing this award to my sassy girl friends namely: firish, Risma, Jenny, Jennie, and Fe.

Grab this guys anytime you want. Enjoy blogging

Aug 22, 2009

bonding moment

Today is our bonding day. Of course me and my husband have always bonding time everyday but weekends are more lots of time and activities that we can do. Today, me and my älskling (husband) did different activities.

While he was taking a bath, i was cleaning our house slowly...hehehe as in slowly because i was lazy. My husband was in the bathroom for almost 3 hours and i was almost done when he got up. Still i continued cleaning while he was about to cook our lunch but of course he wouldn't do it himself. He always wants that we do things together so i helped him fixing the food that he would like to cook.

While he was cooking, i was with him also looking the food and at the same time i washed our dishes. We cooked isterband och dillstuvad potatis. Hmmmppp yummy... it was very delicious. At first i thought i would not like it since i never tasted it and it was my first but to eat that kind of food but i was surprise because i like it and i already asked my husband that we will cook it again soon.

We're full and can't back to our assign task after our food so instead we laid down and took a rest for a while. Happy weekend everyone and enjoy. Take care...

Aug 21, 2009

study hard

Since i didn't have school today, i went to library and borrows some books. I really want to focus and study hard this term because i want to finish my schooling the sooner the better.

As of now, i have my 2 "sure" subjects. I mean i have my English and Mathematics subjects that i am registered but unfortunately the most important one which is the SAS A (Swedish subject) still i don't have any news if i can have it or not. grrrr...when i can have the result?

But never mine as of now. Since i don't have yet my SAS A subject, so i focus and try to study hard as i can on my Mathematics. I'm very much poor when it comes to math and gossshhh i can call myself "dull" when it comes to it.hehehe... As my husband told me, math or numbers are on our everyday living. Life is using numbers...which is true.

As of now, I'm really trying to understand get the technique of Swedish mathematics. Good luck to me and my studies.

Aug 20, 2009

Marc's mommy

Since Marc is ok now and back to his normal behaviour, his mommy can't still stop worrying about him. She said that as long as Marc still have the stainless and still in the hospital, she can't stop worrying about him. I know that's the feeling of being a mom.Just a while ago, i called her in Cyprus and talked to her. There's something on her that she can't decide herself so she asked an sister advice. As her sister, i just told her what's the best for her and for Marc's future. She know that whatever decisions she will do, she must consider about Marc future as well as hers. As i told her also,be wise and always consider both good and bad sides of life.Sis, whatever decision you will do, you know that we're always with you and support you all the time. Just decide what will be the best for you and Marc. Life is full of trials and circumstances but we know that you can handle and face all of those. You have been prove it and proud of the results even if it was very difficult at first.

Just concentrate your work and don't worry too much about Marc. He's ok and I'm sure madala na yan siya dahil sa nangyari sa kanya. Take care always and call you again some other time. I love you and i miss you so much.

Marc situations

Yesterday my nephew Marc was operated and everything went well. But still i couldn't sleep last night thinking of him. He was in the ICU (intensive care unit) for 24 hours for observations and to made sure he's fine. I was texting my mama (who was in the hospital) until early morning in the Philippines. I asked mama if how's Marc? How's his situation? Does he sleep? And lot more questions. Thanks to mama who's trying her best to reply all my questions.

Around 1:00 AM (Sweden time) still i couldn't sleep so i sent a message to my preggy sister's cellular phone and asked her if she could send me sms directly she would see Marc. Thanks also to my her who sent me text directly she woke up and for always informing me what's happening there.

Just this afternoon (Philippine time), Marc is back to his hospital room and seems everything is back to normal. He's back to his normal stubbornness, spoiled, and eat plenty..hehehe. But all of them who are in the hospital who's taking care of him, doesn't care if he's long we know that he's ok and don't feel any pain.

Marc will wait few more days until he can go home. I'm sure he miss schools, home, his playing toys, watching cartoons or films, surf the net and some more things (he use to do all of these things). Hoping that he can go back to school soon because he miss a lots already. He's always have honor in his class so hope he can still have this year.

Good job Kuya Marc. You're brave as we couldn't even imagine that you can. Be well soon and be a good boy as always ok? All of us love you and mommy, Tita Ding and Tito Doy miss you so much...

Aug 19, 2009

Marc operation

Just today around 12.30 to 15.30 Philippine time , my nephew Marc had operated in his arm. The operations went well and everything was fine. Thanks to all the prayers and thanks to God...

The operations went well but my mother, my brother and my preggy sister couldn't stop themselves worrying when Marc was still in the OR (operating room). But atleast after few hours of waiting, the doctor told them that everything went well and Marc is in the Recovery room for his recovery. He will be there 24 hours for more observations and to make sure he's ok. He will be back to his hospital room tommorow.

As of now, Marc has stainless on his arm and it will take one month until the doctor will take off the stainless. But he can go home 3 to 4 days from now. He can go back to school anytime Marc is ready but he must be very carefull and try to not carry heavy things.

I want to thank to all who prayed and left good words for my newphew Marc. And to Marc's mommy, don't worry to much sis. Marc will be well alright... he knows that he is our angel and we love him so much.

happy viewing

I have a friend who's been looking for Satellite Directv for a quite long time now. As she said she wants a provider where they can provides a lot of different channels. A channels that her family really wanted and like to watch like for example, sports, films, and news.

Before i could forget, i have another friend who have this kind of things. I directly called my friend and asked her about what kind of provider they have and she told me that
Direct TV is what they have now and they're very satisfied of it. They're using this TV provider and they can't ask for more.

This is the provider that my friend really wanted and also its fit for her budget since this is very affordable price compare to other provider. It's not only that it's lower price than other TV provider but it's also make her family satisfied of their services.

After i talked about DirectTV to my friend, i directly informed my other friend about it. She's amazed about this provider and she's sure enough to have this soon. She and her family are really excited and seems can't wait to have this TV provider very soon.

I gave her also the TV provider site for them to visit and know more about this site.
Happy viewing everyone.

Aug 18, 2009

ring to propose

Rings are one of the symbol of engage or married people. My best friend boyfriend asked me if what kind of gift he could give to his fiance since her birthday is coming and shes turning 30. He wants also to propose to her on that day. He wants that my best friend 30th birthday will be special with a very special gift. I suggested to him a titanium bracelets because i knew that my best friend will like it.

The long time boyfriend of my best friend wanted to propose her a wedding but he don' know what kind of ring my best friend like. Without hesitation i told him directly
titanium rings is what she really like. I knew it since the first time i met her. But he has another problem. He didn't know the size of my best friend finger. I said, no need to worry because there is also ring size chart for him to change the size of the rings if it will be big or small for her.

Happy birthday my friend. Congratulations in advance and best wishes.

update of my nephew Marc

As i said on my post about my nephew Marc, he was supposedly have his operation yesterday but due to his high blood, the doctor rescheduled it next day.

Today, i got sms from my preggy sister informing that i could see Marc through web cam. I hurried myself and went directly to my laptop and got online. At last i saw Marc laying on his bed with dextrose on his right hand and bandage on his left hand and can't still move it. He managed to wave his right hand to me and asked me " how are you tita?".
I can't stopped myself crying because it's my first to see him and it's his first time hospitalized for few days already. He was in hospital also when he was 1 year old because he fell down from the stairs and his head hit to the milk can. He has mark on his back head due to 5 pieces sewed.Marc is our first nephew (as i said many times). I was with him for many years and saw him growing and developing himself. I even count him as my baby...hehehe peace to his mommy. That's why when i knew that his still in the hospital, i can't stop myself worrying and can't sleep thinking of him. The doctor said, he's ok and no need to worry.

Marcky or Marc, be well Kuya ok? Be strong and mommy will be there soon. Tita Ding (me) love you so much and missing you.

Halloween customes

For me myself, the most exciting customes party or event is the Halloween. It's not because of plenty different weird customes and so on but there are also lots of scariest creatures i could ever see. I like when seems lots of blood in their faces and clothes, or look devil, witch or look angel. I like it because no need to fix yourself to be pretty as you could but just puts the best Costumes that very much fit to the said occasion, the Halloween.
Personally i like to have a vampire customes. It sounds for me very challenging and scary. At the same time, i like it because it will change into pretty and when its full moon it will turn into scary. Also vampires wear sexy clothes. I want to call myself as Sexy and beautiful vampire..hehehehe.

Aug 17, 2009

i hate it...

I was in school today for our elever samtal information ( student talk information). At first, it was seems no problem. We tried to know how many points we must have in every subject since points is very important for our whole termin.

I have mathematics G, English B and SAS A (Svenska some andra språk A ). I asked how many points for my mathematics and at last i knew it. Since i need 360 points for the whole term, i asked also how many points for my SAS A but i was shocked that I'm not registered on that particular subject. ohhh my God... Of course i must have that course because that's the most important among all the subjects. I can speak, talk, write and understand English same as math but i must have my Swedish.

Me and thanks to Shy who was with me and went to VUX (vuxenutbilningsförvaltningen) to register my name and the subject. But the one that i talked to told me that i must wait a week or two for the result but she's not sure if i can have that subject. grrrrr i hate it...

But as my husband said, we can't do anything now. We will just wait and will see what will happen. I really hope i can have my Swedish subject.


Surpriseeee... i have an award again...hehehe Actually it's not really a surprise because as usual my very good friend and loyal visitor David Funk gave me this Humane Blog award.

When i have an award, it will not be from someone else but no other than David. He is a loyal giving bodies..hehehe. Thanks Dave for all the awards, good words or comments that you left in almost all my posts and for the daily visit.

Take care always and enjoy your day.
Do you have this award already or not yet? So what are you waiting for, grab it now!!!...

termites problem?

When we was at my sister's in law summer house, i noticed a lot of termites in her kitchen. Due to my concern and wondering i asked her why seems get more plenty termites now than the last time we was there. She said that she didn't know how to kill them. She used one products to kill the termites but it was no effect.

Since i really wanted to help them how to kill the termites, i directly surfed the net and i found out different termite pest control products that they can use to kill the termites.

At least i helped them about their termites problem.

Aug 15, 2009

Rest in peace, Mrs Binay

Mrs. Kenny Ann Lacia-BInay died shortly after Tuesday noon due to complications arising from a difficult pregnancy. Kenny Ann for her family and friends but she was Audrey Vescara on tv, married to councilor Jejomar "junjun" Binay. They have 2 kids left behind and the newly immature baby who's still in MMH incubator. Mayor Binay asked to the public to join his family in praying for the baby left behind by his late daughter-in-law Ken.Doctors were able to save the baby from Kennely Anne's womb. She is now at the hospital's incubation area for close monitoring. Ken's body will be arrived at the Binay residence at 9 p.m. and then brought to the Heritage Park in Taguig City on the same day. Kenny is only 29 years old. Families and friends of Ken-ken are mourning due to her death.

As i know Kenny personally, she was very nice and friendly person. She was my neighbor before in Makati and i saw her almost everyday eating sweet banana (Bananaque). She was down to earth and easy to be with.
May you rest in peace Kenny or Audrey. I'm sure lots of us will be missing you.

Pari's cute little girl

Me and my husband supposedly would like to take a walk today. We took a look the weather last night before we went to sleep and we found out that it would be raining the whole day today so we decided just to stay home. This morning i got sms from a friend of mine "Pari" from Iraq and invited me to their house for a lunch.I went there in Pari's crib around 14.00. She was expecting also our other friend but due to raining so much, so she couldn't make it. Pari cooked lots of foods so since we're just two, we ate plenty as we could. (I was very full as usual)... She cooked Iraq food. (biryani, sweet beans, fried chicken, fresh vegetable salad and 2 other dishes which i didn't know the name and some sweet dessert.) I really like Iraq food...hmmmppp as in yummyAfter eating, we continued our conversations. We both spoke swedish since she cannot really understand plenty english. Of course while chatting, we're playing also with her 4½ months cute little girl Ninna who's very noisy and funny...hehehe

Tack for senast min kompis Pari. Jag ska komma hos dig igen kanske nästa vecka. Sköt om er och vi ses...

Aug 14, 2009

Marc is in hospital

As you could remember guys i posted here few months ago about My Nephew Marc. Some of you left comments that he was on the hot seats, same as many kids did, just like other normal kids and more comments.

Today, i was chatting with my brother Marlon and i was very much shocked when he told me he's going to the hospital. My nephew Marc is in the hospital now due to some bones structures.
This morning was a normal morning for him. He ate his breakfast, took shower and drove to school. They use to have their flag ceremony at 6.40 in the morning. Around 6.25 he was already in school. Before my brother could go back upstairs, my nephews teacher called them and informed that there was somethings bad happen to Marc.
Marlon rushed directly to Marc school and found out that Marc was fell down from somewhere. They was playing and he was out of balance when he was jumping down. Marc looked very pale and seems very afraid. They rushed into hospital (where he was born) and examined. The doctors told them that he must have an operation on Monday.
Marc daddy and mommy knows already about his situation. But since they're both out of the country, my preggy sister, my mama, my brother and younger sister will be in charge of Marc's needs.

Hope everything will be fine on his operation.

Aug 13, 2009

happy birthday

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday..... happy... you... I'm just singing for my brother's birthday.

Today is the birthday of my brother Dante who's currently working in Kuwait. He's turning 32 today and still single and available. He's working in Kuwait for almost 2 years now and so far he likes it. Even sometime he's complaining due to long hour of works. HE is working there as waiter, bar attendant and sometimes cashier. He is eager to work abroad to help our family and to save for his future family (when can that be?heheh).
He's my second brother from my older side. (I'm the middle child so i have brothers older than me and younger than me)... A brother of mine who give everything he can to the girl that he loves most but unfortunately, sometimes ends up nothing.

I wish you all the best bro. As i told you, right girl comes in right time. Or maybe you met her and loved her already but she's gone...but then suddenly, she will be back in your arms again. I think you know who i mean. Don't get too much involve to everything that girls want from you because maybe it will end up heart broken (again)...
Take care always and hope all you dreams and wishes comes true. You know that whatever your decisions to make, we'll always be behind you. Support you and be with you all the way. Take care always and I love you. Happy birthday...enjoy your day.

unexpected score

Today was the first day of my school. Actually not really starting day. It was just, we had a tests and little introduction of our subjects.

My first tests was absolutely ok and was very easy. It was absolutely no problem and i got the slot that i applied for the said subject. Our first test was before lunch and it took only few minutes for me to finish it.
After our test, me and Shy ate our lunch and relax while waiting our next test. While relaxing, we took some pictures (of course).Before our next test started, gosshh i was very nervous because i knew myself it won't be that easy as the first one. As i was expecting, i didn't have the best scores that i was really wanting. Instead i got lower to the passing score. huhuhu... It was very difficult and i've never seen that kind of numbers before. (Math test). BUt atleast i tried myself and got schedule to start on monday.

It has been a tough day but at least everything went well. I will just wish myself good luck for my schooling which will officially start on tuesday.