Dec 30, 2010

finally he's home

Finally he’s home!!!

My husband is finally home after his 11 days stayed in the hospital. His operations are still aching but at least he can walk slowly and can carry little things in his hand. It’s still difficult for him to move around the house but he will use to it. We’re thankful enough that he’s getting better and better every day..

As I said to my last post, we didn’t celebrate Christmas because he was in the hospital and now since he’s home, we could celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve all together. I already completed my 13 fruits and already have the lists of foods that we’re going to have tomorrow.

I really hope that my husband will totally be recovered so that we could be back to our normal life together. Wishing everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Dec 25, 2010

didn't celebrate Christmas Eve

Christmas is always… Christmas is everyday…Christmas is always in our hearts no matter what…

I and hubby didn’t really celebrate the Nuche Buena (Christmas Eve) as following the yearly traditions. As you know guys, my husband is in the hospital (until now) so we couldn’t celebrated at home. I have my Christmas tree at home but my husband is not.

Of course we were together but not the whole night because I’m not allowed to stay at the hospital. They have rules that visitors are just allowed between 14.00-19.00. I always there with my husband 5 hours every day. I bought simple gift for him and we ate dinner together.

After my visiting hours, I went home and finished the Christmas Eve alone, thinking and missing my husband so much. I and my husband will celebrate Christmas (maybe new year too) as soon as he comes home.

I want and praying is my husband’s fast recovery. I really hope he can come home soon.

Dec 23, 2010

longing my husband

My husband operated his left leg and left hand two days ago. It was a relief for me because I knew that it would at least less his pain after operations. Yesterday he did his first tried of walking after operations and after few days of lying in bed.

Today he’s been transferred to another hospital due to some holiday season reasons. The hospital will be close for few days.

As of now, it’s still pain but it’s not same painful as it was when it happened. The doctors said, he could go home on Monday if my husband would help himself also to get well. As I saw my husband today, he is really able to back to normal. He’s trying his best to walk of course with the help of rolling stool. So far, he’s doing very well. I’m very proud of his eagerness

All I want is he would be well and can come home before New Year. We could celebrate Christmas and New Year together as soon as he’s home.

I’m longing my husband to be home again and back to normal life. I miss him so much and I love him very dearly forever…

Dec 20, 2010


Last Saturday was not really our usual day. I and hubby been out and ate our “Christmas food” lunch in one of the restaurant here. When we're about to go home, my husband fell down due to "ice glass" streets.

It was really a bad incident. We rushed into hospital and got helped. The X-ray results stated that he had a bone fracture (broken bones) on his left leg and on his left hand. He must have an operation soon as possible.

Accident happened anytime anywhere so must really careful. Especially in a place where there’s a lot of snow and when snow became ice that would be very dangerous to walk with.

As of now, I’m really hoping that my husband will get well soon and can come home again. We know that we cannot celebrate our Christmas at home but we're hoping at least New Year. We can celebrated late Christmas as soon as he’s home.
God please help us...


I’ m really thankful to those who helped us. Or helping us when the incident happened. I don’t know you all and I don’t know if you could read my blog but deep inside our hearts, we deeply thankful to all of you. Without all of you guys I and hubby couldn’t make it.

Dec 13, 2010

school exams

I did talk already to all my teachers about the results of my end terms exams. One subject don’t know why but the rest are passed.

I'm thankful at least I did well to my other subjects but I still cannot believe of my one subject. I did passed all the exams and got a very good and high grades but I don’t know why I must continue few months next school term.

I talked to my teacher many times and asked why I should continue next term but she didn’t give me the exact reasons. She just said that it's better to continue next term. But why? I want a fix or valid reasons why I should continue...

I feel sick thinking about it. I think I did my very best asking my teacher about it. I know it's too late to act and action about this matter now. But all I want are answers of all my questions. HUH weird... whatever

Dec 9, 2010

love it

Sweden is snowing almost every day and i love it. It’s not easy to walk and it’s really freezing but I don’t care. I love seeing the white surroundings and love walking in the snow.

Here are some photos that I took while I was going to my work and to my school. Have a good day everyone..

in front of our apartment
near our apartment
in our apartment's garden