Jul 31, 2009

Orlando magic

A friend of mine and her family will having a vacation to Orlando. A vacation and at the same time to visit her families who are living there. They will have a family reunion and she was the one who assigned to find a place for their reunion. A family reunion where they can have different sports and can go to church together.

At first my friend felt very difficult to find those places that her family assigned her. But at last she found this Group Travel to Orlando, Florida to help her about their gathering and everything. This group will help her also about her family way back in Philippines for their travel to Orlando.

I'm sure my friend and her family will have a nice and lovely stay in Orlando. I'm sure also that her family will love and like the place that she found for their gathering.

camping bed

This season, camping is one of the exciting thing to do. Of course there are lots of things that need for the camping. One of the important thing that need to be have is the bed where you can relax, read books and sleep. The inflatable beds are the perfect bed because you can move or transfer it anywhere you want. It's easy and comfortable.

we need help

My younger sister who is studying nursing asked me a favor for her assignments. She want me to help her finding 100 different kind of bacteria. It's easy to find different kind of bacteria but what she want is: 100 kinds of bacteria, the signs, symptoms, medications and treatments. huh!!!

I already found at least 20 bacterias but i still need 80. My eyes are aching and my hands are very tired. hehehe so i hope anyone can help me about this. Just name the bacteria (any kinds) and I'll find the signs, symptoms, medication and treatments. Thanks in advance guys.

On the other hand, at least i have something to do while I'm not yet in school.

Jul 30, 2009

this is me

I saw this tag few days ago from David Funk. At first i didn't find it interesting and then when i read it, gosh can't stop myself not to do it.

Here are the results of the Q & A and this is really me.

Your Handwriting Says You Are Somewhat Traditional

You are a fairly energetic person. You know how do pace yourself, and you deal well with stress.

You are very extroverted and outgoing. You are loving, friendly, and supportive. However, you are also manipulative and controlling at times.

You are balanced and grounded. You know how to get along well with others.

You need a bit of space in your life, but you're not a recluse. You expect people to give you a small amount of privacy, and you respect their privacy as well.

You are somewhat traditional, but you are also open to change. You listen to your head and your heart.

You are a decent communicator. You eventually get your point across, but sometimes you leave things a bit ambiguous.

So guys feel free to grab it and find out who you really is...enjoy


Me and my husband have decided to add more furniture in our home. We have enough at home but we want to add more because we need it. I am in school so i have many papers and other things that i use in school so we want to have home office furniture where we can put our office things. Same as my husband he have different important letters so he want to put it separately from his other documents.

As i mentioned yesterday, we was looking for bed. We want to buy new bed. One of the bed that i really like was Storage beds. It will be perfect for us to put some things under our bed...


Me and my friends (Shy and jetnah) was planning to go to amusement park (Liseberg) today but unfortunately it was only a plan. Yesterday when i was chatting with Shy she get disappointed because we will not go there today and me myself felt the same. But don't worry shy we will go there...

We planned this supposedly going to park today last time they was here (thursday). Then of course we must check the weather because it might be raining. It will be raining today base on the prognoses and observations but when i woke up this morning, it was very sunny and very fine weather. But still we will not go to Liseberg today instead me and Shy will go there next week. We didn't say the exact day and date. We will just find out when...

Since we're not able to go to park today, me myself will go to library. I better barrow books and read it instead just staying at home and do nothing....

Jul 29, 2009

looking for bed

Me and my husband woke up late in the morning today. He won't go to work today so no need for him to wake up early. We ate lunch buffet at Thailand restaurant. The food was delicious and i got very full. I ate plenty as i could,wheew.

After lunch, we went to a store where we look for bed. We want to buy new bed soon because our bed now is old already and we want to buy little bit bigger than we have now. We was in the store at least more than two hours. We have choosen the bed and we have decided what bed we will buy but we didn't buy it today. We will buy that particular bed this coming weekend.

Hope the bed that we like have on stocks on weekend.

Jul 28, 2009

awards again

I got this award before from my friends David Funk and Toni. For the third time i got this award again from my very good and one of my filipina friend here in Sweden. Thank you so much min kompis jetnah of Insights for giving me this award. I'm very honored that you mentioned my name.

This love you card is from Jetnah also. This is her one way of expressing her thankfulness to her friends who's giving her the best friendships she could ever have. Same as jetnah I'm giving this card to all my friends who love me and give me the best friendships.
And now I'm passing this to my friends namely: dhemz, Richard, zvonko, sunny, Willyo Alsya, blok79, okhan, Aze, firish, fe, David, Toni and to those who are in my friendly bloggers list. Anyone can grab this award even if you're not in my list. Enjoy blogging.

Jul 27, 2009

Killing bed bugs

This was happen when i was still in Philippines. One morning when i woke up, I was very much worried when i had a bite on my leg. I knew directly that it was a bug and it was from my bed but i didn't know how to kill bed bug. Then i tried myself to find a solutions about killing the bugs. I found from the Bed Bugs Guide site the solutions. On this site, you will find also the products that you can use to avoid bed bugs..

killing time

I started my day today little bit late. When my husband left at work around 5.45am today, i directly went back to sleep, as i always did.

I woke up very tired and can't help to just sat down in the sofa and did nothing. I felt very bored directly i woke due to i don't do anything. Since i don't have school yet, i don't know what to do directly i woke up.
I check of course my blog, replied messages and still cannot stop feeling bored. I like to sing and i sing almost everyday so i grabbed my magic sing book, and sung at least more than 50 songs. Many, right? Singing is my one way of killing my bored time. One of me and my husband's favorite is Making Love Out OF Nothing at All, sung by air supply. Love it.

Here are some of the songs that i sung today and the music video of air supply singing our favorite song.

Jul 26, 2009

looking for good web hosting?

My blog site is one way of my personal identity. Some of my friends or relatives can find me here through my blog account. So anyone or everybody can have their own site or web where it's easy to communicate with each other.

Some people have hard time to find a good web service. Are you one of those who are trying to find for good web hosting services? Then you don't need to worry about it. Web hosting geeks is the answer of what you're looking for. Geeks will give you the best services that you deserve and have.

They will provide you Free Domain Names when you purchase from them. You can choose at least 5 different names that you want. Also they will give you the best hosting that you can ever have.

So what's your waiting for? Visit their site now and purchase their products for your own convenient too.

unexpected shopping

It was supposedly a normal weekend bonding with me and my husband. We took a walk to near the sea, took pictures and talked as our usual way of walking. While walking, we decided to just take a look in some stores near where we live. We went in one sport store and unexpectedly we bought some things. It was a big European "under 21 years old" football (soccer) here in Sweden last June. They called it UEFA (Union European football Associations) and still lots of things that they used in that particular event that it's still in the store and take note it's sale. ( I like sale)..hehehe...We bought up 3 t-shirts and a pair of sandals for my husband. Some of the reasons also why i bought the t-shirts so that i can have at least souvenir from that event even if i didn't see it. The pair of sandal is not part of UEFA. We just bought it because we both like it and look very fit to my husband.

car part

My brother in law is looking for a steering rack and a steering box for his car. He's looking for a good quality steering for him not to change for at least few years.

He called my husband and asked if we could help him finding a good quality products for his car. He really need it as soon as possible so if we could he wants us to know also if the part of the car that he's needed is on the stock and ready to ship the time he will purchase it. It's important to know also if there's warranty and if he do need to pay for the shipping or if its free.

We found the car parts that he is needing with good warranty service and it's on stock, ready to ship anytime and shipping is free. I hope that all the information's we found can help him to purchase the steering the sooner the better.

Jul 25, 2009

Happy birthday

Today is the 25 birthday of my younger brother Marlon. We call him in different names such as Dodong as his nickname, arabo because he looks like Arab, pang-an because of his extra finger, biente ono (21) because he have 21 fingers (all in all)and more.

As you read my post entitled cute finger, he is proud of his finger and he will never, never feel embarrass about it. He love his finger as much as he love himself.
To my loving and sweet brother, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. I wish you all the best in life, stay healthy and stay as good boy as you are. Be a good model to the little girl who has the name of Maria Isabelita Keisha. I love you and see you again soon.

Jul 24, 2009

perfect summer resort

Summer is not over yet but me and my husband are planning already for our next summer vacation. As we're planning, it comes to our mind to have a beach resort vacation next time. I found this very beautiful and luxury Myrtle Beach Resort. This will be the best resort for us because they have a lot of accommodations that me and my husband wants and likes.

The resort in Myrtle Beach will be totally amazing for us especially me who loves beaches. The white sand and blue water will be very much perfect for me to do my sun bathing. Or just taking a walk in the white sands.

Of course the
Oceanfront Hotel Myrtle Beach is the perfect hotel for us. There where we can look the sunrise and sunset. It will be very romantic to just be with my husband and look for the sun and the seas.

These are the perfect match for what we're looking for to have a perfect and romantic summer. A summer that we can treasures forever.

with friends

Last week, we (Jetnah and me)was in Shy's crib. We did lots of things there as we usually did.

Today both Jetnah and Shy was here in my crib. Same as usual we did almost same things, like eating, chatting, laughing and lot more. Unfortunately we didn't sing today due to some other things we did like cleaned our nails, checked our respective blogs and baked banana cake.
We got a banana recipe from Jetnah few months ago. When i baked it myself, it was taste disgusting. Since Jetnah was the recipe owner, i take advantage and asked her to helped me baking today. Finally it was taste good and perfect. Jetnah was the perfect and original queen when it comes to banana cake.So here's our banana cake with the kindness of Jetnah. Thank you so much girl friends for coming. Hope we can do it again and it will be on Jetnah's crib. See you guys.

Jul 23, 2009


One of my closest friends asked me if i could help them about finding a new TV for her family. They're planning to buy a new one since all of their TV's are old already. They are wanting to have a High Definition Television.

The DIRECT TV and with satellite TV will be the perfect TV for them because they can get more channels, better quality of pictures, cost far less than cable and lots more reasons.

All they're wanting for is the TV that are not only cost less than what they have now but also a TV that make them happier because of the services that they can get from it.

cute finger

My youngest brother have his secret finger. I'm sure some of you guys, see this kind of finger.When he was born month of July (he's celebrating his birthday next day), my parents was surprised when they saw my brother's finger. There are some people there in my province who have the same finger as my brother but still my parents was surprised and amazed about it.Some says, it's lucky finger but there are also says that it's bad luck. I don't know know what is right or wrong about my brother's finger. All i know is that, it's just a finger and there's no meaning about it. For all i care to those who says that it's bad luck to him.When he was applying for work abroad, some of the restaurant owner said, it's disgusting but lot of them said it's unique. He is working as waiter in one of the newest five star hotel in QC Philippines and no one ever told him that its disgusting, instead they said cute, unique and lucky finger.

My brother is very sweet and loving person. He's proud of his finger and he don't even have the reason to hide it. He even put ring for them to see it directly.

Happy birthday bro. May all your wishes come true. I love you

Jul 22, 2009

preggy sister

I had post last march entitled what a good day about my sister. She is pregnant and we are very happy for her.

When i was in Philippines last month, she told me how difficult her 2 to 4 months stages. She was totally bed rest. It is more difficult because they live in two floors house. The bedrooms are up so what she did, she asked my brother to brought the folding bed down stairs for her not to go up and down all the time.

Last week of june, she went back to her OB and did another check up and she must have totally bed rest again. She must because of her baby's position.

Even if she's on bed rest again, she is happy on the other hand because her OB said that she have 90% baby girl (as they wish). Her husband keep searching about what's good for her pregnancy and lots more. And even of her difficulty situations, she manage to searched the net about her baby's name to be. She had found a very unique and cute baby girl name.
Hope everything will be fine. She is on her 6th month now. She must have bed rest until 8 months. Take care sis and God be with you all the time.

Jul 21, 2009

elegants dresses

My younger sister is invited to be part of her friend special wedding. The wedding will be held in one of the beautiful new five star hotel in the Philippines. Just today, she emailed me and asked me if i can help her finding an elegant Cocktail Dresses for her and her friends. She want a dress that will bring out their girly and feminine side.

As my sister said, the bride have already all what she need for her wedding but
Mother of Bride don't like her dress that her daughter chose for her. So again, my sister asked me if i can suggest any dress for the mother of the bride.

Getting married is too much stress and too much work. When one of my friend on secondary level got married, they had a hard time to find dresses for their bridesmaids and they was running out of time to buy or order. So instead if panicking they have decided to use my
Prom Dresses. It was fit, they like the colors and looks perfect to their two bridesmaids.

Bedroom set

Me myself, i want to have an organize and arrange bed room. I like that from the colors of my curtains, to the bedding's and other things are all in the same colors. It will just not to look good and look fabulous but it will be also reflect to your personality.

It will be very beautiful if you have a bedroom set that you can use in your room. You can relax and can sleep well at night, wake up with good mood and start your day happy.

AT this season, i usually use yellow color to my curtains and beddings
because it's summer. It seems like the sun is shinning all day long in our bedroom. Even if at night already still seems like day time.

found amazing

My lovely country Philippines cannot be lovely without anything from there. One night when we was in one restaurant in Manila, we saw one of the waiter who worn a very cute shoes. My husband noticed it and started to like it. We asked the waiter and he even told us where we could find it. Here are my lovely Philippines shoes. Mabuhay Pilipinas. When we was in Hongkong, i really wondered to those people who i thought using baby feeding bottle (shame of me). I even ask my husband what was that bottle. "Probably water" answered him. But i didn't believed him, instead i asked him if we could go to some store where i could find it. I saw it from 24 hours convenience store and couldn't stop myself of buying some. Actually you can find it in any convenience store in HK.

I didn't even knew that this is their official drink to their coming East Asian games this coming 5th to 13th December 2009.
Do you think guys, these are good souvenirs? Of course i have other souvenirs too but i found this amazing and lovely among them.

Jul 18, 2009

good friends

As anybody knows David Funk or i call him Dave, is one of the best and friendly person i met here in blog sphere. As of now, i have more and many more good friends here in blog sphere who are willing to help me and visit me always.

When i was started blogging, of course it was many curiosities and questions on my mind. My first friend was Toni who helped me and gave me some of the ideas on how to put background and add friends. Secondly, my classmate and friend Shy who encouraged me to do blogging and helped me a lot about reviews and other more.

A person who is always gave me awards, visit me as always as he can and ready to help me in some ways about blogging, is David Funk. Just a while ago, i was confused and almost get crazy thinking on how could i make badge. Then few minutes later, David messaged me on my message box. I grabbed the opportunity to sent back message to him. When i logged on into my ym, he was there so it was more easier for me to ask him.
As you can see guys, i have my The way i use to be badge now. Feel free to grab it. Thanks

To Toni, Shy, and David Funk, thank you so much guys for helping me.

beautiful creatures

When we was traveling from Silay airport (Bacolod) to my hometown (Minapsok), it was not really as tired as we could thought. Of course it was few hours until we got home and it was too hot due to the sun shined too much. On our way, I felt already that i was about to came home because of the views that we've been passed through. The beautiful mountains, the beautiful volcano, the green sugar cane plantations, the different kinds of trees and a lot more.I was still amazed when i saw them all. I thank the Lord for all the beautiful creatures He had done for all of us.Directly when i arrived at home, i smelled and felt the freshness of the air from our surroundings. It was too much fantastic that i couldn't helped was to just closed my eyes and smiled.

It was nice to be home even if it was just few days.

Jul 17, 2009

with my family

Me and my husband visited (as always as we could) to my family when we was there. Two days before we flew back to Hongkong and Sweden, i spent one night to my family. I slept over with them and we had a lot of fun together. .Of course as a family, we had this none stopped chatting, laughed that it was seems nothing the next day, ate all we could and teased each other's company and so on. My family really missed my food. I mean when I'm home, i used to cook so when i had time to be with them, i cooked all the food that they wanted me to cook. It's my pleasured cooking to them because i know i can just do it sometimes since I'm not living with them.Family is the most important things in our lives so we will do everything we can for them. As for me, I'm very proud of my family (as others families too). I love my family way back in the Philippines and i love also my new family with my loving husband. Here some of my pictures together with my family.

Jul 16, 2009

delayed flight to Manila

Our scheduled flight from Silay airport was 3.10pm. We was at the airport 2 hours before our flight. We departed to our flight plane the said departure time. We was inside already to the plane, the stewardess already executed about emergency landing and so on and we we're ready to take off. But we wondered why we was just running to the run way about half an hour, the plane captain announced that "we cannot fly". The reason was the computer inside the plane was not working and they called already their technician but guess where the technician came from?hehehe. It was from Manila. gossshhhh...We was delayed and waited for at least 5 hours at Silay airport. We got irritated and they don't even announced what was the latest of our plane. Due to my hungriness and irritation, i went to their information counter and talked to some staffs there. I demanded a food (dinner) to all the passengers because there was nothing fast food or restaurant inside the airport. It was a good actions of mine. We got dinner (jollibee food) and at last we flew to Manila at around 8.30pm.

We was very tired and irritated but we couln't do anything. At least we came to Manila the said date.

tag from Laine

I got (again) this friendship chain tag from my pretty friend Laine of Laine's Abode. Laine is a mom of a cutie 3 year old super duper hyper kiddo son. Thank you so much girl for always inlcuding me to your tags and awards.

I got this tag also before from my very good friend David Funk.
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Anyone can grab this tag.

death anniversaries

One of the reason why i went home to my hometown last vacation because of the death anniversaries.
June 24 was my father's 4th year death anniversary and june 26 was my grandfather (mother side) 2nd death anniversary.
In my province and some places in the Philippines do something that reminds our love ones death. In our family, we did little activities so we could remember our loving father and grandfather (lolo). We visited them in the cemetery where they lay down peacefully. We lighted candles, prayers and talked to them as it was they still with us.After cemetery, we went directly home to had another prayers and did some activities that reminds my father.

In our province, there is no private cemetery. We have only public with no payments and our dead love ones can have their RIP in that cemetery whenever we want them to have in view. Here are some pictures that i took from our cemetery.
Remembering our beloved father (Mauro) and our grandfather (Alipio). May both of you have REST IN PEACE. We LOVE you both and we really miss you.

Jul 15, 2009


As i posted yesterday, we were at my hometown for almost a week. We had a small gathering and i met some of my friends and relatives. I heard something about my mother but i don't react or say something. Instead i just enjoyed our stay there and did the things that i can treasure forever.Lots of my relatives was there and it was very usual to all of us to talked while eating whatever we could. We ate boiled banana (with bagoong), pineapples, ripped bananas, and other more. It seems i got little bit fat because of lots of eating .hehehe.Here are some of my pictures together with friends, relatives and visitors. Enjoy

Jul 14, 2009


Our vacation was over and we're back here in Sweden. From Hongkong we flew to Manila, Phils. last June 19. We just stay few days in Manila then flew to my hometown (part of Calatrava Negros.Occ.)june 22.

Our flight to my province was almost 1 hour and i half. We landed at new Silay airport at around then we traveled by bus atleast 5 hours to my mama's house in Crossing Cuayan. It was a very sunny day and it was seems so far. My mama and my uncle waited us in Sagay terminal for 3 hours.
But it was fun and excited to travel again that far. Ofcourse from the bus where we took with, some friends and someone who knows me and my family had lots of talked and questioned. hehehe. When we came to mamas house, lots of people there already so it was so much stressed.I really thought that i can't visit my hometown that time. The night before our flight, i was vomiting and had so much stomachache. I thought i had virus (swine flu) because i was very weak and can't stay up long time. But thanks God atleast it was only because of the food (fish kilawin)that i ate in my sisters house. This is my picture when we were at the airport. How do i look like?hehehe