Nov 29, 2011

Christmas tree

Unlike last year, I'm done my Christmas tree earlier this time. Last year was little delayed due to my husband's accident. But this time around, as early as last Sunday, I did finished decorating my simple Christmas tree.

Last year I had tall Christmas tree but this year I have only cute but beautiful Christmas tree. Thanks to my husband for buying the things that I need or want for my Christmas tree.

Here is the look of my Christmas tree this year. Merry Christmas in advance guys.

Nov 23, 2011

religions interview

What else I could say about my schools difficult assignments?

As I mentioned last week, I had this ABORTION assignments that made my brain drain. I thought that was the difficult one among all but I think the one that I am doing now is more difficult.

My religion subject is really killing me. I must submit my religions interview before Wednesday next week. And at this moment I never did my interview yet. At first I was assigned to do Buddhism and Islam interview but since I complained about Buddhism, I got the Christian.

So as of now I have my Christian and Islam religion. Happily, I asked my two friends if I could have some interview with them. It's no problem for them.

After interviewing I must also compare the two religions on their belief, differences and why is Islam or Christian. After comparing, I must also have my own point of view about it.

It's too much to do, right? Goodness I need "darna" power..hehehe

Nov 20, 2011

Sweet Saturday: Christmas gift

I can feel the Christmas but so far no snow yet here in Sweden but the coldness is killing me.

What would be the Christmas gifts I would love to have this Christmas is the topic for Sweet Saturday.

Actually, I already told my husband about what I want this Christmas. Aside of all my material things I got from hubby, emotionally is the most important and happiness I can have.

Just lately, my family are asking me if ever I can have a chance to come home this Christmas. We were just in Philippines few months ago and my husband thinking twice about having Christmas in Philippines this coming December.

Since he cannot have few weeks off from work I asked as Christmas gift from him "tickets to Philippines"... He will buy ticket for me but the problem is, I will work this winter and be back in School first week of January. It would be too much hectic for my time.

As of now, I still don't know what to do. We'll see soon. Whatever it is, it will be good for both of us.

our first holiday season in Philippines with my family way back 2008

Nov 17, 2011

is abortion an option?

My school pressures me lately. I can say, I'm about to reach the climax for this term.

My last assignments in my religion subject was little sensitive. ABORTION is my topic and as a Christian I'm really against abortion.

But my teacher tried to explain to me why need to abort or why do they must to do so. In my opinion, abortion is not an option nor the best thing to do to avoid anything.

Personally, I don't have baby and I really want a baby. Why do they must abort? There are lot of things to do for not to abort the innocent baby. Why don't you just give birth the baby and maybe find someone to adopt.

But of course I'm not on their shoes. It's very sensitive topic and I just did my very best explanation about it. I just submitted yesterday and hoping I could get good grades on that.

image from google

Nov 14, 2011

Blue Monday: Blue bag and butterfly

One of my birthday gift from my generous friend Sarah (Shy). The beautiful blue bag and the beautiful blue butterfly is my link to Blue Monday this week.

Happy Monday everyone.

Smiling Sally

Nov 12, 2011

Yummy Sunday: Pancit bihon/sotanghon

The pancit bihon/sotanghon i cooked on my birthday is my Yummy Sunday for this week.

Nov 10, 2011

gifts from my generous friends

These are my birthday gifts from my generous friends. Thank you so much for all the material things that I got from you guys . But the best gift I could ever have was when all of you managed to come on my little birthday celebrations.

That happiness could not even replace such expensive gifts. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for being part of my life. See you again soon.
all of my gifts

from Kellhede Family (Nheng)
Janeth Björlin
Sarah "Shy" Wennerholm

Jen Strom

Nov 9, 2011

with my friends on my day

November 5 (Saturday) was my last day of my birthday celebrations. That was the time that I celebrated with my Filipina friends here in Sweden.

My husband suggested to just go to restaurants since there is already a new Filipino restaurants nearby but I prefer to cook for them. I love cooking so I told my husband to just help me buying all the things that I could need.

Saturday early morning I woke up before my alarm. I was maybe very excited to cooked again. I cook everyday but not as plenty as it was on Saturday. Since my call time was 12.00 noon, I made sure that I do finished all before the said time.

Around 11.00 am all the foods were ready. My husband just help me out of preparing the utensils. The first person came was Nheng who never expected she was the first then just half an hour later, came Sarah and Janet and then the rest.

I'll post more about that Saturday birthday celebrations. As of now, enjoy our pictures. Good day everyone.

Nov 7, 2011

Blue Monday: my birthday "church mass"

Smiling Sally
I had a very happy birthday celebrations last weekend.

I was born November 3 but I always celebrate every November 4. I had a busy and long celebrations this time. November 3, I went to church and attended a mass and after the mass I went directly to shopping for my birthday celebrations on the next day and Saturday.

By the way, these pictures I took inside the church are my Blue Monday entry for this week. Happy Monday everyone.

Nov 4, 2011

his birthday song

I felt so touched when my husband sung a birthday song to me before he off to work. He woke me up with hugs and kisses with his very low voice singing happy birthday.

I felt so glad and happy hearing my husband. After he left, I open my computer and can't believe all the over flowing birthday greetings on my face book.

Thank you so much to my husband for the wonderful birthday song. Looking forward our night later. Thanks to everyone who remember my special day.

God bless us always.