Jun 30, 2011

Picnic in the lake

It’s always fun being with my friends here in Sweden. We always make sure that we meet up once in a while.

Yesterday, I, Janeth and Sarah met again and had our picnic in the park. It was an awesome weather yesterday that we even used umbrella to protect from the sun.

Here are our pictures yesterday:

Jun 25, 2011

Sweet Saturday: Philippine vacation

Sweet Saturday once again and as usual we’ll share our sweet moments with our hubby.

My entry for this was taken last summer of 2008 in Philippines. The first two pictures were taken in one restaurant in Ermita and the second two were at my sister’s house. But this was on the same day.

Have a sweet weekend couple.

Jun 24, 2011

Midsummer party

It’s Sweden midsummer today.

Midsummer is seemed like Christmas here in Sweden. No works, people are having party, meeting with friends and etc. All they think on this way is to have some fun.

I and hubby did celebrate in our own simple way. Since it’s my father death anniversary, we went to church to light candles and pray. After church, we took a walk in the park and went to grocery to buy some stuff for our midsummer foods.

We were very full after eating so we decided to take a nap and might be going out later tonight. But I’m too lazy for tonight so we decided to just stay at home and celebrated here at home.

Glad midsummer till alla och hoppas ni får en bra och roligh dag.

Happy weekend folks.

Jun 22, 2011

CC: Spoiled Brother

How is my husband as a brother? I could tell my husband is a good brother.

He’s a good brother for me because I saw it many times when we are on her sister’s house or when we meet his brother. His brother is living few hours’ drive from where we live so my husband makes sure that we visit his brother often. Sometimes he’s siblings treat him like a baby maybe because he’s the youngest.

When I asked his sister how was Lennart (my husband) when they were still kids, and my sister in law answered directly “spoiled from all of us”. I couldn’t believe he’s spoiled because I couldn’t see it myself.

But when I saw their pictures, I could see some things that I can think he was spoiled. My husband is not showy person to his family but he makes sure that he's always there when they need him. He's a good brother to his siblings.

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Jun 20, 2011

Blue Monday #9: Blue shopping

Our Philippine vacation is fast approaching. It’s only 3 more weeks to go. So as early as of now, I make myself busy by shopping my presents to my family. It’s not easy to buy things for them but I do my best to find the perfect for them.

This picture was taken last Saturday when I and hubby went to Blue and White store where I bought some t-shirts for my brother and nephews. It’s not only simple t-shirt but with the print of the name of the Swedish football team and signature.

As you can see on the picture, the Gothenburg’s City map has its blue color, my t-shirt is blue and of course the paper bags have blue also. This blue is perfect for Blue Monday.

Happy blue Monday everyone and belated happy father’s day.

Smiling Sally