Feb 28, 2009

Good day

Walking is one way of good training for our body. If we walk at least 30 minutes or 1 hour a day, it will result as active and not easily get tired for a little work or walk. We used to walked before when it was not winter yet but suddenly i had decided to stop because of I'm clumsy and easy to fall down for just a little slippery (especially if it's snowing or ice on the streets). Today, me and my husband took a little walk. Maybe at least it was almost an hour. We're getting chubby so we must take at least 1 hour walk everyday. It's very good for the health and it's also fun. Walking with my husband is one way of our bonding moments. We talked everything and anything under the sun and we laughed and get irritated also.While we're walking we had decided to go to some kind of mall just to look something.

I was looking for a new pair of boots shoes because my other boots is little bit broken already and i only have my winter boots. We wasn't expected that there's still a winter shoes sale that one of good and branded store in that mall. We took a look and I'm happy that i found the boots that i really want and i really like. I've been looking for this kind of boots since i came here in Sweden so at least almost 2 years already...LOL. I will not mention the brand but it's a girl name and the cost is reasonable. Here's a pic of my new pair of boots. Does it looks beautiful?

Getting married?

Are you getting married or planning to get married? When getting married, we really try our best to be the best or perfect one. From the biggest things to the smallest and of course what to wear on that particular day, the wedding day. Wearing the beautiful and elegant dress is what almost all the wife to be want. I have the site here where you can choose what kind of style of dress you want or even to your sponsors, bridesmaids and other more. In this site you can find everything you want to have a perfect and beautiful wedding. Best wishes to those who are getting married.

Feb 26, 2009

What a days i had....

It's been a quite long time since my last post. I've been busy and came home late or very tired sometimes. But i hope i could have more time next week to visit and post here in my blog.

Anyway, as you all remembered or read, that we've been to Germany for a few days vacation. (3 nights). It was really fun and excited.
At night in the ship bar, we sat and drunk little with live music (stenaline band). I took plenty picture but unfortunately i cannot put all here. LOL...

We had buffet breakfast costed 10EURO each. Eat all you could so i grab the opportunity and ate all i could..hahaha. It was good and usual morning food. We ate lunch in some kind of German restaurant. The food was ok but i don't really had my appetite yet because i was still full of my breakfast and i'm just excited to go on shopping. I was too much excited to go on shopping but i don't really buy plenty. Here's the picture of what had i bought. It was not expensive at all but i really like all of these.

The ship left in Germany around 7pm (19.00) so we must go back before the said time. While waiting the ship to leave, me and my husband go to the top of the ship and drunk little and ofcourse took plenty pictures, as usual.

When we was at the middle of Germany and Denmark, it was really heavy snows. I could take plenty pictures but i hate to think that i left my jacket in our cabin. I just had my sweater (trojan) but even if i just had sweater still we took pic:(.i was freezing and can't stay any more longer,grrrrr...

I hope you all guys have always a nice day. Keep smiling, keep shining, knowing that you're always be my friend... It that a song?hehehhee just wondered.

Feb 20, 2009

So cold...

Before i go home today, i took some pictures near of my practicum place. Here are one picture that i had take. At my back that is the kindergarten school where i am doing my practice. It was snowing today and still snowing until now. Grrrrrr it's very cold but i like it. I miss the weather in Philippines

That was i thought!

As i posted yesterday, I thought i cannot travel until i cannot get my PERMANENT VISA. But one staff from MIGRATIONSVERKET called my husband today and told that i can still travel until my visa expiration (april 12). I was in my practicum today so i was very much surprise when my husband called me and informed me that we will go somewhere later tonight. I thought we will just go to some place here in Sweden but when i came home he told me to prepare and pack the things because we will travel to KEIL Germany tonight at 7PM (19.00). I was very happy and excited.

I just open my laptop and leave a message to my family and post here in my blog. We will be there for just 2 days so see you all guys soon.

Have a nice and happy weekend everybody. Have fun whatever plan and will do this weekend.

Feb 19, 2009

That's what life is

As i mentioned in my previous post, we supposedly go to KEIL Germany for our anniversary and valentines date but we didn't do it for a very important reasons. First my husband had OT (overtime) work last saturday. He can't say "NO" to work that day because it was urgent work. Second, I am almost 2 years living here in Sweden so i must renew my visa. To be exact on april 12 i will be 2 years here so we've been to SKATTEVERKET and MIGRATIONSVERKET today to submitt my renewal papers. I could get same visa as i have now UPPEHALLSTÅND (i dont know what's in english) but my husband will that i can get my permanent visa so that we don't need to reniew next year. We must wait atleast 3 months for my permanent visa. We will have an interview (i dont know yet when) and we must go back there to migrationsverket for my new photo and new signature.

I really hope that they will release my permanent visa not so long time because we want to travel this coming summer. We haven't decided yet where we go but we had planned already maybe Thailand or Vietnam. As long as i dont have my visa, we cannot book or buy ticket now. It's cheaper to buy now than on the summer time.

Hoping to have my visa soon so that we can travel again wherever we want. God knows... wish me luck guys, thanks.

Feb 17, 2009

Coldest day!!!

I've been living here in Sweden for almost 2 years now but today was my coldest day. As in it was -5 today. Before when it was -5 or even -10, i don't really cared because i was just inside the house. But not now... since i have my practice with kids, so we must go out and play to the playground even if it's -5. We took a long walked to the forest today with the kids and staffs. We was freezing and felt very cold but the kids just running around and teasing each other. Gosssshhhh i could be like kids also..LOL.

I must prepare myself for tomorrow also. It will be -6 tomorrow so i really hope that we will not take a long walk or else i will freeze again. It's ok if we will just go out to our playground and play there atleast if i feel cold i can just go inside for awhile and warm myself....

It will be very cold tomorrow also so i must have very thick jacket and plenty clothes. Im sure i will look like fat woman or robot tomorrow..hahahaha...

This picture show how do i wear when it's very cold. As you notice you can only see my face but the rest...hmmmpppp all clothes...

Feb 16, 2009

First Day of Practicum

It was my first day today in my new practicum place. Im doing my practicum to some kind of kindergarten (dagis in Swedish). This is my second time of practicum with kids. Kids was very cute and lovely. They love to sing and play with me all the time. Atleast i like to sing so i did atleast 10 songs to them today. I'm doing practicum for me to learn more swedish but unfortunately i sung to them all english songs...LOL. People (personalen in swedish) that working there was very nice and helpfull to me. Helpfull in some way of explaining and try to communicate and talk to me in a simple and easy swedish.

I will have my practicum for atleast 7 hours a day, 5 days a week and it will be within 4 weeks. It was just my first day today so gossshhhhh plenty more days and weeks to go...

I will start again my school on 13 March. I like more to go to school than to do my practicum...

Feb 14, 2009


Today is Valentine’s Day but for me it's just an ordinary day because every day is Valentine’s Day to me. My hubby is not a kind of guy who is romantic in giving things. He's a kind of not believing about Valentine’s Day because as he said only one person who declared that VALENTINES DAY. He always told me that giving THINGS (flowers, chocolate, ring etc.) to me is not the same as what his feelings or his love to me. He love me more than I love him and he love me more than anything in his world so he don't need to give me something just to show or prove to me how much he loves me.

As long as I know that my DEAR (husband) love me and will never leave me, I’ll be satisfied to that... And also I’m full of LOVE with my family and friends so I don't need things just to prove how much they love me. My heart is full of LOVE to all who loves me.

I am romantic even sometimes it's too much and it's sound possessive but that's me and that'll always be me.

Lastly, I’m still wishing everybody to have a romantic day with your partner and have full of LOVE to your family, friends and to your entire love one. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all and enjoy!!!

Feb 13, 2009

A Tag from Toni!

What do you love about your husband! tag

I received this tag from Toni, Thank you!

My hubby isn't perfect, but neither am I. He is however just perfect for me! He also is perfect in God's eyes because God made him in His image. Our verse as a couple is Song of Solomon 6:3, "I am my beloved's,and my beloved is mine..."

I love my husband because he helped me to see the love JESUS had for me and my need to accept Christ for salvation.
I love what he has become and what he will become for the Lord.
I love that he always has a way to make me smile (sometimes even when I'm upset with him).
I love him because he still dates me after 3yrs.(It's not a record but it's better than the average.)
I love him because we grow closer together each day and closer to the Lord.
I love him because he's my number one supporter in anything I do.
I love him because he's my number one pusher to get me to do things I otherwise wouldn't have done.
I love him because he's brought so many joys to my life.
I love him because he's a hard worker.
I love him because he provides for our family and just let me go to school and study.
I love him because he's a good man.
I love him because even though I'm worried about things being just right-he's still fine when they're not.
I love hime because he takes care of me.
I love him because when I get my headaches(or when I'm ill) he tries to take care of everything for me.
I love him because he knows me.
I love him because he's him.
I love him because he calls me during the day just to say he loves me and check on me.
I love him because I couldn't imagine him not being in my life and I couldn't imagine ever loving anyone else.
I love him because he'd give me the moon if he could!(not becuase of what he gives but his desire to give)
There are so many more things I could name but time will not allow.

But most of all through all the mountains and all the valleys I love my husband because God gave him to me. God's gifts are always good and perfect gifts!!

"Wherefore they are no more twain,but one flesh.What therefore God hath joined together,let no man put asunder." Matt.19:6

Anyone can grab it!

Sad news!!!

Life is a full of surprises. Today i recieved a text from anonymous number. At first i wondered why he/she texted me that way and it seems she/he know me well. Second text, she put her name and shes full of sadness in her text. Then i found out that she is our neighbour way back in my provice (neg.occ). She just want to express about what she feel at the moment. Her mother died yesterday but unfortunately not with them. Her mother supposedly visit her relatives in Davao but then she was very sick when she arrived there! The doctor said, it was just a fever then the next doctor found out that it was a liver cancer. She was just 3 days in the hospital then she died yesterday.

My friend cannot accept what happened to her mama. Same as what i felt when my father died. We was not at my father side also because i was working in Makati and my parents was in the province. The day my father died, it was seem my last day. It seems i dont want to continue my life without a father. Then we came home to province the next afternoon! It was all a nightmare to me when i saw my father laid on the coffin. All my sisters and brothers was there and can't accept what happened.

Until now still i cannot accept that my father is dead. He died almost 3 years already because of heart attack but still i just think that he's still alive and he's just in the province as he used to stayed. Maybe thats why i always dream of my father. Sometimes i dreamed him 3 times a night.

My family, relatives and friends who knows that i always dream of my father, advising me to accept the fact that hes dead. But how can i? Its very difficult especially when i remembered him. They told me that life must go on. One of the family member gone but there is also coming.

I always pray that i can accept that hes not with us anymore and i hope he will be REST IN PEACE! I love you papa.

Feb 12, 2009

Filipino around the world.

Many filipinos dream to go abroad but not all filipinos abroad are happy. Not happy when it comes to homesick and foods. Like me, i dont have any relatives here and filipino friends. Its just recently that i have a filipina friend (Shy) that i can talk and discuss things in our own dialect. I have friends that i can talk to (swedish people and my sister in law family) but its not the same as talking tagalog or english.

I miss also filipino food. Here in Sweden, i cannot find filipino store so its difficult to cook the food that i usually cook in Philippines. One of my hobbies is cooking but i dont cook my favorite food here in Sweden. Last sunday, me and my husband been to ASIAN STORE. We bought ingredients for sinigang but not all ingredients. Only okra, kangkong milk fish (bangus) and sinigang powder . Even it was not complet but still i cooked it this morning and it seems taste good.LOL. Heres my SINIGANG!!! Does it looks delicious?

Feb 11, 2009

Our date on week end

Me and my husband are planning to go KIEL Germany this coming weekend (friday night). This will be our anniversary date and at the same time valentines date. It will just take few days. We will just take ship (Stena Line) instead of driving car. In the ship there will be including buffet breakfast, eat all you can and we will have our own nice and beautiful room. Its little bit expensive but its worth it. It will be my second time to go there. We will just go and shopping there because its more cheaper there than here in Sweden.

It was snowing

When i woke up this morning, the light sparkled outside our window. I thought its just a sunlight but then when i looked outside, there i knew and i was surprised because it was snowing. It was not really plenty snow but then its enough on my tired eyes. hehehhe... Winter is almost over but then here in Sweden snow comes late of winter. I really wish theres more snow before next season comes because i really like snow even its very cold. Heres one pic that i took from our balcony.

Feb 10, 2009

Good to have one!

I had a good day today. I've been to my filipina friends (Sarah) house and we had a good time. We have ate a very good food, we sung and we discovered things under the sun. We took lots of pictures like we are the model of the house. Here in Sweden, it's just very few flipinos that you can count or call as true friend. Atleast i'm happy that i have Sarah that i can count and talk anytime i want. And it's good to feel and talk our own mother tongue (dialect). We talk tagalog, bisaya, english and little swedish. Whatever language we want to use.hahaha. Thanks Sar for the wonderful time. Next time again?

Feb 9, 2009

34 months anniversary

It's our 34 months anniversary today with my husband. I'm very happy and satisfied of our relationship even sometimes we have little misunderstanding. Misunderstanding and little fight is part of a relationship. These things can make the relationship stronger and longer.
Happy anniversary dear and i hope we stay forever and ever. Jag älskar dig jättemycket i mitt hela liv.... (I love you very much in my whole life)

Feb 8, 2009

The Violet Heart

When i open my facebook today, i saw a note or message from Sarah. I was curious what's its all about. When i opened it direclty i understand that it was a questions and answers note. I answered i think 10 questioned then i got this heart as my reward or as the result.

The Violet Heart is resourceful, thorough, dependable, responsible, loyal, patient, placid, stable, sensual, affectionate, comfortable, solid, earthy, strong, money-oriented, practical, productive, cautious, musical, and artistic. They can also sometimes be stubborn, indulgent, insecure, acquisitive, possessive, rigid, stodgy and slow.

Feb 7, 2009

Have fun with facebook

Internet is very easy for everything. Today i found another site that easy to communicate with people around the world especially loveones (family, friends, and even enemy). Here in Sweden, it's very usual that they're using facebook so i had decided to try it and i found it fun. If someone wants to be one of facebook fan, you just can easily click this link and be one of thier member or fun. Good luck and have fun.

Feb 1, 2009

Thanks to Toni...

I'm really happy that atlast someone who i dont know had viewed my blog. Thank you very much Toni, from USA.

But goshhhh still i dont know what to do. I think i will not use blog anymore because i dont know how to find bloggers or something else. grrrrrr i really hope soooonnnn i know this because i have plenty of things that i want to write and plenty things that happens in my everyday life that can inspire other bloggers...

Anyway, just one at a time...hehehe