Nov 29, 2010

David's day

Yesssssss the man of Basic Blognomics blog birthday, David Funks. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday happy birthday.....happy birthdayyyyyy to youuuuu... I just sing it for you my friend.

Anyway, Thank you so much for such a good friend to me and always been helpful for everything and to my blog. I know that it's not only me who's you're helping with. You’re such a good person. I do really appreciate everything.

Wishing you always good health and more blessings to come. Take care always enjoy your day...

Nov 27, 2010

missing 'pinas weather

Winter is in the air and Christmas is approaching... I love it..

They said Sweden is one of the coldest parts of the world. I can say yes and no. I've been to at least few places in Europe and I can say that yes Sweden is colder among those places that I’ve been too. But just last November we've been to Lithuania and seem colder there than here. Maybe yes and maybe no...heheh

But anyway, Sweden is snowing already since last week. The coldest temperature we have so far (today) minus 8 degrees with little wind. It’s really cold. I remember we had minus 25 degrees last winter and I was totally freezing.

I love seeing the falling snow and I love playing the snow but thinking about Philippine weather cannot be avoided especially when all the snows became ice... It's slippery and dangerous to walk...

But I adopted the weather here and I love it...

Nov 25, 2010

CC: What We Are Thankful For

Rodliz’s Nest

Ya right! what we are thankful for? hmmmppp...

Anyway this week topic of Couple's Corner is what we are thankful for. Actually there are lots of things that i can thankful for and here are some.

  • I'm thankful that i have a loving and sweet husband. He's not perfect (nobody's perfect) but I'm happy and satisfied of him. Words cannot explain how much i love my husband.
  • I'm thankful because even if I'm very far from my family, still i manage to have contact and tried to be with them not personally but emotionally. I know I'm not a perfect sister or perfect daughter but I'm trying to be a good one.
  • Thankful for having a very nice and true person in laws. I know that i can count on them anytime...
  • Having true friends in this foreign land can be thankful as well. Friends who would be there for me not only in good times but maybe in times of needs also.True and loyal friends
  • Of course I'm thankful enough to all my friends who never forget me even if we're not seeing each other for long time. We still communicate and try to support each other (like we did before)... My totot gang (college friends).
  • To have foods in our table, can buy things that we want and do some shopping are things that i can thank for also.
  • Lastly I'm thankful that all of us are healthy, in good relation, and loving each other.
Thanks God for all the blessing that you gave us and still giving us. Happy thanks giving America.

Nov 20, 2010


Yes it’s snowing here in Gothenburg yesterday and today. This is the second time this year and it seems it will be a heavy snow this year (as they said)...

I like snow but and the same time I hate it...I like when it's still falling and when it's very thick snow everywhere but when it will becomes ice then it will be dangerous. I'm still not use to walk on the icing streets.

But whatever I like or want, I have nothing to do. I love Gothenburg (Sweden).

Nov 19, 2010

too long time

I just did my last national test on Monday in my Swedish subject and I’m still waiting for the results. This would be my last term for my Swedish schooling and it would be another stage of my school life.

I was supposed to enroll for college (university) here in Gothenburg but unfortunately I was late for the enrollment. So it means I need to wait half more year before I could start my college. I know that it's not easy to get a job here in Sweden if I don’t finish their school requirements so I must study.

I want to be a pre-school teacher and it would take too long time before I could have my profession. It would be 7 terms so that means 3½ years in school. I'll be turning 34 then when I finish but I don’t really mind. As long as I finish my course and can find job.

Being a pre-school teacher is not easy. It’s a tough job but I love kids so for sure I would love my profession and future work. It's long time but I’m ready to finish it until the end...

Nov 16, 2010

CC:When we wish upon the star

Rodliz’s Nest

When we wish upon the stars.....I like just like I’m singing in the rain.

Anyway, this week topic is about "when we wish upon the star". Who are not wishing upon the stars? Hmmppp I think everyone wish when they look up the sky with full of stars.

In our couple's life, we still have lots of wishes that still not come true yet. I don’t know if it will come true but I’m hoping it will. I know that I cannot have all I wants or all my wishes...

When we became couples, of course we wished to have babies (we still don’t have), to have happy life together (we are happy right now), we'll be living together until the end of lives (hope so) and so much more. Materially, I can tell that we have what we need and enough for what we wants. What more?

Wishing is what I like to do especially when I know that it's for our goodness and for our happiness. Only God knows if I can have my best wish..Lord can you grant my very best wish???

Thats it for now... Happy Couple's corner everone...

Nov 13, 2010

Kaunas adventure

Last Nov. 03, I and hubby flew to Kaunas Lithuania for few days trip. It was fun and could never forget the adventure.
The day of my birthday I and hubby just roamed around the city to find some restaurants for my birthday dinner. We found some but unfortunately we didnt eat in that restaurant that we like to because they closed too early. Instead we moved to another resto which was pizza specialty. We ate there and had some glasses of drinks. The food that I ordered was not really my favorite but it was ok.
After our dinner we moved to another cafe to have some dessert and there I had my favorite mixed fruits with whipped cream.

My birthday was unforgettable and our few days in Kaunas were memorable. There were lots of historical places and markable bullets mark that we could still see. As you know Lithuania was part of Russia and it was war for 70 years ago (not exact years).

We'll love to go back there in Kaunas someday.