Dec 30, 2009

Couple's Corner #11: Can you read my mind

It's Wednesday once again and this mean its couple's corner... This week topic is about "can you read my mind?"

Rodliz’s Nest

As me and my hubby, we have some things that we can just read in our minds. There are times also that it's seems very difficult to dig what we mean for something.

This read my mind happened few weeks ago. We have decided to think ourselves first before we could say to each other our suggestions on what we would give. It was when we were planning to give a gift to his sister. At first he was thinking something that he thought it would be the perfect one but without his knowledge it was also the same thing that I was thinking that we could give to his sister. And as we finally said our suggestions to each other, we both said the same thing... and we both laughed and coulnd't believe it...hahaha. Then he said that he got an idea from me about it coz he saw it from my eyes. He even said that my eyes were twinkling when I was thinking about it...hahaha. We bought our
auto air conditioning gift for his sister 1975 model car.

Living our partners together means so much. Of course the love to each other is the reason why we're living together. There are things also that we don’t need to tell in our partner what we really want and need. It will just show it from our eyes or can be also love instinct. It doesn’t matter if that instinct is worth it or just corny things as long as we know and can find it.

As my husband's view, "if you love someone, you will know how serious and honest she/he is". You can see it from his/her eyes or you can feel it from your heart.

Happy CC everyone and happy new year...

Dec 29, 2009


In life there are always good and bad things that come and go.Whatever good things that comes in our lives, we will be thankful instead of criticizing or making some bad comments about it. Just be thankful whatever it is because those things that someone gave you are from the bottom of his/her heart.

It's not easy to please someone and it's seems that everything you've done is just nothing.

But for me I am very happy of what God is giving me. And I know that God has always He's purpose of everything.

Just be thankful of all the blessings that come and share it.

Dec 28, 2009

down to PR2

I just wondered why my page rank (PR) down to 2. I have many posts and I have many visitors but still my PR went down.
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I know Mr. Google has his own rules about blogging and I hope and wish that I know what are those rules for me to know why my PR is down to 2.

But in anyhow, I will continue blogging and hoping to get my PR4 back soon...

Beside of my PR I feel bad also because of some other things that are happening today.

I got a letter today from my school and I’m very disappointed of what they said. The subjects that I applied for my next term (semester) are not all accepted. Some of my subjects are not in the same school that I’ve been too and some subjects are just hanging. I don’t know if I can have it or not before my school starts. And one more thing is, the subjects that I can study next term are not enough. I must have 400 points for me to have full time but as of now I have only 286.

I don’t know if possible to apply now. Grrrr I don’t know what to do as of now. Maybe I will just wait until my school starts...or I don’t know......

Another thing is, I asked my sister Annie to send me a text for some personal thing that we sent to them but they got already yesterday (Philippine time) but she didn’t text me until my husband found out that they got already.

It’s just a simple favor but she didn’t’ does it because she said they had visitors and was very busy. Just one text but gossshhhh..Whatever…

So much disappointed things happened today…I hope this will be only today…

Dec 26, 2009

sudoku pad

Christmas just passed by and few days from now will be New Year.

One of the Christmas gift I got from my hubby is a Sudoku pad which I started to get addicted of playing. There was one time, my husband wondered why I focused and concentrated the Swedish news paper. He thought that I didn't understand about the article was but when he saw it, he was surprised of what I was doing. I was playing or solving the Sudoku game in the newspaper.
It's not only me who hates numbers (mathematics) but since I started to study again mathematic, I tried myself to find something that can help me to learn fast of numbers. And Sudoku is one of the things that help me getting techniques and faster solving.

Beside of my mind working while solving the Sudoku games, at the same time I am learning as well. Sudoku has two purposes...playing or solving the numbers and learning...

More of my husband’s Christmas gifts on my next post.
Advance happy new year...