Aug 31, 2010

new furniture

My very good friend Daisy and her husband are ready to move on their new house. They supposedly would move last month but unfortunately, they cancel their schedule of moving due to some reasons.

They didn't move yet because Daisy wanted that all their furniture’s must be new and fit to their new house. Daisy is little bit perfectionist when it comes to her furniture’s that’s why she wanted that every furniture’s are in right place.

One reason also why they don’t move yet is because the furniture’s that Daisy ordered was not delivered yet. She wants
western furniture to their new house so she ordered it somewhere where it takes times to deliver.

As of now, she already has few of her western furniture’s but they're hoping that it will be deliver all her orders soon for them to move in into their new nest.

The house is in the right place and good surrounding for their growing cute little girl and few months boy. It just also few minutes’ walk to some malls, schools and churches… The most beautiful in this areas is the house nearby and it’s really safe for all of them whenever they want to go out because it guarded village.

our party

Christmas was seemed like yesterday. Time goes very fast and we didn't even notice that it's ber month already. September, October, November (Halloween month) and December…

Starting October, there will be a lot of celebrations until end of December. I was born the month of November and we used to have Halloween party before celebrating my day. This time around we just want to celebrate my day together with our Halloween party so that we can less expenses and at the same time, we can use my budget to our Halloween party.

Our party will be different from our past parties. This time around would be more
Special Effects Contacts , more exciting scary creatures and of course more hide and seek games.

We are hoping to finish all the preparation before end of October so that on our part day which is November 1, everything would be ready and done. I'm excited at the same time worried because it would be so much work and time.

Of course we're working together, helping each other and all of us are hoping for the best party and results. Gladly, we’re almost ready about anything.. Good luck to all of us guys.

Aug 28, 2010

like them

Scotland has many meaningful and beautiful places where people feel really amaze of it. I myself really inspired of an art of a tiger in some of the wall beside the running water. This “Tiger Lucky Eight” is a unique series of celebrations as Chinese astrology said.

An unhealthy fish and chips food was one of my favorite foods. It's very oily fish but it was really yummy. Fish with vinegar dip, fried potatoes or french fries and some sort of green vegetables in just one plate. I always feel hungry every time I remember these fish and chips.
And of course the beautiful, well organized and wide train station where we took the train going back to airport.
One thing that I couldn't understand when we were there was, I never saw or heard any Filipinos. It’s weird because I know there’s lot of Filipinos there...

Aug 27, 2010

Scotland moment

I and hubby had a few days vacation in Scotland before our Philippine vacation.

We stayed in a hotel where there was just few minutes walk to the malls, lovely restaurants, bars, nices places and the train station to Glasgow airport. We had some memorable times when we were in the bars. We encountered some unforgettable funny situations and scary.

Even if it was difficult to understand their English accent, but still I was happy in some ways because I could speak and understand them. Scotland is a lovely place and nice to spend some exciting vacation. We’re sure that we will be going back there someday.

These some of my pictures taken in some streets and bars in Scotland.

Happy weekend everyone!!!

Aug 26, 2010

back to the world

Hello everybody? What’s new here in blog world?

As you can see, I am back to blog world now and trying to catch up everything that I missed up here. I would love to start to blog about our Scotland vacation, Philippine one month vacation, the important thing that I’m doing right now but sorry to tell that I can’t still tell it now. Of course I will blog anything and everything that are happening in my daily life.

I hope that my loyal and friendly bloggers friend are still here and ready to accept my come back.

See you all guys so often here and hoping to have an exchange hello's to all.

I would gladly welcome back myself and good luck again for me.

photo albums

As I posted last month, I wasn't able to visit and post in my blog due to some important things that I am focusing with "until now"...

Just two days ago me and my husband came home from our one month vacation from my homeland Philippines. Before that, we were also in Scotland for few days vacations.

As my husband always questioned me, why do almost all Filipina really loves to take pictures wherever they go? At first I was not really aware that I am one of those Filipina who loves to take pictures. I know I love to take pictures…
Until when I looked at my computer and checked all my pictures from the time I met my husband seems too many to count... I had computer problems yesterday and I was so afraid that my saved pictures and some other documents would be gone if my computer would crush. So I come to an end to print some of my pictures and put in large photo albums where I don’t need to worry if my computer went down.

I am looking for a big album where I can put as many as possible. Larges albums would be great for my thousand of pictures.

I am starting already to print some and hoping I can fill up my large albums soon...