Aug 29, 2011

Blue Monday: Blue Volvo car

It’s really amazed seeing this old Volvo car displayed at Landveter airport (Gothenborg). I took this last August 9 when we arrived to the airport from our Philippine vacation.

When I saw it, I felt so excited to take some pictures for my Blue Monday.

Smiling Sally

Aug 26, 2011

Liseberg with friends

I and my girl friends met again.

Since I came home from Philippines, I met twice with my Filipina friends here in Sweden. Last Wednesday, they were with me here on my crib. I prepared Shy wanting foods which was chicken soup with sotanghon. I grilled Tuna fish and of course dried fish.

We had a great time here at home.

Then yesterday, we met again and went to amusement park. This time around with Janet angels. When they were here on my crib, Janet didn’t bring any of her angels. But yesterday the two girls were with her.

As usual Shy won many prices. I and Janet won some but not as many as Shy. But overall, we had a great time too. Thank you for the good time my friends.

Here are some of our pictures. Happy Friday people.

we were tired already
with Erika, Janet's youngest girl
Janet and Laikka
Shy's little girl first ride.

electronic cigarette

When buying or looking for the cigarette pack, there’s always a warning. Cigarettes smoking are dangerous to your health. Smoking can die. Smoking can kill you...and more reminders but there are still lots of people buying cigarettes knowing that it’s dangerous.

Sometimes things that are dangerous or cause something we just ignored it? Sometimes we didn’t really even bother to read the instructions for whatever or might be the result for it.

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Aug 22, 2011

Blue Monday #12: KLM

Smiling Sally

While waiting our flight going back to Gothenburg, I took some time to take some KLM airplanes pictures. This is my Blue Monday entry for this week.

Happy Monday

Aug 18, 2011


My school started yesterday!

I mentioned here few times about my disappointment on my university applications. Since I need one more subject (Science and Technology or Naturkunskap in Swedish) I enrolled it and got a place to study. Yesterday was my first day.

But our regular class will start on Monday. I met new classmates and take note guys, almost ¾ of my classmate are Swedish. Meaning the more Swedish the more deep Swedish language. Grrr I hate it but I must adopt their fluent accent.

Anyway, I’ll be not active here as I was because I need to focus on my studies. I probably post once in a while. I hope I could still update here otherwise, I’ll lost earning and latest news of blog world.

See you guys for sure…

Aug 15, 2011

Blue Monday #11: Tjörn Island

Smiling Sally

My come back entry for Blue Monday this week was taken just two days ago when I and hubby drove to an Island “Tjörn” more than 1 hour drive from Gothenburg. It was a fine day but we couldn’t swim because the water is already cold.

Blue sky, blue, clean water and blue boats are perfect for Blue Monday.I’m happy to be back here. Happy Monday.

Aug 13, 2011

Sweet Saturday: STOP IT!!!

Wow Sweet Saturday is upgraded. I haven’t post my entry for the past few weeks due to I was in Philippines for our vacation. Thanks Jona (the owner of this meme) for updating me about this meme.


I can tell, having Swedish husband is a kind of time and effort! I must adjust, adopt, and be with it. My hubby is a kind of person that if you want him to stop something, I must explain in full and 100% right explanations, it must be valid (for him) and it must be in both good intensions.

For instance, he was a changing smoker. But he stops it for my own sake too.

But one thing that I don’t know what to do to stop him is DRINKING!. He always drinks every weekend which I don’t really like. But as I asked advice about it, they said, let him drink at least only weekend not daily. That’s the only days that he could be relaxed from work. And also, he just drinks few bottles of beer and few glasses of hard drinks.

Well then, there are lots of things that I want my husband to stop it but of course I will not ask him to do it so since it’s only for my own happiness. I would never be selfish nor egoistic.