Apr 30, 2010

it was killing me

I came home from school today before 12 noon. When I was still in school, I felt as normal and didn’t' feel any pain but when I’m about to go to Shy’s crib to have lunch, I felt little stomachache. At first I just ignored it and took tram to supposedly go to Shy's house. I was about to off from the tram station but suddenly I felt an unexplained stomachache.

I didn't have time to text or call Shy. Instead I went home and try to calm myself. But I wasn't expecting that the pain lasted until 10.00pm. Many hours of suffering. Gosh I wasn't even able to go to CR to pee or what so ever. I couldn’t even stand up.

But at least now, I feel better. It’s not that pain now and I just ate my dinner. After dinner hubby prepare avocado with ice cream on the top as my dessert. Ice cream is not really good since I’m still coughing but of course I wouldn't say no to my hubby' yummy dessert.

Hope my pain will go soon and my cough will stop. It's both really annoying.

Happy weekend everyone and welcome the month of May.

my passports

I just posted here two weeks ago about my Swedish citizenship. I got it earlier than we were expected. And last Saturday I already applied my Swedish passport because we're planning to travel this summer.

Yesterday, I got a text message from "the police" where I applied my Swedish passport, saying that my passport was already ready to pick up. Today after my social study subject I went directly to the police station and get my new passport. My school was just at the back of the police station so it was just few minutes walked and I already there and got my passport.

So here I have my two passports. My Philippine passport and my Swedish passport. Are they looking the same? hehehe... no they’re not (but if I have the new Philippine passport then it will be same colors)...

Apr 28, 2010

through his kindness

I hate the fact that my dandruff is getting worst. I never had like this when I was still in Philippines. But there are some people explained or told me why I have this dandruff.

I couldn't resist it anymore because it's really itchy and I feel very dirty even if I take shower every day. There was one guy from my hubby's work who would travel to Philippines few weeks ago. He asked hubby if we wanted something from Philippines. Hubby asked me and I said directly NIZORAL dandruff shampoo. hehehe

I'm very thankful that he bought two nizoral shampoos for me. Of course we paid it but still he's very nice to buy those shampoos for me.

To him who bought my shampoo, thank you so much for your kindness. Through your kindness I will not suffer from my itchiness now.

Apr 26, 2010

our weekend food trip

I and hubby applied my Swedish passport last Saturday. We want to have my new passport soon because we're planning to travel this coming summer. We’re hoping that I can get it this week.

After our passport application, we went to grocery store and bought some fruits. We’re very hungry after our grocery so we decided to eat our late lunch in some kebab restaurant.

Hubby ordered kebab with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables and I had kebab with french fries and vegetables also.

As usual we ignored our diet and eat all we could. We’re like this almost every weekend. Just once in a week. This is what we call weekend food trip.