May 29, 2010

her day

It's another year older of my eldest sister Marlyn. She's currently working in Cyprus and been far from her only son for few years. Aside for being a good mother to her only son, she’s a very sweet and loving sister. I remember before every time me or my family had problems, we always asked Marlyn for help, advice or whatever that we thought could help us…even until now...thanks sis.

I cannot thank her enough for all what she’ve done to our family and my life. For all the good things and being the one who helped me reaching my happy family life now.

Sis HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I know that our greetings at least makes you happy even we’re very far from each other. As I said to my sms, we wish you all the luck, may all your dreams come true and stay strong despite of all the trials that comes in your personal life.

Try to enjoy your day and can’t wait to see you soon. I love you very much and missing you a lot.

May 27, 2010

my grades

Today was my final school day of this term.

This week would be the week that I would know if I pass all my subjects and what would be my grades. Monday I attended my math subject for the last time and my teacher gave me a G grades (passed). Tuesday was supposedly my two subjects but the night of Monday my teachers sent me through email about my grades. I got VG (well-passed) for both subject, then yesterday was my social study which I got G+ (passed plus).
I'm happy enough about all the grades that I got from all my subjects. And today we had our last meeting/little party in our social study. We ate, said goodbyes, thanked our teacher and of course picture taking.

Even if I don’t have school for few months still I must study at home so that the time I’ll be back to school at least I can still know or remember some. Huh this is a student life...