Jan 31, 2011

stylish award

It’s been a while since my last award and as I remember it was of course from David Funk. Surprise or not after a long time I receive an award again from of course David.

Thank you so much David for this Stylish blogger awards. As an award there are always tricks and rules that need to be follow.

So here are the rules for receiving this award:

Thank and link back the person who gave you this award.
Share 7 things about yourself.
Award 15 great bloggers you know.
Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

I’ve been sharing myself in the public since I started blogging and for sure some of you know me well even if just reading my blog. Anyway here are again some of the things about myself…

1. I am happy, always in good mood, jolly etc. person. You cannot see me physically if I have problems.

2. When I was on my teenager’s life, I had so much self confidence of facing different kind of challenges. Whatever it might be the results… For instances joining the army training (the only girl), joining different contest (singing, dancing, beauty contest eating contest...etc) and lot more

3. I am proud to say that I helped my parents at my young age. In some ways I knew that I helped them by winning money from the contest.

4. I got love hurts few times but I never blame my ex-bf of hurting me. They’re the reasons why I found my dream man, my husband.

5. I am addicted to computer (blogging). Love to sing even if the songs didn’t really like me. I love to read especially Sidney Sheldon books and dancing sometimes.

6. I am studying here in Sweden to learn their language and to become pre-school teacher. I love babies that’s why I am studying to become teacher.

7. I don’t have baby yet but hoping and praying that we could have in the future.

Sorry David but I will not follow the awards rules… Anyone can grab and post this award. Enjoy blogging everyone…

Jan 30, 2011

never surrender

My Sunday words are:

Life is a constant battle for a survival,

And as we grow older

The rules changes on daily basis.

But our mission is to not escape

But to survive…

Not to deal with triumph

But to deal with failure…

Not to run away from fear

But to master it…

It takes courage to keep on fighting

So if you feel like rules has shifted

One step higher…

Deal with it, with greater faith

And never surrender…

Happy a blessed Sunday everyone…

P:S: Thanks J.B for this inspirations message.

Jan 28, 2011

with friends

I’ve been very thankful to have friends who I can meet and chat “anytime” here in Sweden.

As you know guys, Tejan (Insights) and Shy ( A Journey for Life) has been my friend since my first year here in Sweden. And we’ve been meeting every now and then. Tejan was in Philippines last December and by that time, I and Shy hasn’t meet due to our respective private life obligations.

Last Friday, Shy and I visited Tejan (Highlights) since she’s back from her vacation. And finally I met Khim (Anything at all) for the first time. We’ve been commenting on our blog post and been friend on facebook for a quite long time but never been meet her until last Friday. Nice meeting you Khim (Man and food). It was nice to be again with Shy and Tejan with her two lovely girls. Plus meeting Khim and Nheng and of course the yummy Filipino foods.

Today we’ve been to another Filipina friend. Nheng invited us today and had lunch with their white house half hour by train from where we live.. We had of course lots of foods, bundle of laughs and undying teases. And met another filipina, Jocelyn.

Thanks both of you mommy Tejan and mommy Nheng for the invitations. For the soon to be mommy Shy, sorry if I let you ran today…hehehe.

Friends are treasure… Friends are gold… friends are there anytime..and friends and friends…

Jan 26, 2011

rashes problem?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

I've been taking care of my sister's son for almost 10 years. I'm not really aware why sometimes my sister was really worried about her son's diaper rash. At first i thought it was just an over acting action of a mother.

When one time, my sister couldn't resist anymore of her worrying thought of her baby's rashes. We went to their pediatrician and asked what could be the best medicine or ointment for the rashes. It was not really a problem for their pediatrician about the rushes. She just checked it and went out for a while.

When the pedia went back she already have the Boudreaux's Butt Paste  on her hands. She explained everything about this rashes ointment and said that this is specifically formulated by some expert pediatrician.

This product is well-known all over the world. It was featured on different TV shows in America and was even also in magazine.

I myself even always visit their site when i know that some of my friends babies having diaper rash problems. Just last day, my new mommy friend bought this product for her newly born baby boy.  She is very sure that it could protect her baby from rashes.

So if you have problem or worried about your baby rashes, buy the Boudreaux's Butt Paste for your safety. And if you want to have your own sample on this product? Then visit their site Boudreaux's Butt Paste to have some free sample.  Happy mommy plus happy baby would be a good combinations.

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CC: our promises

Opppsss am I still welcome for my entry? I know I

Anyway I’ve been busy last few months for so many reasons but no need to evaluate. I know Liz would understand and knows some…

I missed few CC entries but I try to post it for the coming days. As of now I would love to write my entry on this week topic. What are our promises?

These are some of our promises:

1. Be there for each other’s need (oink)

2. Be honest… Honesty is the best policy…

3. Be true of showing our feelings…including quarrels time

4. Love each other as much as we love ourselves

5. Support each other


My promises to him are:

6. I promised not to be so much sensitive… (I am crying lady)

7. Answered his questioned not only by saying NO but with supporting words

8. Help him on everything I can

9. Be true to him either it could be for good or bad

So much more…

His promises are:

10. Minimize being “makulit”

11. Minimize being irritated

12. Be there for me whenever I needed him

13. Love me forever…

And a lot more…

And lot more promises… All I wish is that I hope promises are not made to be broken… Happy Couple's corner everyone.

Jan 25, 2011

cherish your time

My inspirational message for today is:

What is the most important thing to give someone?


But why is time and not LOVE?


You can give that…

You can have that…

You can share that to anybody…

But in TIME

You cannot stop it…

Nor control it…

Coz you can never bring back the TIME that has gone by…

So spend your TIME wisely and cherish it

While you spend TIME with the one who mean a lot to you…

Coz you’ll never know when your TIME is over…

P.S. Thanks Angela Caballero for this message…