Jan 30, 2010

party of the preggy

Last January 26 was the birthday of my two good friends Fely and preggy Margot. Fely did her birthday party on that paricular day but Margot wasn’t able to have party on her special day because all her expecting guests was all busy. So instead she did her party today with some of her closest friends.

I was one of her visitors who she counted closest one...hahaha... joke...anyway, I was invited and as usual I came there on time. I'm always on time... Since I came there earlier than her other guests, so I helped her little preparing her delicious foods.

Around 13.00 the rest of her visitors came. We spoke Swedish since one visitor couldn't understand English.

In general, it was fun, the foods were so delicious and really yummy and the dessert was really yummy...

Thank you so much preggy Margot for all the foods and for entertaining us. See you again soon...

Enjoy and happy weekend everyone.

gold coins

To have some collections or investment is a nice feeling especially if that particular item that you are collecting for is growing or becoming so many.

Lately, I find interesting on different kinds of gold coins which I am planning to collect. There are some girls who love diamonds and some even say that diamonds are girl’s best friend. Yes maybe it is but not all girls like diamonds.

Different kinds of coins are very expensive and difficults to find. But in my case, if you really want something, no matter how difficult to find it, you will find a way to have it and collect... In my case, there are lots of ways to get and have it.

Gold coins are not really easy to find but for sure through internet, everything and anything is possible to find...

I hope my starting collections of gold coins will be satisfied-...

Jan 29, 2010

worst pain

Last night when me and my husband were preparing to go to bed something happened. He had his worst toothache last night but I was not really bothered after all because I thought he was just doing his drama. He likes to make jokes or something that will make me worry.

I was in the Rapidshare Search site when I heard him shouting with pain. So I rushed into him and asked if he really serious about it. He didn't answered me instead he bended his knee while holding his face. I was very sure that he was really in pain because of his position.

I offered him medicines and he took three tablets but it wasn’t helping. The pain continues and it was almost two hours already when I remember that alcohol could help to ease his pain. I grabbed the alcohol, wet the cotton and gave to him. After few changes of wet cotton, the pain slowly gone.

At last around 10.30 pm, the pain was gone and my husband fell into sleep. Thanks God at least he sleep well until morning and went to work early but before lunch time, the pain was back again. He called the doctor and booked emergency time. We went to the dentist together and they examine his tooth. They don’t found any wrong of his X-ray.

Hope he will not be in pain again. He's taking a rest now and hoping he will not be disturb by his tooth ache until his next time to his private dentist.

Happy weekend everyone and enjoy.

CC: Have I Told You Lately that, I LOVE YOU?

First and foremost, I would like to ask an apology to the owner of this interesting and wonderful meme, RodLiz of RodLiz's Nest. I’m so sorry Liz for just posting this week entry very late. But as someone say, it's better late than nothing. I was very fully loaded of my school assignments and works and I will be like this maybe until May.

Back to the main topic. This week’s topic is "Have I told you lately that I LOVE YOU"...Yes I do I always do...hehehe

Rodliz’s Nest

Since the day (the night) that me and my husband started our relationships, I LOVE YOU’S was already there. Until when we got married, I love you's was still there until now and until forever.

Yes it's true...I LOVE YOU for me and my husband is always part of our conversations, parting ways, on the phone, text, etc. He love and always say I love you to me wherever we are or whatever we do... Sometimes I found it corny and too much but my husband uses to it and love it...

In our daily life, me and my husband always look each other eyes, with hugs, kisses and saying our magical words I LOVE YOU. I love it and I don’t want to stop saying I love to my one and only LOVE, Lennart...

I love you is sometimes like a nonsense words but deeply in our hearts, I love you is just a three letter words with very magical meaning.

Happy weekend everyone…