Oct 31, 2009

cute baby stuffs

My preggy sister's baby stuff

I posted here 2 weeks ago entitled baby stuff. It was the time that my preggy sister went to the mall and bought some of her baby's stuff. It was the first time that she didn't need to just in bed and lay down for the sake of her baby and her. Her baby is absolutely in position now and she will deliver her in normal delivery. Thanks to all who help us praying for her and we hope that everything will be fine on her due date which is on Nov. 16.

On Nov. 3 she will have (start) her 2 times a weekly check up until her give birth day. Her OB will double check everything on her and for the baby as well. Since her husband cannot be with my sister, so it will be my younger brother and my mother who will accompany her. Her husband is Singaporean and at the moment is in the Singapore hospital due to some knee problem. Hope he will be fine soon.

Yesterday, we were chatting/talking for almost 2 hours. We talked about our family, her situation, what will be their preparation for the Halloween and for course about her baby and baby stuff. Until now she cannot decide yet what will be the name of her baby but as for me (as she asked suggestion) I like Aquinnah Mackenzhie. Due to my excitement, I didn't allow to end up our chats without the pictures of her baby stuff and her. So here are some of the pictures that I really like and gossshhhh so cute...hehehe

PS. Don’t never ever ask me how I felt when I saw my sister’s baby stuff...Because I think you know already the answer…hahahaha joke…

halloween party

I was chatting with my youngest sister today and she was very excited of their Halloween party next day night. At first she was confused about her Halloween attire. She decided already what Halloween costumes she will have but then she cannot have it anymore.

They had their last meeting yesterday and each one of them must have different costumes. At first she wanted to be a nurse with blood all over her body but then when they had their meeting yesterday, their Halloween party planer decide their costumes and let them pick a small paper where there was written what will be the costumes. They cannot choose what they want. She picked an any fairy Halloween costumes. Even if she doesn’t want to have a fairy Halloween costumes, she doesn’t have any choice. She must follow and obey their rules.

She asked me if I can suggest her any kind of fairy costumes. At first I don’t really know what to say because I never and haven't attended any Halloween scary party. As I told her, we had Halloween party before but we did it without scary costumes instead we did it as usual sleeping costumes.

But since she asked me suggestion for her attire, I helped her finding the best angel costume. We found this
village wench Halloween costumes where there are different and lots of Halloween attire for my sister can choose to.

It's not easy to choose among those beautiful and very nice fairy attire but she must decide the sooner the better because of course she must buy it or order somewhere. She decided to have this Black gothic fairy.

To you my dear sister, enjoy your Halloween party. It will be your first time Halloween party and for sure you will have fun, you can treasure it forever and you will never forget this unforgettable moment in your life. Take care and be good fairy to your party, ok?

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Oct 30, 2009

coming birthday

Just few more days and it will be my birthday. I will be 30th and seems just yesterday I celebrated my 16th birthday.

My husband asked me what I want as a gift on my day but I didn't know what I want. It seems that I have everything emotional and material thing so instead I said it’s up to him. He cannot decide either what he will give me. After few days of discussion about it, he asked me a "birthday wishes". It doesn't matter if it will be material things, emotional or whatever as long as I wish and I will be happy whatever he will do.

So I gave him my lists of wishes. It’s not only material things but some favors, emotional things and of course some corny and non sense wishes…hahaha

But until now, I still don't know what will be the gift I can receive from my loving husband but whatever it is, I’ll be very happy and thankful. Being with him is the best gift I could ever have.

To my husband, älskling whatever gift you will give me, I’ll be very happy and even if you will not give me material things, you know that emotional and being with you is the best gift. Jag älskar dig jättemycket...

Oct 29, 2009

study hard

As I posted yesterday I’m very "disappointed" about the results of my exam and seem I want to stop from my schooling. But as my husband told me, just study hard and try your best to be a good student next term.

So since I knew about the results of my exam and been very disappointed about it, I promise myself to study hard. I don't have school since yesterday so I made sure that at least I can learn some new Swedish words and I should finish all my assignments before monday.

So yesterday, this was what I am and these are all my study things (take a look from the pictures).

Today my friend Shy was here with me. We ate, chatted and studied together. We were very serious doing our different assignments and infearness we shutted up for few minutes and concentrated our works...hehehe

Thanks Shy for coming by and for funny chatting… vi ses igen någon gång.