Dec 29, 2011

my eye problem

My eyes has been weird lately.

I have an eyes problem but I'm not expecting of having another eye problem. I have difficulties of my sight especially when I don't use my eye glasses but as much as possible I don't use eye glasses.

Just two days ago, when I and my friends having shopping, I noticed that my left eye is reddish. When I didn't see it yet in the mirror I thought it was just normal pain when I don't use my eye glasses but when I saw it, I felt worried because it was really red.

I went home and tried to sleep early because I thought I was just tired of having not enough sleep for few nights. But unexpectedly, I still have red on my eye the next morning and until now that makes me really worried. I did book an appointment to the optical and hopefully they could tell me what's the matter of my eye.

Hope it's not a big problem. Cross fingers!!!

Dec 23, 2011

beauty rest

Yes!!! Finally I can sleep all night.

My December job ended today. As I mentioned before, I have a December job. It's only every December.

It was my last night today and my goodness, I'm very tired because I haven't had night sleep for 5 nights straight. I almost fell asleep at work but I was trying to wake me up for me to do my job. I drink lots of coffee, cold water and whatever drinks that could make me awake.

I managed it and now I'm done working. I'll be spending Christmas with my husband. We'll just at home because we are sick.

I can have my beauty rest tonight. Good night guys

Dec 13, 2011

very tired "me"

Oh God I'm very tired like hell.

We came home around 5pm from Frankfurt last Sunday. We were very tired but I didn't have time to take a nap before going to work. Yes my work started "regularly" last Monday. I am working at night at the Gothenburg post office so sleeping is not an option while working.

I'm working 3 nights on the row and goodness, my eyes really want to have night sleep (not daily sleep). But at least I don't have work tomorrow so I can have night sleep.

As of now, need to prepare myself for work. I'm tired but working with my co-workers are fun. We're just having fun while doing our job.

Have a good night sleep people.

Dec 7, 2011

busy schedules

Tomorrow we're flying to Frankfurt for our few days trip. We'll be back on Sunday afternoon.I will be tired on Sunday but I don't have a time to relax or sleep. We maybe home around 3pm. Then of course I must prepare for my husband food for Monday. I already booked time for our laundry on Sunday so I must put our clothes to the washing machine. In short I'll be very busy when we come home.

I cannot sleep either after doing household chores because I have work around 9.30 so I must leave home around 9pm. I'll be home around 7 am the next morning.

Sounds very hectic right? But I'm happy at least I have work. See you guys

Dec 6, 2011

snowy night

Snowing last night!!!
It seems late snows this winter here in Sweden. I remember last year, it was just last week of October and it was snowing until the end of winter, February. And last winter was seem colder than this winter. Of course the winter seasons just started.

It's already December and so far the weather is still not so cold. As of this morning (at this moment) the weather is +3 degrees, gloomy and snowing but not too much.

Every winter, I always compares the weather and the snows. I love snows but when the snows became ice, that's scares me.

Dec 3, 2011

done my school thing

Finally, I'm done all my school assignments and exams. I got my science and technology grades last week and already sent to the university where I am applying for the next school term. Its more higher level schooling next year so I really hope they will accept my application.

Last Friday, I did my last exam for religion subject and goodness it was so difficult. I don't know if I can get higher score on that exam. All I'm hoping now is I can pass that exam.

Since I already sent my science and technology grades to the university, all I need now is to wait for the results. I'll probably know it next week. Cross fingers about it.

As of the moment, I'm just looking forward for our Frankfurt trip on Thursday. Excited!!!

Nov 29, 2011

Christmas tree

Unlike last year, I'm done my Christmas tree earlier this time. Last year was little delayed due to my husband's accident. But this time around, as early as last Sunday, I did finished decorating my simple Christmas tree.

Last year I had tall Christmas tree but this year I have only cute but beautiful Christmas tree. Thanks to my husband for buying the things that I need or want for my Christmas tree.

Here is the look of my Christmas tree this year. Merry Christmas in advance guys.