Feb 28, 2011

expensive pair

I was not expecting that that accident happened to me when we were in Kaunas would cost me a lot. Cost time for keep on going to the doctors and cost money of course.

An accident happened when we were in Kaunas more than 3 months ago. I went to the doctor directly we came back here in Sweden. They didn’t tell me directly what the problem is. Until just lately I couldn’t bare it anymore. My foot is still aching badly especially when I go down the stairs.

I went to the doctors again and had another check up. At last I got the solution of my aching foot. I must have some supporting inside my shoes. I ordered it and after a week I got my very expensive foot supporters. It cost at least almost 10, 000 pesos for just this tiny pair. (See on the picture)... There‘s something special on these supporters. It’s little bubbly inside and with curving that fit on my foot curves.

I must have it on my shoes until the pain would be gone. At least two years… It doesn’t really matter if it takes years to have it but how about my fashion, my style, and my color combination? hehehe…

So folks, be careful of not having accident. Otherwise it could cost you a lot. Take care folks.

Feb 25, 2011

beef caldereta

Beef Caldereta for our lunch.

I did cook one of my husband’s favorite filipino food yesterday. He really likes beef caldereta and couldn’t stop himself eating too much more than he's usual…hahaha

I’m happy that my husband love and appreciate my food (as he always do).

Happy weekend everyone.

want some?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

Eating is one of my favorite things to do. hahaha Isn't not obvious why I'm gaining weight?

Anyway, i like to eat some kind of not really healthy food. I don't really care how many calories or how many pound i can get after eating the food. The important to me is i would be satisfied of the taste and i can be really full stomach.

In some foods like for example pizza, fried chicken/pork hamburger or even just pop corn, i used to have Tabasco. I really like Tabasco and having it would add my eating appetite. I like the so much more than hot spicy feeling while having Tabasco on my food. As in yummy. I love it...

I'm planning to have a party soon. And Pizza Perfected is the pizza that i'm going to serve with of course TABASCO® Original Red as my favorite one because it's really spicy and red because of the ingredients they use. because it's perfect with Tabasco on it. The

Plus one thing that i am excited about my planned party is that we're going to watch our favorite football team. The Super Bowl is just around the corner so watching it could be so much more fun and exciting with lots of Game-Day Party Menu foods.

I'm sure it could be so much fun and spicy feeling on my party.

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Feb 24, 2011

my pink laffy

My husband bought me another new laptop. Pinky and girly laffy. It was not long time ago since he bought my blue one. It’s still working and still very much ok but he loves to buy things for me.
Just last month he bought me HTC Wildfire telephone. It was little bit expensive than I thought but he didn’t care as long as I’m happy.
Thanks dear for all your gifts and for being generous. I love and really like all the things that you bought and gave to me. Jag älskar dig jättemycket.

Feb 23, 2011

hearts everywhere

Rodliz’s Nest
(with my sister)we became couple on this night

Hearts is everywhere is the topic of weekly Couple’s Corner. Love is in the air...Born for you. I was born for loving you baby and so on…

When I and hubby became couples, seem like the day was not complete without each other presence. Even before our official relationship, we made sure that we met up after my work time.

The day was never complete when we didn’t see. I felt so weak and not in the mood if we’re not together. But as they said and I even experienced it, heart is everywhere. When I was on the mall, I could see him smiling at me from nowhere, or walking in the other side, seating in just near me and so on. Its weird feelings but that was true.

When I listened to radio, all the love songs have its meaning. Even if sometimes it was not really fit in our relationship, I did really push it and convinced myself that it was about us. Watching TV and saw some foreigners, I already say something that it could be good for my longing self. I was very much KILIG when I heard someone saying something that he said or told me already.

I could recognize and feel him without seeing him by his t-shirts, his eyeglasses, his voice and his smell… I know him well I could say…

Love is always in the air when someone is in love. I could still remember the feelings, the kilig moment and some unforgettable happenings. Oh I love my man.

Falling hearts from heaven. Enjoy your CC entry couples

Feb 22, 2011

tick bites

My sister’s boyfriend has been in the hospital for few weeks now because of just a small animal bite. He wasn’t aware that that small bite would result into staying in the hospital for almost a month now.This small animal call TICK (fästing på svenska) bites him. At first he just ignored it since it was seem nothing. I mean he didn’t feel anything wrong until he became weaker and weaker. He decided to go to hospital for some check up. He found out that the small tick bite cause his body weakness.Until now he’s still in the hospital and didn’t know yet when he could go home. My sisters really worry about his situation because the doctors didn’t allow him to use any electrical equipment in his room. My sister really hopes and prays that he would be better soon and could go home. Get well soon SS…

Small bite can cause big problem so don’t just ignore it if something bite you. Take care folks.