Nov 30, 2009

Shy's party

I posted here last week about Shy's schedules of activities and one of those is her party. Yes she had her vacation party today with of course Filipina friends.
I had school today and had my first part of National Test so I went to Shy's house little bit late with one Filipina friend Margott. When we arrived there, tejan was already there helping Shy preparing her delicious foods. Gossshhh I was pissing off because both Shy and tejan has their "ME & MY BLOG" t-shirt and I didn't have mine. huhuhuh..I thought we are friend...hahaha joke. But they made excuses that it's too small for me. Ok fine excuses accepted…hehehe
It was Filipina gathering so of course chatting and laughing all the time. The food was so delicious and take note Shy did the food preparations. It was not Filipino food but in fairness to Shy, she cooked it well. We were very full of her foods but we cannot say no to her tasty and yummy blue berry cake.

To you our Shy, thank you so much for the effort preparing all those foods for us. I will miss you but I’m happy for you at last you can have your vacation and be with your family for few months. See you again on March. Don't forget us and enjoy your vacation. Take care and see you.

Nov 29, 2009

our day

We did our usual bonding today. Me and my husband went out to looked and inquired computer. We are planning to buy new computer. We have our own laptops but my beauty want another one... hahaha

I have a small laffy (notebook) and I got sometimes irritated especially if I’m playing because I must scroll down and up all the time so I asked hubby if he could buy big screen personal computer. So that's why today, we started to inquire.After our inquiring moment, we went home and did our cooking bonding. This time he's the chef...heheh (every weekend only). He cooked my favorite spicy lasagna (my hubby style) and I was just talking and talking while his cooking. When the lasagna was in the oven, hubby took a bath while I was surfing.

Hope you have a happy weekend guys. God bless everyone.

happy birthday David

I was trying my best to sing a birthday song but unfortunately I couldn’t make it perfect so instead of singing I will just say it like a poem. So here I go...

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday
happy birthday,
happy birthday David...

Did you sing it or did you do the same as me?
Anyway today is the day of my (everybody) very good blogger friend, David. For sure almost everybody here in blog world knows this very good person.

When I first encountered Basic Bloganomics, I was totally amazed of the context. I knew directly that the owner or the writer was very nice and has a good heart and I was not mistaken. David became my daily visitors, always left footprints to my posts and always be there every time I need help, until now.

To you my friend, happy happy birthday. I wish you all the best in life. May all your wish and dreams will come true. Enjoy your day and have fun.

Nov 27, 2009

my barbie box

I bought another un-useful thing yesterday.

I have few pairs of jewelry and it was just in a small box which I cannot call it jewelry box. Since I still have my birthday money from hubby, I am spending it wisely.As I posted yesterday, I bought new wrest watch and take note it took me long time to buy it and it was sale...hahaha (kuripot ba or nag iisip lang?)...So yesterday was another piece of wants that I bought. I don't really need it but i bought it anyway. I'm not a baby anymore but I love to have some baby stuffs. I bought a Barbie Jewelry box which it's not fit for my age...hahaha. As you can see its very pink and its really for babies...

Happy weekend everyone and enjoy. Take care and God bless

Nov 26, 2009

new watch

I was planning to buy another wrest watch even if I have already few. These are some of my watches.I was in the store few times already and looking for watches that I love and like. I am little bit choosy when it comes to my watches. So I was choosing few pair of watches and decided to buy that one that I really like but at the last minutes I changed my mind due to some reasons.

A friend of mine, tejan who's always been generous to me said that she still have some discount at one jewelry store which happened that the watch that I really love was there. Me, Shy and tejan went there together but unfortunately tejan forgot her coupon discount. We went instead to another store just supposedly looks but I found the watch that I’ve been looking.Even if tejan doesn’t have the coupon, still I bought the watch (look at the picture) that I really love. It was half price and its good brand so I grab the opportunity of buying it. AS you can the pictures, it's blue inside as my favorite color.

Good day everyone...