Oct 30, 2010

new apartment

My husband been living in this apartment that we're living now for almost 20 years. Of course the apartment is still ok but it's really obvious that it’s old. And if the house is old, whatever cleaning I do, seems still dusty or dirty.

We've been planning to buy new apartment for the past years. And finally we bought new apartment today. It's not really far from where we're living now but the good thing about this new apartment is quieter and not really near the driving road. It’s expensive but it’s worth it for sure.

The apartment is still ongoing building it. It means that we cannot move soon. The estimated months that we can move would be on summer 2012. Gosh still long time but I’m already excited packing to move and arranging to our new apartment.

Time is quick as ticking of the clock…I'm excited for our new apartment...

Oct 27, 2010

CC:I will do it tomorrow

Rodliz’s Nest

Yes its meme time once again and I’m looking forward to this. This would be my second entry since I was out of the pictures for many months.

This week topic is I WILL DO IT TOMORROW which is usual for me and my husband. I think it’s not only in our relationship but to others also, agree?

Of course as a wife, I tried my best to at least do my responsibilities but it doesn't mean that I don’t need help or what so ever. When it comes to cleaning our house, I used to ask my husband if he could help me at least vacuuming. Yes of course he used to say...but next time...hahaha

I will do it tomorrow or next week or when I’m not lazy is always my hubby's answered especially if I ask him to fix or arrange her letters shelf (bookshelf). I could understand if he's tired from work or if he's not feeling well...but I’ve been telling him years already but still it's not done yet. I even offered him that I could help fixing it...but still left undone until now.

Sometimes, instead of telling him or reminding him of what I supposed him to do, I could or better do it myself. Sometimes I found it exciting and I love fixing things but there were times also that I didn't do anything. So what…do it yourself!!!I used to say…

In spite of my hubby's "I will do it tomorrows" behavior still I keep on continuing and telling him to what I wanted him to do...

Happy meme everyone….

Oct 21, 2010

CC: No Dear

Wow I cannot believe I’m back to Rodliz meme about couple’s life. But I better ask myself first if am I still welcome to post this meme? Hmmppp I don’t know. we'll see if mommy Liz will say yes or no... If yes then I would love to write all those weekly entries that I‘ve missed. Can you tell me those Liz?

Anyway, this week’s topic is about NO DEAR!!! Actually saying no to our partners doesn’t mean that they don’t or like about it. It’s just sometimes they have their own reasons that we sometimes don’t understand.
I and hubby always have our own NO's. My hubby is usually saying no to me when I want to buy something in our house. I mean some kinds of decorations (flowers, live plants, frames, etc.) His reasons are so many which makes me irritated sometimes.

He always said, No Dear because we don’t have enough place for that... No Dear, we have that already, No Dear, that's not fit in our place...and more NO's. But what can I do is just to listen to him...hehehe

But of course there were times that I got mad or angry because of his No. Of course if I really want something, sometimes I better not to tell him and just buy it for myself. Even he doesn’t like, at least I bought it myself and I would never return it...stubborn me also...

Not only material things that my hubby says No. Sometimes even just a simple Hi, kiss, hugs etc; he would say no especially if he's doing something important. But I understand.

So what more I can say about NO dear? I think it's enough... Hoping to be part of next week’s meme and love to write those meme's that I missed. Happy CC everyone…

Oct 16, 2010

she's back to Cyprus

My sister Marlyn flew back to Cyprus today after her 2 weeks vacation here with me. I cannot still believe that she's back to Cyprus already. It just seems yesterday when we talked about her visits here.

But at least I’m thankful that she was with me on my special day. We had so much fun on her few days here and we of course had sisters bonding. I cooked all Filipino foods and tried my best to entertain her. I hope she did entertain my simple way of entertaining. hahaha.
As of now I don’t know yet when we can meet again. One thing for sure is it will not take as longer as of now. I know sooner or later, it will be easy for us to meet whenever we wants. Why? I cannot tell it now. Still complicated eh...

Sis thank you so much for everything. I hope you enjoyed your vacation here. Take care always. I love you sis... To my two sisters Gina and Annie who are currently in Singapore, take care both of you. Kisses and hugs to Aquinnah...miss you guys...
I love you all....

Mama, Marc and brother Elezer’s family, bro Dante in Kuwait and bro Marlon in Saudi miss you all. I love you all very much.

Oct 15, 2010

back to the road

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Oct 14, 2010

I am officially yours

It has been few years since me and my husband living together. I've been living here in Sweden for 3½ years and me and hubby living together since the day I came here until now.
Last Saturday, I am officially Mrs. Hansson. We said our ido's in front to our selected family members. We wanted to be privately and solemn and just some of our family members would be there. It happened and everything went well.
We had our simple dinner at home with some of my Filipina friends here in Sweden. My in-laws wanted Filipino food so I and sister Marlyn cooked Filipino dishes. As you see some of my post in the past, my sister Marlyn is here with me to celebrate my day. She's still with me and will be flying back to Cyprus this coming Saturday.

One thing I can say about our simple wedding is, I am happy and glad that our entire plan was granted and went well.

I would like to thanks everyone who came. My friends , my in-laws and my sister Marlyn. To Rodliz of Couples Corner, I’ll be back to our weekly entry about our couple’s life.