Jun 26, 2010

for our nursing

Our youngest sister just graduated her assistant nurse course and she's happy to accept her certificate. The course that she have now could be until 4 years but she said, there are cna training (certified nursing assistant) training where she could have her training. She wants to go on CNA training where she could be certified. As of now, she's finding sites or place where she can get all the information on everything she need. I mean from salary, school or even the work place. She want to know also CNA site where she could get good training program, can explains what duties are needed for CNA, and an activities for daily living. As of now, all we want is that our nursing sister can find CNA training that fits her needs. Good luck sis...

picnic at the park

I and my friends had a picnic at the park yesterday with their kid.

We met (supposedly) 11.00 but we're Filipina so we met 12.00.hahaha. I came first at our meeting area 11.10 am so I was waiting them for almost an hour.huh!!!Lina and Jen cooked our picnic foods. Jen informed me about that picnic late Thursday night so I didn't have time to buy and cook. I just brought with me soft drinks.We had so much fun. I played with the kids, chatted with my friends and ate the bundle of foods. When we came there, I was not really full of people but around 14.00, people are coming and suddenly, the park was full of people.

It's midsummer week so almost every family are together and having fun. (As I said to post). I went home earlier than Lina and Jen because I would be with my family also here in Sweden. Jen and Lina, tack för senast. Thank you so much for the delicious Filipino foods and for the good company together with your kids... Vi ses igen någon gång.

Jun 25, 2010

grilled pork

Sweden is celebrating “midsommar” this weekend and almost everybody are free from work and just be with the family, outing, spending time together and grilling.

I and hubby are just at home and spend our midsommar together. We just want to spend our time together, cooking, grilling and etc. Yesterday we grilled pork for our dinner. Hubby ate his grilled pork with a glass of beer and I ate mine with vegetables...

Today I and two of my friends went to “slottskogen”. I'll post about it tomorrow.

Ha en trevlig midsommar alla svenskar. Happy friday everyone.

P.S. All red color letters are Swedish words…

affordable and reliable

I have a friend who is asking a help from me about internet particularly web hosting. As I know, their family is now building a family business where all of them will be the staff and the workers.

They already have the name, the place and what kind of business they want. Of course to start a business, they want to introduce and have a welcome opening for it. It was not really a problem about it because everything is already ready and scheduled.

Before opening their business, they want to introduce their business through internet also. That’s why my friend asking me if I know some web hosting company that can give and provide all they wants.

Without further a though, I introduced them to
Linux web hosting company where they can get all the information they want. This Linux Company where there are different web hosting plans and promotional with discounts coupons.

I'm sure that this Linux web hosting company will give my friend and their family business satisfaction in a very affordable price, reliable and with technical support all the time.

All I can wish now is that, may their family business success and may all of them happy and satisfy about their web hosting company.

Jun 24, 2010

6th death anniversary

It's been 6 years since my father died. Today is his 6th death anniversary and still we couldn’t believe that he's not with us anymore.

Last night, I dreamed of him like it was really real. Our whole family was in the restaurant, eating and chatting and we were very happy. I used to dream papa and in my dreams his always seem alive and happy. Of course there are meanings of all my dreams but I don’t know what...

Papa, we really miss you and we love you so much. I know that you're just looking us and you love us very much. Rest in peace papa.

Jun 23, 2010

Sweden vs. Czech

Hubby had an opportunity to avail free football tickets from his work and I was very happy when he told me that we could watch free live football. At first I thought it would be an open area match. But I just understand it when I saw the tickets that it would be in one of the beautiful stadium here in Gothenburg.Sweden versus Czech Republic women football matched. We of course cheered Sweden. It was a very nice game where Sweden team had many opportunities to make some goals. But the game ended up with no team makes goals. We were happy and had fun because we sat in the first floor where we could see the game perfectly.

After the game we went to a Turkish bar to have some drinks. We were very thirsty after our full strength cheered to Sweden. Hehehe… We came home tired but happy.

my program

When I was in my college days, I couldn't imagine how I could make some programs. I took computer programmer course which I thought it could be the most payable course because we could make one program that would cost some thousands.

But after my graduations, I never get paid some thousands from all the programs I made. I remember before that I didn't sleep all night just to finish the programs that some banks asked me.

After long years of waiting someone ask me to make some programs for their company. But this time around is the most difficult one I could ever imagine. I studied old computers version. And the one that I’m doing now is the new version which is very difficult. And the worst things are I even forgot some method on how to do a program.

I started already doing it but I miss some needed things for me to complete it. I need to have PDF which drive my brain crazy. Of course I will do anything for me to find this
search download and preview pdf for my on making program.

As of now, I’m almost done with my program and I hope they will be contented and satisfy of the results.