Sep 30, 2009

unexpected gift

Me and Shy was not expecting that we would receive a gift today from our very generous friend Tejan.

I went little bit early to school today due to some printing documents that I should do before my 1.00pm class start. I finished printing before my class started so i go to cafeteria where tejan and Shy would eat their lunch. I waited them for few minutes then tejan came with a beautiful smile.

She gave me two gifts which she said it was for me and Shy.. SInce Shy wasn't there yet, we waited for her to come before opening our gifts. SO heres come Shy. They ate their lunch first then Shy and I opened our gifts.

The gift that tejan gave me is very useful since i love to take pictures on myself. Tejan gave me a camera stand for my camera so that I don't need to use my husband’s books if I want to take pictures of myself.

So here’s the gift that my very good and generous friend tejan gave me. Ofcourse we used it directly...hehehe. Thank you so much girl for this gift and for everything. Tack och sköt om dig

healthy and beauty

I am planning to buy some organic beauty and health products since I don’t have yet any of these. I know it will be very nice to have this products because besides of being healthy, for sure it will make me more beautiful as well... Sounds good right?

Healthy body is very important for me and having healthy body mean beauty. As of now I feel more chubby that I was few months ago. I know that I ate too much bad food and too much oily food. These foods will not be good to me or anybody's body. So I’m trying to change my oily food into vegetables. It will not be a problem if I become
vegetarian since I used to eat vegetables when I was a kid.

So if I become skinny and sexy again, I can wear again any passion
clothes or accessories that inn in every season. And my husband said we will travel into different destinations where he thinks that I love and like to shop clothes or accessories. Of course besides shopping, we can relax and have fun also. How exciting that would be.

hair problem?

Lots of people are experiencing losing their hair. It’s not only the older people have this problem but also there are some young people who lost their hair at early age. I am one of those who have Hair Loss problem at my early age.

I really wonder why we lost our hair. Is there any way of avoiding this problem? It seems that losing our hair is a part of our life, right? And take note it’s not only girls who are losing their hair. Losing hair has no choice. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female.

As I know
Male hair loss are usually started at early age. I knew some males who are just 22 years old but they started losing their hair and of course they wanted treatment on it. It's not wrong of accepting the fact that having a healthy and beautiful hair will be additional attractive to ourselves, agree?

Since I am one of those who have a hair problem, I want to know what’s the
hair loss treatment I can use for me to have a beautiful and healthy hair again. I know there are a lots of ways on how to have beautiful hair again. To have the shiny and smooth hair that makes me proud of it.

Sep 29, 2009


I am saddened of what happened to my beloved country Philippines because of the typhoon "Ondoy". I am prayingto those who lost their love ones, and some of their personal things, that they will be ok and will survive of this tragic happening of their lives. I’m praying as well to my beloved country to survive and will be back to normal life soon.

I'm thankful that beside of this unbelievable happened to the countrymen in Philippines, my family was safe and they we're all fine. The day that it was flooding in Manila, particularly in Makati, my family was able to calm down because they are living in a little bit high area. My preggy sister told me that it was almost in their kitchen but thanks God the rain stopped.

To those who are affected of the typhoon and to those who lost their love ones, my deepest sympathy and just move and continue living. It’s not easy but life must move on and face a new life to the future.

I'm asking to all bloggers to help us praying to our country Philippines and to those who survived this horrible happened in Philippines.

May Filipino countrymen will magkaisa at magsama sa paglutas ng problema...

addicted game

I am really amazed of these different games that can found into the internet.

Lately my smart nephew Marc get addicted of this game called
heroes of newerth where he's proudly want me to be one of the gamers. Of course I don't know anything about this game so I surf the net and try to find out how to be one of them. I found their site and started to know and learn about them. Since I’m just a beginner, I started to register into their gaming forum. So far I am learning and I feel excited to play.

For sure I’ll be one of the gamers who will get addicted of this game.