Jan 12, 2009

Its all about me!!!

My name is Jennie. I am married and currently living in Göteborg, Sweden. I'm a kind of girl who is easy to count on (friendly) even if i look "mataray". I am friendly and always jolly (happy) person. I just stay at home and surf the net on my free time. Here in Sweden i don't really go out with friends. I'd rather stay home and just surf the net or sing or dance alone..hehehe.


Jennie said...

I'm very much new here... I don't know what to do or view other profile...Anyone can help me or teach me???

S-H-Y said...

Finally my blog kana, just visit my blog and click my blogrolist and meet some good people..

raquel said...

Hi Jennie
I saw your bloglink from my Tita Beng's blog Beyond My Quiet Zone. I am also married to a Swede but I live in the US. I have been in Goteborg many times since my brother in law used to live there. They now live in Tranos. I visit Sweden once a year. Maybe next time I will contact you if I come over. Chin up. You will be surprised how many Filipinos are there in Goteborg!