Jul 2, 2011

excited and ready

I might be crazy but I cannot stop myself. hahaha

Today, I and hubby did our final shopping for our vacation. We bought the chocolates, the remaining “pasalubong” and my suitcase. We have been looking for my new suitcase a month ago and finally we bought today. This is what I really wanted.

Pasalubong are all ready, things to be bringing are ready and myself, very much ready!!!. All I need to do is just to pack our bags/suitcases and fly to Philippines.

I’m too much excited even if it’s still few more days to go. But who can blame me? I’m just excited to meet my family again and of course excited to be in Philippines again.


Kim, USA said...

Wow that is a super duper beautiful luggage and love the color too. Eat for me the dried fish and all the good food in the Philippines hehe. Happy trip and post a lot of photos after you came back ^_^

tejan said...

nice..nahan ko..hehe, wanted orange ..hehe! haaay..ang pasalubong nako kape nga 3-in-1 hah..heheh!

jhansson said...

@Kim... lahat kakainin ko para sayo Kim..hahah

@Tejan...kailangan my patalastas ba?

I like this maleta pero you know ang kulay blue sana ang best kaya alng wala eh...