Oct 29, 2011

girls bonding today

I and my two Filipina friends did girls bonding today. They both free from their kids today so all of us were single in just a day...hahaha.

First stop was massage parlor. I and Shy did a full body massage to less the stress. After our massage, we went and ate our lunch in the newly opened Filipino restaurants. We ate a lot that made me feel the call of the nature. Because of it I wasn't able to follow them on our last bonding moment which was shopping.

Even if I didn't follow them, we had already a day full of laughs and chats... Our day was really bonded today. Thanks girls for the wonderful day today.

See you again on Saturday on my little birthday party. Hugs...
almost felt asleep while having my massage
thanks Maria (right..the one without jacket with blue t-shirt)
on our way to bus station..we're having fun...
at the restaurant eating our late lunch (buffet... fillipino foods of course)
outside the resto...

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