Jun 20, 2012

sunglasses for summer

Summer is in the air here in Sweden and I'm crazy of finding some summer accessories and dress that I can use this few months warm weather here in Sweden.

A friend of mine introduce me to one site where I could get free sunglasses through posting their links. Without any hesitations, I put their links to my 4 blog, TravelersBestfriend, Adventurous Family, Memorable Dates and of course this blog.

After a few days informing them that I already posted their link, I receive 4 pair of sunglasses (which i was the one choosing it) since I have 4 blogs. I'm very happy at least I don't need to buy sunglasses for this summer.

If you want to have sunglasses too why don't you contact FirmOO. Happy summer everyone. 


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

dito pasukan na..tapos na ang summer..

JennyHansson said...

dito magsusumer pa lang. Medyo malamig pa rin pero nararamdaman na ang init (minsan)...