Sep 14, 2011

my gift, Iphone 4

My generous husband gave me his advance wedding anniversary gift.

One day my husband asked me if I like Iphone4. Of course without any doubt, I answered YES! I wasn’t aware that he was looking through internet about Iphone4. Until the day before our 11 month wedding anniversary, he said that we should wake up early the next day because we would go somewhere.

Unfortunately we woke up lunch time so I decided to cook our lunch. While cooking he was checking our car and put full tank gasoline. We drove in nearly island here and after some hours driving around the city, he said we would visit his parents. To my surprised, he drove to an electronic store and bought my Iphone4. (He already reserved it through internet. We just pick it up.) He already pays it too through internet…

After picking my new Iphone4, we drove and visited his parents.

Here are some of my pictures that day. I’m really thankful of my gift. An advance gift but still I’m looking to receive another gift on our one year wedding anniversary on October 9. hehehe

the store where my husband bought my Iphone4
visited my parents in-laws


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

ang ganda naman ng new phone mo.

SHY said...

wow. what a indeed generous husband you got.Anyway Jen hope you can join for my min giveaway sa diaper is the link hope you can join.

tejan said... 'viber' dayon para free call ta:)

musta kana diha woi:)