Sep 17, 2011

SS: it's not his taste

First and foremost, I would like to ask an apology for not posting Sweet Saturday last week. As you know guys, I’m in school so I really need to focus my studying especially I really needing this subject to come in to university.

Anyway this week topic is something/food that my hubby didn’t like. Having husband from different culture and country makes us wives adventurous. Personally, I hate when I cook Filipino food and my husband would have just take a look and not even taste it.hmmmp annoying right?

One time, it was one of important occasion of our relationship so I cook his favorite Filipino food which is chicken curry (my style). I cooked it heartedly and put even some twist hoping that he would say “dear its yummy” but instead he said, it would be more masarap if you just cook the simple curry that you used to cook. L

Being sensitive, I just quiet and went to one corner and cry (like a crying… He asked and apology about it but for me damaged is done…hahaha Stubborn me!!!

Since then when he wants Filipino foods, I’d rather cook what I used to cook. No more additional twist or more spices for him not to say something that would make me cries.

But when he cooks Swedish foods, I never say something that would hurt him. Unfair right? heheh

Happy Sweet Saturday couple.


Ronadelle said...

Hi there! I saw your entry in SS. And so I'm following you now from now on. I'm wishing that your husband will learn to love Filipino dishes. My husband isn't Filipino either, he's a Taiwanese. He was kind of choosy and picky before but now he loves a lot of Filipino foods coz I rarely cook Chinese dishes. I'm sure your husband will also, just keep on cooking. Sooner, you'll realize he's getting used to it!


Jona said...

naku nagtampo na naman ito....but i'm also like that during the early years of our marriage. i sulk in the corner when my hubby said or did something that i didn't like. and then i learned to retaliate or fight back at him. which is not good either. then later on i learned to say what i feel to him in a respectful manner. sometimes i'm still tempted to take fight option hehe :D

anyway, hope that later on your husband's tongue will get used to filipino dishes. practice is the key. and as my sister told me, in cooking you should give your heart to it.

thanks for sharing Jen!

coronaryrn said...

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Arvin U. de la Peña said...

kumusta na.......masarap siguro magluto ng husband mo..