Dec 3, 2011

done my school thing

Finally, I'm done all my school assignments and exams. I got my science and technology grades last week and already sent to the university where I am applying for the next school term. Its more higher level schooling next year so I really hope they will accept my application.

Last Friday, I did my last exam for religion subject and goodness it was so difficult. I don't know if I can get higher score on that exam. All I'm hoping now is I can pass that exam.

Since I already sent my science and technology grades to the university, all I need now is to wait for the results. I'll probably know it next week. Cross fingers about it.

As of the moment, I'm just looking forward for our Frankfurt trip on Thursday. Excited!!!


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

very will pass the exam..

Philosopher said...

Nice One.

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