Dec 29, 2011

my eye problem

My eyes has been weird lately.

I have an eyes problem but I'm not expecting of having another eye problem. I have difficulties of my sight especially when I don't use my eye glasses but as much as possible I don't use eye glasses.

Just two days ago, when I and my friends having shopping, I noticed that my left eye is reddish. When I didn't see it yet in the mirror I thought it was just normal pain when I don't use my eye glasses but when I saw it, I felt worried because it was really red.

I went home and tried to sleep early because I thought I was just tired of having not enough sleep for few nights. But unexpectedly, I still have red on my eye the next morning and until now that makes me really worried. I did book an appointment to the optical and hopefully they could tell me what's the matter of my eye.

Hope it's not a big problem. Cross fingers!!!

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