Aug 10, 2011

Our flights to Philippines

Having vacation can really make us relax, have fun and meet our love ones.

Very early morning on July 12 was our flight to Philippines. Our way was from Gothenburg (Sweden), to Amsterdam, to China and Philippines. From Gothenburg (Landveter airport) to Amsterdam (Schipol airport) was no problem at all. It was just 1 hour and 10 minutes flight.

Amsterdam to Guangzhou China was 10 hours flight. It was ok flight even thought we didn’t get our booking sets. For some internet problem, we didn’t get our exits sets. We had 10 hours and 40 minutes stopover in China. We got really irritated and crazy while waiting our flight to Philippines.

But after our long journey, we came to Philippines at around 8pm July 13. We were really tired. Our tiredness made us couldn’t sleep.

Was a flight journey. More about our flights difficulties in next post.


Fe said...

ohh..di ko maimagine yung long hours flight na yan jen.. why didnt you take KLM, from amsterdam direct to Manila na xa...Anyway, hope you have a great time sa Pinas.

jhansson said...

Actually late na ticket namin kaya hindi kami naka avail ng medyo mura na tickets...

But from Manila to Amsterdam, KLM na kami. Actually first time namin na hindi mag KLM this time..

Prasetyo said...

You have a great blog post.

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Dont forget to visit me back, wokey.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

saan ka sa pilipinas na lugar..

Jona said...

so what did you do in your 10 hours stay in China? were you able to roam around? we have sweet saturday upgraded Jen. hope you can join once again.
take care!

lina@women's perspectives said...

It's very long and tiring journey!