Aug 26, 2011

Liseberg with friends

I and my girl friends met again.

Since I came home from Philippines, I met twice with my Filipina friends here in Sweden. Last Wednesday, they were with me here on my crib. I prepared Shy wanting foods which was chicken soup with sotanghon. I grilled Tuna fish and of course dried fish.

We had a great time here at home.

Then yesterday, we met again and went to amusement park. This time around with Janet angels. When they were here on my crib, Janet didn’t bring any of her angels. But yesterday the two girls were with her.

As usual Shy won many prices. I and Janet won some but not as many as Shy. But overall, we had a great time too. Thank you for the good time my friends.

Here are some of our pictures. Happy Friday people.

we were tired already
with Erika, Janet's youngest girl
Janet and Laikka
Shy's little girl first ride.


Fe said...

wow, seems like everyone was having a great time there...

tejan said...

it was indeed a great time:)when will be next trip?..hhehe