Aug 13, 2011

Sweet Saturday: STOP IT!!!

Wow Sweet Saturday is upgraded. I haven’t post my entry for the past few weeks due to I was in Philippines for our vacation. Thanks Jona (the owner of this meme) for updating me about this meme.


I can tell, having Swedish husband is a kind of time and effort! I must adjust, adopt, and be with it. My hubby is a kind of person that if you want him to stop something, I must explain in full and 100% right explanations, it must be valid (for him) and it must be in both good intensions.

For instance, he was a changing smoker. But he stops it for my own sake too.

But one thing that I don’t know what to do to stop him is DRINKING!. He always drinks every weekend which I don’t really like. But as I asked advice about it, they said, let him drink at least only weekend not daily. That’s the only days that he could be relaxed from work. And also, he just drinks few bottles of beer and few glasses of hard drinks.

Well then, there are lots of things that I want my husband to stop it but of course I will not ask him to do it so since it’s only for my own happiness. I would never be selfish nor egoistic.


Jona said...

good to hear that he decided to stop smoking by himself. with his drinking, i think it's ok to drink as long as he doesn't get drunk. and if it's just for the weekend then i think there's not much harm.
good too that you can be able to express what you don't like.
thanks for joining once again Jen!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...


joey's girl said...

at least he has stopped smoking.. that is a huge step. as for the drinking, just let him understand little by little how it affects our health, too.

thanks for swinging by my entry, sis!

lina@women's perspectives said...

He can stop smoking? Wow, it's a great achievement!
About his drinking habit, just keep trying and praying, sis...

Eternity and Beyond said...

What a big achievement! My husband was able to stop smoking and I am sure yours will find his ways too. God is good and will answer our prayers!! <3