Jan 9, 2012

i broke our camera

I've been so stupid of not taking care of our camera!!!:(

I and hubby were in Kiel Germany last weekend. We had so much fun until I drop down our camera and get broken.

We were on the top of the ship (12th floor). We just look around Kiel city and suddenly I wanted to take a picture. I always used timer shot when I want to have picture with me and my husband. so I did set the timer shot and took picture.

Just after the flash of the last picture, it was too windy that made my camera dancing and fell down on the floor. The floor was not just hard but also with water. I got really mad of myself!!

My husband wasn't angry. He just said, he would buy new directly we come home and that's what he did. Our new camera is coming tomorrow.

Thank you dear hubby for having such patience on me.

Here is my broken camera and the last picture we took...:(

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Arvin U. de la Peña said...

mas mabuti na iyong nalaglag kaysa ninakaw......