Jan 5, 2012

my work

Finally, I'm working!!!!
As I mentioned here few times, I'm working in Gothenburg post office every December. It's what we call "julvikarie" Christmas/December job. I really like my work there.

I'm really thankful to my Filipina friend who referred me to that work. She's working there in post office and she referred me. But her reference never ended there. Just last week, she referred me to her other work.

She has two work (Goteborg post office and in Jakob cafe). Her boss trusted her when she said she would refer a friend to work with there too. So everything happens. Tuesday and Wednesday, I did my two days training.

Supposedly I will start on February but due to my good performance last two days of training, I will start on January 21. And directly I will be taking responsible for all the kitchen work. From preparing the 10 kinds of sandwiches, to some hot foods, vegetable salad and etc.

It would be a big responsibility but I know I can handle it. My trainer (my friend) trained me very well. I even dreamed my work to be. I'm just very excited to work. This is my first ever regular work. I will be working weekend since I'm in school.

Feels really good knowing that I can earn from my own hard work. Thank you so much Jen for the help and for being such a good friend to me.
some of the sandwiches i prepared

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