Jan 12, 2012

lazy Jenny

Is it boring or I just feel so lazy?

It's been few days since I'm just at home and never go out. I feel so lazy going out especially its been snowing and raining few days already and staying at home is my main thing to do. My husband couldn't understand why I never go out, do some shopping or eat in the restaurant. My reasons was, I'm lazy and don't want to go out alone or eat in the restaurants alone.

Yesterday, my friend Shy sent sms and asked if I would love to meet them somewhere near where we live. Of course i would love too... At first I felt excited knowing that they're just few minutes aways but after 2 hours, I changed my mind and decided to just stay at home. I'm really lazy..I don't know why.

I hope I will not be lazy next week. My school (information day) will start on the 17th and I don't know yet when I will start my regular class. And on the weekend (Jan. 21 and 22) is my first week/days of work. I'm excited both of my upcoming activities but I don't know how could I handle my time with my schooling, work and my family.

I'll find out all my thoughts next week. Good luck to me.


rjs mama said...

i've been feeling lazy with blogging for the past few months :( hoping to revive my blogs starting this week :)

Bloggista Momma said...

Minsan i feel lazy din haah..daan lng ako with my new blog, na add ko na pala ang lahat ng blogs mo sa new blogs ko hope you do the same...tack for idag anyway.