Jan 18, 2012

starts tomorrow

Who don't get nervous on first day of school?

Tomorrow is my first day of my university and my goodness I'm very nervous. I've been in Swedish school for 4 years but this time around would be different. Different in the aspect of environment, students and teacher plus the more difficult Swedish language.

As I said, I'll be studying teacher for 3 years. I did talk to one of the head teacher in school last Monday and she said I don't need to worry about everything. They will help us the best they could but still I cannot just relax.

I hope everything would be fine and I will finish my course after three years. All I can do now is cross fingers and pray. Good luck to me.

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Jona said...

Shucks! Ninerbyos din tuloy ako para Sayo. But I know you can do it Jen. Go go go! ;)