Aug 31, 2010

new furniture

My very good friend Daisy and her husband are ready to move on their new house. They supposedly would move last month but unfortunately, they cancel their schedule of moving due to some reasons.

They didn't move yet because Daisy wanted that all their furniture’s must be new and fit to their new house. Daisy is little bit perfectionist when it comes to her furniture’s that’s why she wanted that every furniture’s are in right place.

One reason also why they don’t move yet is because the furniture’s that Daisy ordered was not delivered yet. She wants
western furniture to their new house so she ordered it somewhere where it takes times to deliver.

As of now, she already has few of her western furniture’s but they're hoping that it will be deliver all her orders soon for them to move in into their new nest.

The house is in the right place and good surrounding for their growing cute little girl and few months boy. It just also few minutes’ walk to some malls, schools and churches… The most beautiful in this areas is the house nearby and it’s really safe for all of them whenever they want to go out because it guarded village.

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